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Naruto - Konoha's next hokage debate

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Started: 2/23/2014 Category: TV
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If the 5th hokage of the hidden leaf village resigns, who would you vote to be the new hokage?

I propose that I and Con present our character candidates who must be members or ninja of Konohagakure in this round and refute against the other in the following rounds. We will be debating on who should be the next hokage.

You can pick anyone in the Naruto Universe who is a Konoha member including villains like Orochimaru and including dead characters like Itachi Uchiha and explain why they would make the best Hokage.

However to make it fair, we cannot pick the current and previous Hokages because of their superior experience. So all 5 hokages are off limits.


1) First round is for acceptance and stating who your candidate is.

2) Second round is to introduce your candidate and give a brief but detailed biography. No rebutals yet until the next rounds.

3) You cannot choose a previous Hokage but you can choose a character that is deceased such as Jiraiya.

4) We can choose our character from any timeline up to the present moment (where *spoiler* Naruto gets his kyuubi stolen by Madara)

My Vote : Nara Shikamaru

I look forward to seeing who you choose.

Who will be next?


I accept.

Man! If you had chosen another character, I would've chosen Shikamaru!
Well then I guess I'll have to choose none other than Naruto himself!

Debate Round No. 1


Shikamaru Nara

Brief Biography by Naruto Wikia

Shikamaru Nara (奈!391;|71;|59;}10;}23;, Nara Shikamaru) is a member of Konohagakure's Nara clan. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru has a rare intellect that consistently allows him to prevail in combat. The responsibilities that these successes leave him with cause him frequent annoyance, but he gladly accepts them so that he may be of service to his fellow members of Team Asuma, and to prove himself to generations of the past and future. -

Shikamaru is a highly capable shinobi, attested to by him being the first of his peers to be promoted to the rank of ch$3;nin,[9] as well as being made the Proxy Commander of the Fourth Division.[10] According to Temari, Shikamaru could easily make j!3;nin if he wasn't so lazy.[11] In the anime, it was stated that he was offered a position as one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, but turned it down in order to stay in Konoha and protect it.[12] -

He also specialises in shadow manipulations justu where he extends his shadow and connect with his opponent's shadow giving him capability to move or paralyse his opponent like a puppet.

Why Shikamaru makes a great Hokage

Reason 1: Genius, makes quick decisions

Shikamaru has an extraodinary IQ of 200, beyond that of a genius and the smartest ninja in the Land of Fire as Sakura Haruno once stated.

During his battle with sand ninja Temari he claimed to have thought of over 100 different strategies to defeat her and eventually forfeited on purpose.

And during his fight with Hidan to take revenge for Asuma. He reformulated and devised new plans almost instantly when Kakashi arrived at the battle scene. Kakashi even takes notice of this which just emphasises the talent that Shikamaru has.

Naruto 332 - Page 3

Being a Hokage means that you have to be able to make the right decisions for your village especially when it comes to military matters. Nara Shikamaru has the capability to solve most of the problems that Konoha may have. With such a great mind, he can create better working laws, improve military functions and gain trust from the people of Konoha.

Reason 2: Unwavering commitment and loyalty to his friends

Shikamaru Nara is willing to risk his life for his comrades. He is willing to take on any mission if it is to save his friends and he cares deeply about his team.

Shikamaru has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment towards his comrades. Even though, by his own testimony, he lacks bravery, he will sacrifice himself and face almost certain death, for the sake of his friends and/or villagers without a second thought. - (1)

This commitment to his comrades is also shown in the Sasuke Retrieval ark when Shikamaru brings together a team of gennins to retrieve and rescue Sasuke at all costs and against all obstacles and enemies.

"I know I seem lazy at times, but not today because now im responsible for all your lives. I really did not like Sasuke but, he is part of our village and I have to protect him thats our leaf way" - (2)

He risked his life with each enemy he fought and he was almost at the brink of death fighting a powerful sound ninja but luckily saved at the last minute by Temari. He fought rigorously and wih intensity while using his mind to formulate countless plans to save Sasuke proving his loyalty to his comrades.

When the mission failed in the end and he found out about the critical injuries and possible deaths of his friends, he felt as though he did not deserve be a leader or even a shinobi (ninja). But when he finds out that all his friends are still alive including his best friend Choji, he sheds tears and swears that future missions will go more smoothly.
Naruto 235 - Page 18

Naruto 235 - Page 19

Shikamaru deeply cares about his comrades and not only that but also be concerned about mission successes and the lives of men under his command. This is what makes him a great leader and Hokage that everyone can trust.

