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NYC is better then Westchester county

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Started: 8/5/2016 Category: Places-Travel
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New York city is obviously better then Westchester. New York has a diverse population, a well known city and is exclusive to rich and poor. Westchester is more private because only rich people live there. There's no popular attraction. They won't even let you park on any streets, even in "major" sites unless you are living in Westchester. New York city has worldwide attractions, while Westchester isn't even known in Stanford, Connecticut! (Stanford borders Westchester)


There are several reasons as to why Westchester is better than NYC. The first is the economic attraction. My opponent brings up how Westchester is "exclusively rich," this is because the HQ of PepsiCo and Mastercard are located there. It also is know for much of its technology that it houses as it is known as the Techvalley. It rivals only the Silicon Valley in many recent cases have become a haven for new biotech companies with the new investments there [1]. Cultrually it has many films located there like the places from Big [2]. They house many novelists as well.

My opponent's take on the economic factor in it of itself is a concession to the debate by showing by that factor alone that Westchester is better. My opponent hasn't brougth up anything on culture and we can see that Westerchest is also better there. As a result, I urge you to vote Con! Thank you.

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Reasons for voting decision: A lot of points were brought up in the debate. Most were subjective which are points that are impossible to quantify objectively in how much they impact the debate (unless quantification is provided). Therefore, I will be looking at objective advantages of each one that are presented. The objective point raised is economic state. This is a point that Pro concedes in his argument. Since a strong economy is objectively preferable to a location and Con used this argument in his case. I will ignore Pro's complaint on the strong economy of Westchester and will buy Con's point. Since the burdens are shared and Con managed to prove the only objectively quantifiable point raised in the debate, the win goes to Con.