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Naruto vs Ben 10

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Started: 7/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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The rules are:
Currently in Naruto Shippuden Naruto (Naruto can summon the whole fox) infinite chakra
And Ben will be the series Ultimate Alien Ultimatrix with (all aliens available, minus the Alien X with Ultimatrix unlocked).
Nothing can interfere with the fight. She will be in an open field with grass without obstacles (eg trees, rocks, etc.).
I'll be on the side of Ben. Would anyone like to argue for Naruto in the case against me? thank you.


First of all, I would like to point out the fact that Naruto does not have an infinite amount of chakra even though he could summon the whole fox. However, I would like to go for Naruto. Please state the reasons why you are for Ben. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


thanks for accepting, come, full of Ultimatrix has at least 1,000,910 aliens, 63 and 54 accessible aliens aliens named. Ben has transformed into 43 of Them. Further with the supreme.
1 - Stingray jet can achieve an amazing speed, moving at the speed of light in the maximum average. Giving Naruto a terrible disadvantage if you count that can shoot lasers that melt rocks from his tail and eyes. Naruto could not see much speed as well.
2 - Big Chill is intangible, and may even be invisible, and can freeze enemies. He could make himself invisible and Naruto would be frozen for up to any kind of attack backfire, except that it uses a device alien, hehe joke.
3 - Gigant, Azimuth could edit this alien, leaving him 2 times higher, ie, with 200 meters height, with greater physical strength and also shoots lasers devastating for your hands. Both the fox nine tails as Naruto had no chance.
4 - The marsh fire can control plants and fire. His strength is worrying for enemies, as has already been able to raise a platform giant iron (I think 5 times greater in mass than him) and has an infinite capacity for regeneration, no matter how much Naruto give your Rasengans or fox shoot him it regenerates.
5 - The DiamondHead is without doubt exceptional, it is virtually indestructible, Naruto has nothing in his arsenal that can destroy it, Naruto could use the Bijuu Dama Rasengan and Rasenshuriken and not surtiria effects, not to mention that it can also use any energy received and redirects it back. It would be scary.
6 - Stinkfly could throw acid in Naruto, using their ability to fly, could release poisonous gases, and also has laser beams and toxic saliva, since Naruto is not immune to this kind of poison, when he fought with a hand Aburame poisonous.
7 - NRG is one that Naruto will have more trouble until the fox. Can control radiation that would be fatal for the two enemies. May be intangible, has immunity to fire, can fly, immunity to radiation, speed, energy absorption, resistance to physical attacks and regeneration. He can compress the radiation in order to make a nuclear bomb and destroy everything. That would be the end of Naruto and the Fox, after that NRG would be intact.
8 - Clockwork - has cronocinese, ie, can stop time, see the future and past, accelerate and go back in time, killing Naruto Fox and effortlessly.


Thank you for your detailed arguments.
First of all, all the variation of aliens Ben could transform into are not as useful as they sound. For example: Ripjaw. Ripjaw would be completely useless in a match with Naruto because the battlefield is in an open field with grass and no obstacles. It wouldn't be able to do anything. Furthermore, out of the 1,000,910 aliens, Ben doesn't even knows what half of them could do or if they have any special abilities at all. Being able to transform into aliens doesn't mean that Ben would be stronger. The Ultimatrix is a device used to transform into other speices. Because there are aliens that are stronger than humans, they would also be aliens that are weaker than humans.

*Flying ability is useless in the fight because when Ben attacks, eventually he would have to get close to Naruto. Also, there could not possibly be an unlimited area to fight. Even in the air, there would have to be a border that Ben can't leave or else he would be disqualified from the fight.

0. Chakras are inner energy that balances the body and mind of a person. Because Naruto could freely use his chakras, this means that he had mastered his chakra controlled, making him physically and mentally the strongest living individual to exist. (apart from other ninjas) Even though Ben has an Ultimatrix, he is still a human, having all his chakra in his body. When the one of the seven chakra point is destroyed, the balance of the individual would be off and the individual would be fatally wounded from the inside.