Reason 3: Has the requirements to be a proper Hokage

In the final chuunin exam arc he forfeited after managing to paralyze Temari with his shadow imitation jutsu (technique). He claimed that he used up most of his chakra and was too tired to fight further matches. Although his friends saw this as an act of laziness the judges including the 3rd Hokage praised his intellect to know when to retreat in a fight and thus he was promoted to Chuunin.

Naruto 172 - Page 19

Shikamaru was the only genin promoted to Chuunin showing his skills at leadership and being a good shinobi fit to be Hokage. Asuma himslef stated that Shikamaru could have become Hokage with his attributes if he really tried. - (3)

Closing statement

For his intellect, loyalty and qualifications, I vote Shikamaru Nara as the new 6th Hokage.


(3) *spoilers*

On to Defro.

(Reminder; rebuttals start at round 3)



Before I begin, I'm going to be annoing for the fun of it and inform Pro that in your arguments, your use of images must support your claims. I am aware that there are not to be rebuttals in this round, but this minor detail is so small, I feel that it is valid to note this here. In your first image, the caligraphic characters on his back says that he is the 7th Hokage. You are arguing that he will be the next Hokage, which would be the 6th. Your picture implies that there should be a Hokage before Shikamaru, like say...Naruto!

Naruto Uzumaki

Brief Biography by Naruto Wikia

Naruto Uzumaki ({58;{78;|14;{65;|90;}23;|88;, Uzumaki Naruto) is a shinobi from Konohagakure. He became the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails on the day of his birth, a fate that caused him to be ostracised by most of Konoha throughout his childhood. After he becomes a member of Team Kakashi, Naruto begins working to acquire the village's respect and acknowledgment with the eventual dream of becoming Hokage. In the years that follow, Naruto becomes a capable ninja and eventually becomes regarded as a hero, both by the villagers and the shinobi world at large[1].

Sheer perseverance and willpower allowed Naruto to push past this stumbling block, revealing himself as a late bloomer as his true talent showed itself later, enabling Naruto to develop quickly during Part I, learning several complicated jutsu in a short period of time. His performance during the Ch$3;nin Exams impresses many of the same people that knew him as a failure in the Academy; even Sasuke, who was the top of their graduating class, becomes jealous that Naruto is catching up to him so rapidly. Many prominent ninja, both allies and enemies have noted Naruto's great potential growth, Orochimaru in particular viewing Naruto as a great future threat if left alive. Jiraiya, seeing the same potential that Orochimaru does in Naruto, took the young boy as a student, greatly developing his skills by the start of Part II. Since his return to Konoha in Part II, Naruto continued to go through rapid improvement, mastering increasingly advanced techniques and forms and even devising some long-range techniques to fill the gaps in his repertoire. Through his frequent encounters with powerful shinobi like the Akatsuki, Naruto gains some notoriety, even defeating the leader of Akatsuki, Pain. Konoha has since considered him a hero, which leads his fame to spread to other ninja villages. He is even recognised by the current fiveKage, the four previous Hokage, and the ninja world at large as the only person who can save and change the world. Even shinobi such as Madara Uchiha were forced to take him seriously when he fought Naruto. He has also been noted to have surpassed his father (The 4th Hokage) and has even been compared to Hashirama Senju several times, with Tobirama even noting that he could become a greater Hokage than Hashirama was. Hashirama himself credited Naruto with their near defeat of Madara[1].

Why Naruto Makes a Great Hokage

Reason 1: Exceptionally Strong "Will of Fire" and the carries the Legacy of Previous Hokages

The will of fire an ideal that claims love is the key to peace. The first person known to have the Will of Fire is Hashirama, the 1st Hokage. Other notable people who has this Will of Fire were the 3rd and 4th Hokage. Naruto also has a strong Will of Fire, and it has been noted by many of his allies and enemies that he carries on the legacy of the previous Hokages.

Hokages with a Will of Fire bring unity to the village[2]. Therefore it is neccessary for a Hokage to have an exceptionally strong Will of Fire for the benefit of the village. While many shinobi has a Will of Fire, Naruto's is among the strongest within the village.

