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New Super Smash Bros. Character+Stage Contest!!

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Started: 4/20/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate is a Smash Game: My opponent and I will each choose a video game character or a video game duo (example: Ice Climbers) from any game, any console, so long as he/she/it is a video game character to be a new character in the Super Smash Bros. series of games. Also, to make it even more fun, you can choose a stage to go along with your character, but it has to be a location from the game/series from which they originate. Categories that will be judged are:

1. Moveset/Controllability
2. Popularity
3. Stage Obstacles
4. Stage Architecture/Design

These are the only categories I can think of, and I'm sure there's more so feel free to add them in your first round. First Round is for acceptance, adding categories, naming your character, and your stage. Don't add anything but their name and the game/series the come from, and the console. Round 2 is for opening arguments in the categories only. Round 3 will have no new arguments, but only rebuttals to the other's character.

My characters, and like the Ice Climbers are a duo, are Banjo and Kazooie from the Nintendo (N64/GBA)/Microsoft(XBOX 360/XBOX1) series of Banjo-Kazooie. My stage would be Freezeezy Peak, a world from within the first game of the series.

*smash music*


I'll accept this debate. My character will be Kyubi from Yo-kai Watch. The stage that comes with Kyubi could be Springdale, the main character's hometown. I've already got a good move set for Kyubi, now for me to think about how my stage plays out.
Debate Round No. 1


*charges at opponent*

1. Move set:
Banjo and Kazooie, though they are two characters, are basically one character. Unlike the Ice Climbers, they die together. A more similar character would be Peach (she uses Toad like Banjo uses Kazooie). Banjo-Kazooie is a 3D-Platformer, basically like Super Mario 64, and because of this the bird and bear have a wide range of moves they could be able to do. All of these are based on the 1998 original and 2000 sequel, Banjo-Tooie. To give you an idea of what the look like, here they are: Banjo is the bear, Kazooie is the bird. They are in Beak Bayonet Mode, the Special attack sideways.

1.Walk/Run: Banjo runs like normal
2.Sprint: Kazooie performs the Talon Trot, basically where she uses HER legs to make the group go faster.
3.Jump 1,2,3: 1)Banjo does a standard jump, 2) Kazooie does her flap flip to glide a bit, 3) Kazooie uses her wings to fly.
4. Basic attack: Banjo punches outwards
5.Special attack: Shoots a 3 blue eggs in that direction, very rarely will shoot grenade eggs or ice eggs.
6.Special attack sideways: Beak Bayonet, Banjo charges as opponent using Kazooie as a bayonet.
7.Special attack down: Golden feathers, it takes away a damage very slowly but leaves the player very vulnerable.
8.Smash attack down: Kazooie does the bill drill, basically like a bird jackhammer.
9.Smash attack sideways: Banjo does his pack whack, where he swings his backpack at opponents.
10.Smash attack up: Kazooie does the Rat-a-tap-rap, where she pecks at opponents. Every now and then she will let out a fire explosion (in dragon form), but very rare.
11.Taunts 1,2,3: 1) Banjo pulls out a Jiggy (a collectable from the game), and Kazooie eats. 2)Banjo plays his banjo and Kazooie plays her kazoo, 3)Kazooie pokes on Banjo's head, and he growls.
12.Grab attack sideways: Banjo claw swipes his opponent away.
13.Grab attack down: Banjo dust the ground Beak Buster, which is basically a ground pound.
14.Grab attack up: Banjo throws his opponent up and Kazooie shoots a blue egg at them.
15.FINAL SMASH: Jinjo Revenge: A bunch of Jinjos (characters in the game) fly through the air and hit people (kind of like Ness's or maybe Lucas's I forget), and in the end the Jinjonator attacks the player with least damage.

This video right here is a great guide if you are confused, most of the moves I listed are in this video of Banjo Tooie from my one of my favorite YouTubers.

Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel Banjo-Tooie were extremely popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. Rare was critically acclaimed for these games, and many fans looked forward to the sequel, Banjo-Threeie. However, when rare was sold to Microsoft, they remained dormant for years until Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, which received mixed reviews. However, many classic gamer fans would much appreciate the return of Banjo to Nintendo, and many wanted him to be in the new game for Wii U/3DS. However Nintendo ignored the votes and added other, less-vote garnering characters instead. Although not as popular as he was back in the 90s, many fans would love to see his return. In the sources are a Wikipedia page on the series for more information plus game articles about adding Banjo-Kazooie to Smash Bros.

3.Stage Design
It makes sense to have design before obstacles, so here it is for Freezeezy Peak. This stage is based off of the snowy, Christmas-y world of Banjo-Kazooie. A stack of present which forms a hill lays to the right. In the center of the stage is a Christmas tree, very big, with a few holes around it. The tree has 3 levels of branches to crawl around in and a star at the top. To the left is a snowy slope. Every now and then the Walrus character will come out, and you can punch him for fun. Overall, not a very big stage, but still packed with cool things.

Stage Obstacles:
Atop the present stack is a Sir Slush, an enemy in the game who throws snowballs that damage players. You can disable this snowman by damaging his top hat, but he will reform after a minute. He attacks randomly. In the holes, Munchies will occasionally pop up and chomp at the player, but damaging them will send them back to the depths. Also coming out of the holes every now and then are Twinklies, and you can eat these for a health bonus.


The last source is especially good.

*shoots an Ice egg at opponent*


Forward Smash: Kyubi creates a fiery blast in from of him.
Down Smash: Kyubi creates a blast in front and behind him.
Up Smash: Kyubi slashes upward with both hands, with a fiery 2nd hit.

Neutral B; Flame Blast: Kyubi launches a ball of flame straight forward, dealing 7% damage and launching the opponent a small amount. This fire ball moves at a decent speed, and it’s good for keepaway. However, only 1 Flame Blast can be on screen at a time, and disappears after 3 seconds, travelling quite far. [Kyubi has fire attacks in the games.]

Side B; Blazing Dash: Kyubi engulfs himself in fire and flies forward at half the length of Final Destination (meaning this attack covers a decently big area) If used on the stage, Kyubi will cancel this move when at the edge of the stage. The attack does 14% damage, and takes 2 seconds to end. If used in the air, the move can’t be used again unless Kyubi gets hit or touches the stage.

Up B; Flame Warp: Kyubi disappears into flames, reappearing a short distance (roughly 4 character lengths). The beginning of this attack does 3%, and minor launch power. The end of the warp does 2%, and even less launch power. [Yo-kai have been shown to be able to warp in the games.]

Down B; Stun Pulse: Kyubi snaps his fingers, stunning opponents directly in front or behind him. The more damage the opponent has accumulated, the longer they’ll be stunned (at 100%, the opponent gets stunned for the max 8 seconds). If used multiple times in succession, the stun power halves until it’s 1/16 of the original length. After 30 seconds of using this move, it regains the full power. This attack also does 1% damage. [In the anime, Kyubi is shown to have the ability to manipulate a person’s mind.]

Final Smash; Inferno: Kyubi charges up power to unleash his Soultimate Move, Inferno. This creates a giant fire blast, similar to Samus’s Final Smash. It does a total of 40%, and has amazing launch power. [In Yo-kai Watch, a Soultimate Move is a powerful attack that deals great damage to the enemy, though some can heal and some raise your stats.]


Yo-kai Watch doesn't seem to be going well in North America, but it's quite big in Japan. It has phone games (Wibble Wobble, my sister plays), there's an anime, movies, and currently 5 games in Japan (3 are generation 2, with Shingochi being a middle version). I'm hoping with the inclusion of Kyubi, Yo-kai Watch will gain some more fans.