1. If only Naruto uses the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, making 1000 clones of himself, Stingray wouldn't be able to distinguish which one is the real Naruto and would be confused. After that, the clones could pair up and make rasengans, giving Stingray no place to escape to and get hit. One shot is more than enough to finish Stingray.

2. Even though Big Chill is intangible, it doesn't mean that it does not exist. As long as it exists, Naruto would be able to attack him with a rasenshuriken, which in fact does not attacks the body but the different chakra points within the body.

3. It is true that the Gigant is huge and strong. However, it wouldn't stand a chance against a Tailed Beast Ball or hundreds of rasenshuriken twirling into its body from every direction, grinding off its skin and destroying the chakra balance in Ben's body.

4. Even though the marsh fire could regenerate, it has its limits. Just like Piccolo in Dragon Ball, when marsh fire gets tired or has no more energy, it wouldn't be able to regenerates. Furthermore, if it is hit with a big enough Tailed Beast Ball, both the marsh fire and a large piece of the land below it would be completely vaporized. The marsh fire could not possibly regenerates when there is nothing left of it or around it.

5. The Diamond Head could use received energy and redirects it back to the enemy. However, there is more than a kind of energy. Chakras are different from normal energy. It is not shot at the enemy but is used to hit the enemy. Huge hands or things that are formed from chakras are like part of Naruto. This makes Diamond Head unable to redirect it and would have to only be on guard. If Diamond Head is immune to Naruto's attacks, Naruto could just use the Tailed Beast Ball to make a huge hole under Diamond Head and makes him fall into the core of the Earth, being burned by magmas.

6. Naruto's chakras are immune to poisons. Therefore, he can use his hands created from the Nine Tail Fox to block the poisons.

7. NRG wouldn't be much of a problem to Naruto. Naruto could use his chakra hands to push the cap so that NRG wouldn't able to get out of his suit. Also, NRG's vision is limited, making it easier for Naruto to hide behind him. Naruto could grab NRG with his chakra hands and shake him continously. By doing so, Ben would be sufficiently damaged or knocked out that the Ultimatrix will automatically turn him back to his human form.

8. According to, Clockwork could travel through time but could not stop time. Naruto could just be careful and prepared all the time. This way, whatever time Clockwork travels to, Naruto would be ready to fight. Also, Clockwork isn't durable and is very low on stamina. It shoots out the beam that will age an object from his chest. Naruto could block the time ray with his chakra hands because chakras will not disappear as long as its body lives, just like trying to age sunlight.

Ps. Naruto could create create a Tailed Beast Ball so huge that Ben would have to space to hide or dodge. Or Naruto could kill Ben when Ben says "It's hero time!" and puts his hands in the air. It would be really easy to kill him right then or even to just block the Ultimatrix so that it couldn't be pressed.

Debate Round No. 2


0. We can not apply the energies of the universe Naruto have. Even though universal in theory, it does not apply to another universe that was never mentioned this kind of spiritual energy in Ben 10.

1. Stingray can fly up high and shoot lasers in most clones, while some left over to throw the rasengan it moves at a high speed and continue shooting the other. Naruto can not fly, and even take high heels, do not come close to a being who can reach a top speed far greater than Naruto.

2. I never claimed that it does not exist. Intangibility is not to be touched. Logo stated that it is impossible to get any kind of physical attack. Being the Rasenshuriken or any other manifestation of chakra impossible against itself. For Big Chill can even freeze Naruto without being seen.

3. The supreme way this alien who Azimuth released, now has a height of 200 meters. The fox must have around 40. This means that it is extremely higher, the Bijuu Dama was little, and now he can shoot lasers gigamersos for a device that created Azimuth. That is more than enough for the fox.

