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NOW. . . . Trash the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH garbage

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Started: 8/13/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Debating Period
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NOW is the moment! To rid human consciousness of the Abrahamic PUPPET GOD DISEASE.

3 utterly WORTHLESS PUPPET GOD HOAX inventions used as TOOLS to hypnotize and brainwash weak minded humans into SLAVERY of other humans who themselves PLAY GOD in the name of their PUPPET GOD invention!

Where are these pathetic GODS NOW?

Why not a PUFF of SMOKE at the VATICAN and JESUS the boy wonder BOZO who got beat up and nailed to a cross actually SHOW UP! He can float out onto the terrace the POPE CLOWN uses to greet his flock of HYPNOTIZED slave drne FOOLS and announce
his RETURN! Gee the Bishops and the POPE himself will be PISSED! No more title
and job! And all that glitteratti the VATICAN has collected and stored in its VAULTS
. . . JESUS doesn't need any of it! Or the MONEY the CHURCH squeezes out of its brainwashed FLOCK of FOOLS. . . .

That's RIGHT Christian IMBECILE. . . JESUS is BACK! And none of the CHURCHES that sprouted up in his name are NEEDED anymore!

First in line for JESUS is the Jehovah's Witness CON ARTIST SCUM. . . They want JESUS to
approve their 144, 000 ONLY believers that go to heaven. . . . All the other humans are going to HELL. . . HOW ABOUT THAT Christian lying con artists? Oh, NO say the CATHOLICS they are the only TRUE believers in JESUS! OK. . What of the COPTIC, BAPTIST, LUTHERAN, +++ thousands of other CHURCH inventions?

What SAY YOU. . . . JESUS. . . . Now that you have returned? Oh, And what about all

JESUS stops in mid air. . . A halo of white glow surrounds his presence. . . . As he views the massive crowd that has gathered at the VATICAN. . . And he says. . . UH! Like my DAD
sent me here again to save your pathetic ASSES from exterminating each other and his planet. . . It's been 2000 of your human years. . . And. . . And. . . WELL I AM PISSED OFF MAN!

Like WHAT THE HELL have YOU idiots been doing since i was here last? Same old SHT
MURDERING and DESTROYING. . . . Such a WASTE. . . OK. . . OK. . . Enough of this CRAP. . .

DAD. . . DAD. . . . It's JESUS. . . Like I returned to this retarded place and i am going to totally
annihilate it. . . . There are so many amazing places in the multi-verse and these pathetic creatures must be ERADICATED. . . We can create an improved SAFE and FRIENDLY version of this creature. . . I'll see you later. . . For now. . . . EARTH and the HUMAN DISASTER DADDY CREATED. . . . . . . BE GONE! Simple as that. . . What a WASTE!

OK onwards to new frontiers! And JESUS vanishes again. . . No more human parasites
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Debate Round No. 2
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