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NRA is a terrorist group

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Started: 4/30/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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Look, your argument is completely false. You said that the NRA are one of the biggest terrorist groups ever. That is extremely false. You provided no evidence whatsoever that the NRA committed acts of terrorism on US soil. The only evidence you gave, was that there were to big shootings recently. You also seemed very emotionally biased against this topic, screaming (in all caps) that the NRA politicians should be put on death penalty. You do realize, anything could become a weapon right? I could use this computer to assault someone next door, and people like you would sue apple for it. Do you not realize that the people pull the trigger? The NRA is a business. Business help the economy. The economy needs help, and we all have a right to guns, so the NRA supplies them. They haven't done anything wrong. Guns are tools, used for culture, sport, etc. Would you blame a hatchet for cutting down a tree? No that would be ridiculous.


First of all you don't even realize how harmful the NRA is. That's why march for our lives take place which up to 1.2 million people protesting for gun control.

NRA is a terrorist organisation because promoting guns= legalized murder. Here are some facts :

-America own nearly half (48%) of the estimate 650m civilian owned guns worldwide.
-America own more guns per capita than residents of other countries
-The US make up less than %5 of the world population but holds 31 % of mass shootings
-Gun homicide rates are 25.2 times higher than in the US than other high income countries
-Worldwide the countries with highest gun homicide are central and south america

You ask me why i support death penalty for NRA leaders ?

Simply like drug dealers. Why drug dealers or war lords should be executed for killing so many people. The same goes on with those gun manufactures. While guns and drugs are extremely lucrative and immoral business anyone who make profit from such business should receive death sentence.

What I do ?
I wrote an email to March for our lives urging them to execute all NRA membership

What do i support to prevent gun violence ?
I do support guns to be banned and confiscated from citizen which require no licence or background check to buy it.
i support a total ban of gun private ownership
i support government disarming all citizen just like what the Nazis do. That's the right thing we should do.
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Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
I would just like to say I do not consider the NRA a terrorist group. I base this on my own assumptions and feelings.
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