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New York Yankees 2017 World Series Champs!!

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Started: 8/24/2017 Category: Sports
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This should be a great debate, I'm picking the New York Yankees to win the World Series this year. Now you can argue against me with 29 other pro teams having a better shot. So tell me why you don't think the Yankees will win the World Series. What team will win then.

Nobody else!! Because the Yankees are winning it all in 2017, and I have facts to demonstrate why. Bring it!!


Ok need to say this I'm not feeling to confidence on this topic. Mostly because their is so many what IF's. Sure you are right the Yankees have more Championships than any another team in sports in North American. The last Championship for the Yankees was 2009. Stats show they do win in every decade , expect the 1980's. But i will try to show you This year Yankeens not going to win this year, because of their personal. The Yankees, i think would be better fit to really contending next year. Sure this year Yankees can score, there are 3rd in scoring as of right now with 653 runs, batting avg. is 9th at .261, and tied at 4th in Home Runs at 184. Not bad numbers for offense. I just look up the Yankees Pitching numbers, have to say i'm a little surprise seeing the Yankees at 3.83 ERA, which is 5th in the MLB, and their are handing their opposition at .233 battling avg. which is second. But one of their weak stats is their fielding percentage is tied at 16th with .984. We also need to look at who the Yankees will be going against in the playoffs. Both the Indians and Boston have better ERA's, the Indians is 4th at fielding percentage. The Yankees also have the 4th best bullpen, but their are still behind the Indians and boston at 2nd and 3rd respectively. We also have the Astros, with the number one offense in the MLB, with homeruns, hitting, and battling avg. It just with the best offense, usually don't translate in playoff success. We also need to know the Astros are beat up right now, with their regulate starter on the DL. So IF they get healthy like most playoff teams could be very hard to beat. Head to head match-up is kind of interesting, let's 1st look at the Yankees are 8 and 8 against boston with two more series left in the season. Yankees are 2 and 2 against the Indians, with 3 more left. Astros is the only team with a winning record against the Yankees with a 5 and 2 record. So the head to head match-up doesn't really tell us much. The playoffs is not how good your are, it take a lot of luck to win and a team to be pretty much healthy to contend for a championship. I just think the Yankees not going to have it against the Indians or boston this year. The Indians are hungry after last year almost winning it all. I haven't even talk about the world series yet or the Dodgers. The Yankees will need a lot of luck just to get in the playoff not to mention even more luck to make it to the world series. That just what i'm thinking, you can disagree, we really won't know until after the playoffs.
Debate Round No. 1


Great debate points there, so here is my debate side. The Yankees right now have the best team on paper. They have the youth and veteran experience. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are just 2 of the young players who are tearing up the league right now. Didi Grigorious is having a career year at short, veterans like Todd Frazer and David Robertson have been brought in at the trade deadline to add experience.. Sonny Gray who has been spectacular has also been brought in.

As for the Rex Sox, yes they are in first place right now but cracks are starting to show in their pitching. Chris Sale just got destroyed last night against Cleveland and he has 0 playoff experience. David Price has NEVER won a post season game, the Red Sox do not have the youth like the Yankees, Dustin Pedroia has had many injuries and could be out for the post season, Hanley Ramirez is always hurt and now plays first only because he doesn't have the range at short anymore.

Cleveland is hungry from last year but they have too many old guys, the reason I keep stating old guys is because after 162 regular season games the toll on an older players body really affects them compared to a younger player. Kluber can't pitch every game and Carasco was out last year with an injury and missed time this year as well, Encarnacion is 35, he is slowing down, I don't see Cleveland even getting past Boston in the post season.

Huston Astros have really tailed off the second half of the season, they have a lot of injuries Kuichel is out, Springer is hurt, Correia is out, they only have Altuve who is carrying the team on his back, Huston also does not have a stellar enough pitching to carry them deep in the playoffs.

The Yankees have the all around team of youth, veterans, pitching and defense to play for the World Series. No other team currently has depth in the minors and major league level like the Yankees. With veterans like Matt Holiday, young stars like Greg Bird who is still recovering from injury and and lets not forget about the great closer who won the World Series last year for the Cubs against the Indians in Aroldis Chapman. The Yankees have it all and just like 1996 when they had the great 4 players in Jeter, Pettit, Williams, Posada that went on to win 4 World Series in 96, 98,99, 2000, they now have Judge and Sanchez leading the way with the rest of the group to win it all.


