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Nethernald recently invaded by sea? Support or no?

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Philosophy
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Netherlind is fake swamp german.,

Indvade by sea to stop fake germans and. stop clog. clog is worst scourg. Remove clog you are worts clog.


Firstly there is nothing fake about the Netherlands, and it is not German is any way besides a mild similarity in their languages.

Now onto my point, I don't believe the Netherlands is going to get flooded any time soon, because the Netherlands have some of the worlds best flood defenses and I also believe that Global warming and by extension rising sea levels will soon be reversed due to an international effort to reverse the effect of climate change (even if the imbecile who calls himself Trump is too stupid to believe climate change.)

Also your point about clogs has no relevance.
Debate Round No. 1


Your claim about climate change is simply false because there is no such thing as climate change. T'is a hoax. Go outside, t'is coald. How can it be a warming if there is still cold? False.

Anyway, talking about the netherlands, due to climate change, sea levels will rise. After so long, the sea will overwhelm the Dutch defences because they will be costly to maintain which will lead to the netherlands being a third world country.

In short, even if you can fend off the sea, you can't fend off hunger.


If climate change is a hoax then how can you argue that the Netherlands is going to get 'invaded by the sea' what is going to cause this.

The Netherlands will not become a third world country, because the Netherlands flood defenses are very cheap to maintain and we have a very low level of debt unlike other countries such as Greece and therefore we will be able to keep the economy going (unlike Greece).

So we can continue to feed ourselves (unlike) Greece and we can keep out the sea
Debate Round No. 2


As I told you, I firmly believe that rising sea levels will be reversed.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 11edwarj 3 years ago
As warned in verbal communication, t'is high time you received a tongue lashing for the above chicanery.

As proven by scientists, the sea level will rise. It is high time you on the far right accept that climate change is a hoax.

Also, lysenky is rea;l.
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