4. In his argument ignores any kind of evasion that Marshfire could do. It also considers a limit. Regeneration is unlimited. He can not rebuild it from scratch, but considering the assumption that is shown in the drawing that he can rebuild your own seeds that were planted in the ground.

5. I'm ignoring the chakra in his argument, as I said, we can not consider an energy that has a universe from another because you are putting something that was never mentioned. Ie I could talk, Naruto likes Burger (where a statement is invalid, because there are no hamburgers in that universe, but could be made using bread, meat and salad. But it was never shown. A Bijuu Dama can still be redirected.

6. The Chakra Naruto is not immune. As seen in the anime Naruto tries to fight against a member of the Aburame Clan using poison, Shino asks him to get away it would be dead with the touch of the member. Naruto would be infected.

7. You do not think that NRG is best mastered by Ben. Even inside his armor. He suffers no damage inside, even if chacualhado. He would open the lid and neither Naruto nor Fox would have more chances against him. Be a problem and so no apparent solutions.

8. Again dispense his argument about the chakra, if he released one laser aging, Naruto would not defend himself. It really has little immunity to physical attacks. And in ben10wikia Chronokinesis see this is total control over time.

PS. consider that the bijuu dama by its speed would effect yes, time to turn some hero Ben and unlocked, he could turn any alien without touching the device again, just think of the alien that he would turn


Thank you for your arguments. However, I would like to state that:

0. There's only two possible ways here.
A. There only two possible things that could happen here; either the two universes are merged or nothing of that sort happens and Naruto and Ben never knows each other.
1. In case of Ben meeting up with Naruto, it means that the coexisting universes, the parallel universes, have to merge. If the two universes merge, then the world Naruto lives in would also be applied with the world Ben lives in. It would also be the same the other way round. Therefore, If Ben could use the Ultimatrix in the world where he fights with Naruto, then it is obvious that Naruto should be able freely use his chakra.

0. (extended). Chakra is the inner energy of all living things, including humans. In Naruto's world, it is a normal thing for them. Even though Ben and his friends in his world know nothing of it, they still have chakras within their bodies.

1. I would like to restate my argument here in case it was unclear in the last round. The way Naruto could be fighting Stingray is that because the designated arena has to has a border, both in the air and on the air, all Naruto has to do is shoot so many rasenshurikens into the sky (closing all the 2 dimensional areas), causing Stingray no has no place to hide and get hit. (and lose)

2. It is in fact possible to get attack. When you hit someone with a baseball bat, it hurts. Physical objects may interact with physical objects. (and energy) Even though physical attacks could not attack Big Chill, attacking the chakra inside the body with Naruto's chakra would be possible. It is because energy could interact with energy, being made of the same thing.

3. Being named "Humungousaur", it means that it's a kind of dinosaur. Being the strong and hardcore type, it is pretty certain that Humungousaur will have bad eye sights. With this, Naruto could use his small body to his advantage and hide on the backside of its body. Because it is so huge, the skins and muscles would have to be really thick, making the nerve cells buried even deeper inside. Therefore, it would be harder for Humungousaur to feel the presence of Naruto. Naruto could climb up and use some big attacks like the Tailed Beast Ball or rasenshurikens into Humungousaur's ear and destroy its eardrums. Whatever happens next I don't know, but I am 99% sure Ben would change into some other aliens.

4. I would like to restate some arguments I have stated in my last round but is ignored. As I have said before, Naruto would destroy Marshfire and it's "3 dimensional surroundings", making it unable to regenerate from scratch. (as stated in your argument)

5. According to you, things that aren't stated does not exist. Therefore, the Bijuu Dama could not be redirected. The author did not say that it could be. Also, I would like to point out the fact that burgers do exist in Naruto's world. Naruto is a ninja who grew up in the hidden villages; likewise with other ninjas. Where ever they are, there would be other humans living their live, just like ours. Do ramens exist in Ben's world? I guess it does even though it is not stated by the author. It is common sense to know. As to the redirecting of the Bijuu Dama, diamonds don't reflect everything. It could reflect normal energy, but the Bijuu Dama is made of dark energy.