Stage Info:

My chosen stage is Uptown Springdale (There's 5 different sections of Springdale you explore in the games). I picture it as a flat road which you could potentially fight near the blast zone (touching the blast zone results in losing a life). There will occasionally be cars coming in from the background, dealing 20% to anyone who gets hit,launching them pretty far. After a while, you'll go into Terror Time, where you would fight Gargaros, the Red Oni, when he shows up. He'll try to hit you with his club, which is a sure KO at 40%.
Debate Round No. 2


*opponent is frozen, open to attack*

This round is for arguments AGAINST the opponent's Smash character.

1. Moveset/Controllability:
Kyubi's moves all seem to focus on something to do with fire. To me, character's need a strong focus, but also a little variety. All of your proposed Kyubi smash attacks are fiery blasts with very little variation. Kyubi's neutral B, the flame blast, is a ranged attack but again is just another fire-based move. The side B and Up B also deal with fire, the latter involving a little bit of wharping. This is really its only second unique power. I like the idea of the stun pulse for Down B, but too me, it seems just a bit OP and hard to escape from being stunned over and over again. The final smash seems pretty cool but does not bring anything really new to the table. I like the idea of summoning a Soultimate though.

2. Popularity:
According to these wikia articles ([1],[2]) the majority of Super Smash Bros. games including the latest has larger sales in the U.S. than in Japan. Therefore, it would be more appealing for a more U.S. recognized character to be in the game rather than Kyubi. This is not to say that Banjo-Kazooie does not sell bad in Japan. Although there are many games and anime on Yo-kai Watch, it is not as popular as Banjo-Kazooie.

Also, there is few voters and fans who want to see Kyubi in the game. If you search on Google "kyubi super smash bros.", most of the articles that pop up are about Kyuubi from Naruto [3]. Typing in "banjo kazooie super smash bros" will produce better results.

3. Stage Architecture/Design:
Uptown Springdale is probably a good choice since it's one of the main location you go to in the game. However, the stage you propose could be a little better considering it's a bustling city. It is a flat road, and although sometimes simpler is better (my favorite course is Final Destination), there could be a bit more considering it's a city.

4. Stage Obstacles:
Actually I like the obstacles my opponent proposes, it reminds me of the Mario Circuit track from Brawl. The idea of Oni Time is pretty, like how it brings up the first boss from the Terror Time. Unfortunately, the stage is not much else besides these obstacles.


*shoots a grenade egg without mercy*


Alright Kyubi, it's time to roast this Bear and Bird.

Move Set:

So... how does the duo return to the stage? I mean, aside from Jumping of course. And Jiggy as a taunt? Kyubi could do better than that. Besides, that's more suited for a victory animation more than a taunt.

You say Kyubi's too fire based? And you're very bird based. And Kyubi also attacks with his tails, mainly used for his tilts and back air. Also, 40% of Pikachu's attacks are electric based. And he's in Smash!


I concede Banjo-Kazooie is very popular compared to Yo-kai Watch, and that's where we're coming from. Smash Bros is a wonderful game series for advertising a character by giving them a move set that could attract customers to this underrated game series.


So we celebrate Christmas by playing Smash Bros in July? And this stage doesn't seem very playable competitively. Quite a bit of stuff going on on a mountain, which you'd have to mainly use air attacks with more precision than you'd see in For Glory videos.

Springdale is more simplistic, with Terror Time as an added bonus. Alright, it's a city. So what? You'd expect the players to fight Gargaros while jumping on buildings? Onett is already a stage with buildings to jump on. My idea for Uptown Springdale as a stage is pretty good. There would also be buildings in the background, however. Now you should see what my image is a bit better. My opponent concedes that my stage is good.

I think we've heard enough. Kyubi can go roast those animals while the voters decide whether the Bear and Bird is good for Smash Bros, or the Nine Tailed Fox.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Had fun though, maybe in the future when can advertise it in forums. I may do another smash bros. one soon again.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
No one really cares too much about these kinds of debates. It was alright though.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I didn't expect you to make an argument that fast. I've already got the ideas for my Round 2, and I've got my Kyubi move set on a Google Doc. I'll post as soon as I get home.
Posted by RR-MKIV 2 years ago
You could throw in a frame or two from Warframe. I think they fit the Smash Bros vibe enough.
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