Ok some good points. But to say the Yankees have best team on paper, is going a little over the top. I see the dodgers and even Washington, having the best team on paper. But before i talk about them, need to clear some things up with the American league. Aroldis Chapman is struggling, that's why the Yankees coach put him from the starting role of closer. As for boston having cracks, they still have 4 or 5 games over the Yankees. And the Yankees not having a long enough winning streak, to came go enough to boston. Plus your Yankees not even a certainty for the playoffs. The Yankees will have to play the one game elimination, with the Angeles, the Twins,or a other team. So in a one game with a win, or go home mode. Anything can happen in one game. You did point out boston and the Indians would have to play each other in the playoffs. A good point, you would have to play one of them. If boston hold on to the lead. But then the Yankees have to play the Astros, who did beat your Yankees 5 out of 7 this year. And if they are healthy would be a very hard team to beat. So even if your team actually make it to the playoffs, and then make it past the Astros, you would have to play either the Indians or boston. With either team would be hard to beat. But i think the Indians would be the harder team to beat for your Yankees. Now let's talk about the world series matchups in the 1st case would be the Dodgers. Right now if you look at a team, they don't just have the best record on paper, but actually have the best team by a long shot. 90 and 36 as of today. Only 12 teams in history have got claims on that record. They have the best pitching staff, with ERA overall and the best bullpens in all of baseball. With probably the best closer H.Jansen. Not to mention the best pitcher Kershaw. The dodgers offense is also very good the 6th best in scoring. Plus if you look at this line-up, most of them having career years in hitting, plus having bellinger, seager, and c.Taylor being young and producing the way they are, is very good. Plus they still have one of the best farm system of all of baseball. Having a good coach going a long way too. Because having d.Mattingly before, he was holding them back. The dodgers are the deepest team in baseball. So if they make to the world series, any one from the AL. Would have a hell of a time playing them. Now for Washington, sure they haven't won in the playoffs, ever. But looked at what the cubs did last year, if your team have talent then you will have a chance to win. If healthy probably the second best team in the mlb. They have hitting, and their 1, 2, and 3 pitchers is as good as anyone. their closer is not solid, but if They make there would be a very hard team to beat. The cubs if they make it would be very hard to beat, sure they not the last year cubs, but could be very dangerous come in playoffs. Now if i have to pick a team to win it all it would be the Dodgers, no team will be able to beat them, if they are healthy. This year dodgers is that deep. So that is why d.roberts is resting the starter on a regular basis. So come playoff they will not be tired, from having to win so much in the season.
Debate Round No. 2


Excellent points, so here is my rebuttal.

The Yankees are currently 4 1/2 games back of Boston, they play Boston next weekend for 3 games, The Yanks also play the last place useless Blue Jays 7 more times which should be a cake walk. The Yankees will end up first in the AL EAST and will avoid the dreaded one game wild card playoff. We will let Boston play the Twins or Royals in the WC.

I expect the Dodgers to go all the way to the World Series with the team they got, but then the wheels will fall off in the World Series against the Yankees dominant pitching, pitching is what always wins in the playoffs. The 1988 Dodgers were not favorite to win that year, they limped into the playoffs and nobody even expected them to win a round in the playoffs yet with the stellar pitching and Orel Hershizer they went on to win the World Series.

The 2001 Seattle Mariners won a record which stands 116 games yet were upset in the ALDS by the Yankees, The 95 Cleveland Indians were supposed to win it all with their power house team and they still lost.

Here are some of the greatest teams that didn't win the World Series

Win Pct.

1906 Cubs .763 Lost World Series
1954 Indians .721 Lost World Series
2001 Mariners .716 Lost ALCS
1931 Athletics .704 Lost World Series
1995 Indians .694 Lost World Series
1904 Giants .693 No World Series
1912 Giants .682 Lost World Series
1953 Dodgers .682 Lost World Series
1943 Cardinals .682 Lost World Series
1909 Cubs .680 Finished second in NL

A team that does that well in a regular season is usually all worn out by the finals. Just look at the Cubs last year, they were down 3 games to 1 in the World Series and had to go to extra innings in game 7 to win it. Look at the Golden State Warriors 2 years ago, the year they won 73 games and set the record, they didn't have enough in the tank to win the championship after that.