Reason 2: Knowledge of the Village From Every Point of View

-A true leader must understand the people he is leading. This means he must understand the problems peoplei n the lower, middle, and higher class have and be able to resolve them.
-Naruto began his life in the lower class as an orphan who was discriminated against and treeted like an animal by his fellow villagers. If he were Hokage, he would understand those who were in poverty like he was and he would bring equality to the village. As he got older, he was able to live in all classes of wealth, therefore he is familiar with every type of person in the village.

-Shikamaru began living a relatively good life, with parents and money, in the middle class. He wouldn't understand those in the bottom like Naruto would. Therefore, he could not bring about equality as efficiently as Naruto.

This leads to my 3rd reason.

Reason 3: Extreme Empathy

-Empathy is good trait for leaders to have. And it just so happens that Naruto has a great sense of empathy. He is able to empathize with everyone, including his enemies, which is good. econd image below this text, Naruto empathizes with a villain and offers him a chance to stop being a villain.
-His empathy allows him to understand people, and therefore it would make him a good leader/Hokage.

Reason 4: He Saved the Village (He's a hero)

Pain infiltrated the village and tried to destroy and kill everyone in it. He almost could have destroyed the village, but Naruto defeated him.
-By the way, while he defeated Pain, he also understood why Pain wanted to destroy the village and that in his own twisted way, Pain actually wanted peace. Just like I said, Naruto is good at empathizing with people, which is a good trait for leaders.

Reason 5: If he was Hokage, there would be less protests within the village

-Naruto has many friends, and they all like and admire him in a way. After he defeated Pain, everyone knew about him and liked him. A good leader has many admirers. If some people in the village like Naruto and others hated him, he'd be a bad leader because there would be protests and riots if he became Hokage. However, everyone likes him now, so there would be no protests if he became Hokage. The picture below depicts how the villagers greeted him after he defeated Pain.
Naruto 450 - Page 2

Reason 6: Unwavering commitment and loyalty to his friends

-Naruto is willing to risk his life for his comrades. He is willing to take on any mission if it is to save his friends and he cares deeply about his team.

-I'm not going to post an image for this one because I don't have much time to look through the manga and find the right images. I have to go out soon. But if it is needed, Pro can request me to provide this evidence next time, although I doubt he would because he should know that Naruto would also risk his life for his friends. I literally have 10 minutes left right now.

Reason 7: Has the requirements to be a proper Hokage

-In the story, technically, there are no requirements to be a Hokage. But one must show whether or not he or she is qualified to be Hokage.

-Naruto's qualfications to be Hokage are quite impressive. His master was Kakashi, who was the disciple of the 4th Hokage. He also trained under Jiraiya, who trained the 4th Hokage and was trained by the 3rd Hokage.

-He was also taught by the brother of the Raikage and toad sages and became a sage. The fact that he is a sage is notable because the previous Hokages most likely have sage mode. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th Hokage have been shown to have it. While the 4th never showed his sage mode, he likely has it because his master was the Toad Sage and he mastered everything his master taught him. The 2nd also likely has it because his brother the 1st has it.

-This leads to my 8th reason.

Reason 8: He has Credibility (more than Shikamaru)

-Reason 7 gives him a lot of credibility to begin with. He has been trained by extremely skilled and famous masters who were tied to the Hokages. Shkamaru's sensei (master) was the son of the 3rd Hokage, so I guess they are both equally credible in this aspect.

-But Naruto also saved the village from destruction, which is very credible.

Reason 9: Connections

-Naruto has many close friends outside of the village. He is very close friends with the Kazekage Gaara and the Raikage's younger brother. On top of that he's actually met most of the Kages of other villages (like the Raikage and the Tsuchikage) and knows them personally.

-It is important for a Hokage or any leader for that matter to personally know the Hokages or leaders of other villages. It is even better if the Hokage knew them before becomming Hokage because it shows that he is close with them.

Reason 10: Knowlege

-Currently, Naruto is very knowlegeable about his village and his past. His deceased dad's spirit told him a little about what happened long ago at the village that no one else knows. And other people have been telling Naruto secrets that most (including Shikamaru) don't know. For an example, Naruto learned from Madara that Itachi was actually protecting the village and not destroyit. I don't have time to go back and look this up but I don't think Shikamaru knows this right now in the story.

-It is important for a leader to know the history of his people and secrets about his village that few people know.

Reason 11: it is his goal.