6. When Naruto was fighting the Aburame Clan, he couldn't control his chakra hands (fox's chakra forming hands) and couldn't use it to protect himself from the poisons.

7. It is still possible to lock him inside by pushing the lid with Naruto's chakra hands. Thereafter, he could aim to destroy the Ultimatrix instead of Ben himself. It sure would be lots easier.

8. Again, my arguments are ignored here. I would like the pro side to please consider the existence of chakras and rebut this and every other arguments in which the pro side had previously ignored my arguments.

Ps. The Ultimatrix still has a time limit. Even though it is extended, the limit is still there.
Debate Round No. 3


At no time said that Naruto could not use his chakra freely around the world of Ben 10. I think that you ignored my argument funny but true burger. But anyway. If we keep insisting on the chakra, not reach anywhere. Unfortunately in my view, was stupid, for not having made it clear in the rules that point. But then comes the point at issue here. But anyway, still refuse the argument chakra. Whether the universe merges, people in the world of naruto has chakra in other universes do not have, do not use getting insisting that friend. My conclusion is that Naruto and Ben can use his powers freely in the environment they are. Only we can not confuse one thing with another, or want to go in this kind of reason that if one has, the other logo should have, chakra can be used as well understood by Naruto, only assuming that Ben would not get points for that be a living creature.

1. Even though Naruto rasenshurikens shoot at Stingray, its speed is still far superior to that Naruto can aim, so that he would disappear into thin air. Naruto undoubtedly reach.

2. As already mentioned, the argument is invalid chakra. As he has no chakra points can not be detected by Naruto. Since Big Chill can still be invisible, freezing Naruto when he least expects it. For vital energy not hurt something that Ben does not have. Chakra is a matter to be used in a jutsu, seen physics, ie, to perform a spell, the chakra that flows in the body of Naruto is not physical, from the moment that there is a change in this state becomes physical, as well he can play in physical matter, as in characters and stones (physical).

3. I have not spoken of Humungousaur, I'm talking about the Gigant. Because even though gigamerso still has great reception, as a great vision seen in the drawing. Even though Naruto is fast, it would not be so easy to climb 200 meters until you reach your ears, your quick response to this stimulus, could make Naruto fall out and get a laser devastating.

4. Nobody guarantees that first Naruto Mashfire defeat so easily. He besides controlling plants to catch Naruto on a large scale, can drop fire. Not to mention his great physical strength. I think it was you who ignored my argument.

5. According to the design is possible Ben reflect any kind of energy it receives, no matter what type, even dark energy such as the Bijuu Dama is a dense chakra condensed exaggerated by gravity, dark energy is one in which the 5 senses and not capture is not understood. For my explanation, it turns out not to be more dark energy, not to mention the new Diamond ultimatrix is R03;R03;virtually indestructible.

6. But we are talking here of poison, both in gaseous and liquid form, not counting all the same acids. Naruto is totally prone to attacks that level.

7. NGR still I can shoot lasers radiation and consequently affecting Naruto, nor need it out from inside his armor to defeat it. Not to mention that Naruto would have no idea of R03;R03;the power of NGR, leaving him escape from there. Ben could see that your situation is not so good at the time because of the fox sitting before him, causing him to take serious steps.

8. I'm not ignoring them, consider again my above notification, so we will not get a fair decision of the two great characters.


First off:
At no time said that Naruto could not use his chakra freely around the world of Ben 10.
0. We can not apply the energies of the universe Naruto have.

Secondly, I think that my opponent's language and English usage is quite confusing and difficult to understand. However, I will try my best to get to the points.

My conclusion is that Naruto and Ben can use his powers freely in the environment they are. Only we can not confuse one thing with another, or want to go in this kind of reason that if one has, the other logo should have, chakra can be used as well understood by Naruto, only assuming that Ben would not get points for that be a living creature.