That is what will happen to the Dodgers in the World Series against the Yankees. The best regular season team does not always win in the post season.

All rise the Judge is in..................See yyyaaaa!!!


You show some good points. It just you are speculating on the Yankees winning the rest of the way. The Yankees strength of schedule is 462.5 the rest of the way. When the Yankees are just a barely over 500, they are .540. Boston is at .575, sure the strength of schedule for boston is tougher. It just boston been the better team, so far. It will be a huge series for both the Yankees and boston when they face each other. It's in new york, you have a little advantage. But remember the Yankees are trailing by 4.5, so the yankees have to win the series, because if they don't then you probably will face the one game elimination. Oh yeah, after that brawl yesterdays the Yankees had, the Yankees are facing suspension, so that's could really hurt the Yankees chances of winning the division. I will agree with you, most of the best teams don't win the chip. Like the Seattle mariners in 2001, winning 116 didn't get them far in the playoffs. But those Mariners mind was on the mlb record, so they did get tried and because their coach over worked them. The dodgers mindset is very different, they not focus on the best record. The dodgers know winning the chip is more important. So that is why d.roberts is resting the dodgers a lot. Plus these dodgers is more loaded then the mariners. Oh yeah, as for the golden state warriors, yes they lost to Cleveland, when they were up 3-1 and were the heavy favorites. But golden state had a taste of winning the championship a year earlier. I have here 8 teams with the best record of all time, and winning the championship. Ny Yankees with a .703 won it all. Pittsburgh Pirates with a .723 won it all. Ny Yankees with a .714 won it all. Ny Yankees with a 672 won it all. Cincinnati reds with a .666 won it all. Baltimore Orioles with a .666 won it all. Ny Mets with a .666 won it all. Chicago Cubs with a .635 won it all. So some heavy favorites teams do win as well. I will agree, in baseball they is a trend a team make it from the wildcard game win it all. But only in some cases. You said pitching dominant in the playoffs, that's true. So who have the best pitching staff in baseball? It's the Dodgers. Yea the Indians push the cubs to they limit last year. But the cubs won because their over all depth, and some keys plays at the end, and yes some luck. The Yankees do have a chance, and may surprise in October, it just they still have some teams in the AL who are better, boston and more so with the Indians. One more thing if the dodgers get to the big dance, you can rest insured, the Dodgers will be as much rested as the other team who make it. Plus it could be even Washington, they still have the second best chance to make it. Yea it could be a surprise team as well. The point is i think the dodgers have the better chance of making it then the yankees. History show it both ways, the team with the lower record can win it, and the team with the best record can win it. Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!! The Blue Crew......
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by stros2017 1 year ago
stros2017*455%2F1280x720_71031C00-MQXKT.jpg& click you dang yankee
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Those are valid points BUT we can still debate who has a better shot at winning the World Series. With stats, projections, team vs team matchups there is a lot of information to debate on who has a better chance at winning. I choose the Yankees because yes I'm a die hard fan but also the fact that it's been 8 years since the Yankees have won the World Series and also in their 114 years of existence there is only one decade where they did not win at least one World Series, the 1980"s.

I can proudly say that I was right picking the Pittsburg Penguins in winning the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the hockey season, I also made $5000 in Vegas picking Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series in 1992 before the season even started.

So bring your debate why the Yankees aren't going to win, because I SAY THEY WILL!!!
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
This really not a debate, it more of a opinion. Just because you like your favorite team to win it all. Past history doesn't really translate to what is happening right now. They is so many what if that can happen between now to the playoffs. So you picking the Yankees to win it all, is a opinion not a fact. Just saying...
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Reasons for voting decision: Both of you did a wonderful job. I just have to side with con here, I don't think either team will win it all but con made some good points. The biggest point in my opinion that made my decision final was the 2001 Mariners, sadly my M's lost the ALCS to the Yankees, but like con said they were trying to go for the best record in the League, unlike the dodgers who are playing to make it to the playoffs. Both for you well done.

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