-Naruto's lifelong goal was to be Hokage. He'd do anything to be Hokage. Shikamaru's wasn't. He wouldn't care much if he didn't become Hokage, therefore he is not determined to be Hokage.

-If Shikamaru has a Hokage-dential election with Naruto, he would simply allow Naruto to be the next Hokage.

-I must end here because I have less than a minute to submit.


Debate Round No. 2


Speakerfrthedead forfeited this round.


Defro forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


(update: Defro and I were too busy to debate in the past week which is why we both forfeited round 3. Hopefully this time, we can finish the debate)

Thank you Defro for pointing out my mistake (lol) Naruto is my favourite character but for the purpose of this debate I will have to go against him.

Why Shikamaru makes a better Hokage than Naruto

Argument 1 : Shikamaru is smarter than Naruto

Shikamaru is a genius when it comes to devising strategies as I've mentioned before. He has an IQ of 200 and his intellect has been noticed by both his enemies and teachers. Naruto is sometimes clumsy and in the past has been called incompetent. Although he has improved since part II, he is not up to the level that Shikamaru is.

And even in part II there are times where he can be seen not understanding a jutsu or not understanding complex ideas. Such as when he was training for Sage mode and he had trouble understand the mechanism of how it worked
Naruto 409 - Page 11
Naruto 409 - Page 12

Also during the whole story he is known to feet that most big ideas were too complicated and he has been known to say, "that sounds hard" when someone is explaining something to him.
Naruto 436 - Page 12

And during the first part of the chuunin exam he failed the test. It was a test to see how well the students could copy other people's work and while most of his friends suceeded, including Shikamaru, his sheet was blank.

Naruto 44 - Page 17

In this way, Shikamaru is smarter than Naruto in terms of thinking and analysing which are qualitites that a Hokage should have when you are governing a village with many complex systems.

Argument 2 : Has more experience as a leader than Naruto

The reason why Shikamaru is a great leader is because he can improvise ways to defeat the enemies using his soldiers and carefully picking the right teammate to fight with specific opponents. Although he sometimes lacks motivation, it allows him to become calm and think clearly without making mistakes,

Though he lacks motivation, this allows him to think clearly without becoming overly excited. These qualities were recognized by others for they could see he was a great leader, worthy of becoming a chunin. -

And as I've mentioned before, he has lots of experience being a leader. He was made the captain of his team and in the Madara Uchiha battle arc he commands an entire army as the proxy commander of the 'long range battle division' or the Fourth Division - (1)

In this arc, he managed to seal his old mentor Asuma together with his team. Asuma congragulated them on their perfect teamwork - (1). And the teamwork is thanks to Shikamaru being a brilliant strategist and leader.

He also has experience in being a teacher of students. During the interval between part I and part II in Naruto's departure with Jiraiya, Shikamaru was appointed as an academy instructor much like Iruka-sensei. Later in part II he worked with Temari to be liaisons for the chuunin exams.

And in the fight with Hidan and Kakuzu, both formidable akatsuki members. His team, including Kakashi and naruto, defeated them. It was Shikamaru who lead everyone during the battle and even gave orders to Kakashi. He managed to single-handedly trap Hidan and kill Kakuzu for a second time.

Plus in the Sasuke retrieval ark, he got the chance to understand most of his teammates abilites and skills as their captain. If he becomes hokage, he knows his teammates limits and capabilities which allows him to use them more efficiently for missions than any one in Konoha.

With so much experience being a leader, Shikamaru may have no problems at all at being a Hokage. Naruto however has only one leadership experience with Konohamaru but in almost all missions has never been a leader or a captain.


While it may be true that Naruto is stronger than Shikamaru in brute force such as Taijutsu or Ninjutsu, it just means that he shouldn't be Hokage but run a military position instead where his skills can be used immediately.

The hokage is likely to sift through loads of paperwork and sit in a chair, not doing missions themselves. Shikamaru being someone who avoids fights as much as possible would be better off being Hokage whereas Naruto is someone who wants action and a sense of 'doing' when his friends are in danger.

Shikamaru is smarter and has more experience of being a leader than Naruto. This is what makes him a better candidate for being the next hokage.



It has been agreed upon by both Pro and myself to drop this debate for some other time, due to both our forfeits in the previous round and because I will not be available for an entire week.

Please nobody vote.
Debate Round No. 4


yes I agree


Good debate!
Debate Round No. 5
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