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Nalu is the best couple in fairy tail

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Started: 4/25/2017 Category: TV
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that nalu ( Natsu&Lucy) is the best couple by far. I mean think about it they've had many moments (For those who watch fairy tail you know what i mean).Plus they look really good together.


Okay, Mr. NaluFan I do know what you mean by the fact that they have had many moments and look good together but that doesn't mean that they really would be a good couple. Some of Natsu's actions may have made it look like he was in love with Lucy but he did something like that for practically every single female character. For example, he literally dragged Erza's dying body out of a lacrima that she was partially fused with, and then swam, with a broken leg, 50 miles back to shore carrying her. How's that for a moment?
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