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Napoleon was not a warmonger.

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Started: 4/14/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Con may start first.

Please have some knowledge of the Napolenoic Era before accepting.

Oh, also please don't accept unless if you are actually agisant the claim, I don't want to repost this debate for the 4th time.


Hello Hadii; I would like to take you up on this challenge but please aware this is my first debate on this platform and I have not had a formal debate for several years so if constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Well then, let's have some fun!
Debate Round No. 1


First, thanks for accepting this debate, I kinda wanted you start first, but that's ok I guess.

Ok, so a warmonger is a person who constantly starts and advocates war usually having no reason to do so, or just for the sake of their own glory.

Let's look at the wars he did start, the only times he was the aggressor during his rule as First Consul and later Emperor of the French were the invasions of Spain and Russia. One being justified, and the other ... not so much, but the invasion of Russia happened four years after the invasion of Spain, so he wasn't declaring war left and right like a typical warmonger would do. If you really want to point fingers and call someone a warmonger, blame Britian. They were the ones who financed coalition after coalition to get Napoleon of the throne and to replace him with a Bourbon king that the French despised, while Napoleon always looked for peace after his victories.

Anyway, let's talk about his Invasions:
  • Peninsular Wars (Invasion of Spain)
Ok, while Spain was an ally to France, in Napoleon's perspective, the king was unreliable and incompetent, the Spainish people also shared this same view. Remember that Napoleon's main goal was to stop the British, but invading them wasn't possible because he had lost most of his navy when they were defeated at Trafalgar. So, instead he tried to do a continental blockade of British ships to weaken their economy, and force them to a peace. If Napoleon put his brother, Joseph, on the Spainish throne, he could further fufill his goal to block all trade from Britian to Spain. When he first invaded Spain he didn't think it would take much effort because he thought that the Spanish would see him as a liberator, unfortunately this wasn't the case, and it became of the most destructive wars of his reign due to guerilla warfare tactics used by Spainish soilders.
  • 1812 Russian Campaign (Invasion of Russia)
In my opinion, this war was justified unlike the Invasion of Spain. Before Russia and France were allies, Russia fought agisant France alongside Britian, and when Napoleon beat the Russians, his treaty was VERY generous. All they and to do was to be France's ally and to stop all trade with Britian (for reasons mentioned above). The Tzar later broke this treaty, and BOTH sides knew a war was eminent and started to prepare their armies for one. Napoleon just made the first move. Also, this doesn't have much to do with this his debate, but Napoleon wasn't ignorant about the cold Russian winter, in fact he invaded in the summer because of this, however since the Russians kept retreating whenever Napoleon advanced, by the time he left Moscow winter had come early that year, and since the Russians burned down their own capital he knew their was no way he could get them to surrender and was forced to retreat.

For the reasons I mentioned above, Napoleon wasn't just some warmonger bent on glory and controlling the whole continent, but an enlightened emperor who brought important changes to Europe such as schooling for the public, emancipating and making Jews citizens, and heavily promoting science during his reign.

See you in the next debate and good luck!

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
That's ok. I saw quite a few mistakes and things that I forgot to add in my argument anyways.
Posted by Canasian96 3 years ago
Hadii, I am extremely sorry but a work emergency has occurred at ward so I an unable to partake in the debate at this time; I do want to have this debate with you but I am saddled with work presently and will not be able to make the deadline. As such I propose the following, I will forfeit this online debate but the actual debate between me and you will be put until hiatus until Sunday. On Sunday I will create a debate labeled: Napoleon was a Warmonger. On this reiteration of this debate, I will post act as Pro but respond to your argument.

PS. Really Sorry bro
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
I'm sorry if there are any errors in my first argument, I was typing this on my phone at first and lost half of my progress, and the stupid auto correct kept messing up my argument.
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
:( my picture didn't work, oh well.
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