I have absolutely no idea what he's trying to say.

1. If he means the literal meaning of "thin air", then I would like to say that it is impossible. However, if he means that it'd easily gets away, I recommend him to go back and read my arguments. Naruto won't be shooting out "one" rasenshuriken at a time. However, he would be shooting out so many rasenshurikens that the 2 Dimensional area of the battle would covered with the rasenshurikens. It is similar to scanning a paper.

2. As already mentioned, the argument s valid. Firstly, Naruto can detect evil things with bad intentions. Furthermore, the chakra that flows in the body of Naruto is physical. There are many times when Naruto used his chakra to do physical actions, for example: When Naruto was training the fox, he had to use his "chakra hand", formed with the fox's chakra, to stack up stones into a tower, practice his concentration and usage of chakras as physical objects.

3. To be honest, I don't know what the Gigant is. May I request my opponent to specify a link with information on the Gigant because I myself could not find it. Thank you.

4. Plants could be easily cut with shurikens. Naruto could even use his wind chakra to form a knife and cuts it. The fire could be block with the chakra hand or easily dodged. The physical strength is useless as long as Naruto stay at a distance and attack him with Bijuu Dama or rasenshurikens.

5. Here, I also have no idea what my opponent is trying to say.

6. Use specific source to confirm the fact that it could use gaseous poisons. I have never seen it before. As stated before, liquid poison could be blocked with the chakra hand.

7. NGR also doesn't know what Naruto can do. From within the armor, it is only possible to shoot the laser radiation out the front side, leaving the other three sides vulnerable. Naruto could wait until the Ultimatrix time out and squash Ben into the ground, crushing his internal organs and forcing them into red liquids.
Ben could see that your situation is not so good at the time because of the fox sitting before him, causing him to take serious steps.

I don't understand this.

8. To get a fair decision, both things from the two universes should be applied; Ben with the Ultimatrix and the fact that Naruto mastered his chakra (exists in every living things).

I wish you luck in the final round.
Debate Round No. 4


thestickmanful forfeited this round.


I don't have anything to say because the pro had forfeited this round.

I would like to wish the pro luck for the voting period even though his arguments are not that persuading and his act of forfeiting may lower his trustworthiness even more. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RachanaUchiha 4 years ago
my opinion is dat Naruto is way more better dan ben10.... i hav seen both of the cartoon ben10 n anime naruto... n i always suggest every1 4 seein naruto. n dos u hav watchd it has luvd it d most.... my thinkin is dat ben10 is nothin in front of naruto infact cartoons r nothin in front of anime.....go watch sum anime... it inspires u a lot even ur attitude changes as der is sumthin to learn in it whereas cartoons hav nothin in it, its not at ol worth it..... n d same is wid ben10, n if ur talkin abt d characters den i once again support naruto as he is d only character or a role model in my life.... he never gives up...... if u hav seen naruto or naruto shippuden den u ill noe d difference.
Naruto never gives up in his life... n v saw a lot improvement in him 4rm d 1st episode whereas ben is always d same......
n Con hands of 2 u dude..... u really rock :D
Posted by Duncan 5 years ago
If you swapped Naruto for Asura (from Asura's Wrath) or at least some other powerful Anime figure, but I simply don't know enough about Naruto. Besides, Ben 10,000 had that giant alien that just smashed the hell out of Kevin 11,000 when he got angry, there's no real contest.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by brokenboy 5 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: Naruto is a much more adept skilled fighter than ben 10, knowing the knowledge of thousands of ninja ancestors he would more than easily knock out ben10 with anything from sage mode to nine tails also Pro was being a bit condescending and was not paying attention to some well made points by con leaving many of his arguments empty and causing delay. Con used the most accurate transferal of statistics or skills from both characters to suit the match and outlining how Chakra is in every being Could have been done better but was well don e.