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Niantic should provide user location for Pokemon Go to the police

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Started: 3/28/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pokemon GO is well known to get gamers to walk around the neighbourhood to play the game. The Virtual Reality game actually uses the Global Positioning System to keep track of the player in the real world merging it with the virtual world filled with Pokemon.

But the focus they put on their phones could lead to dangerous situations that could cause accidents int he middle of the road or construction sites. It is very dangerous to the players and the passer-by.

In case of emergencies, if the player happens to had an accident somewhere dark or there are no passer-by, this could worsen the situation.
What if the player passed out, blood loss and nobody is aware since the area is empty and are quite far away from the busy path.

So. this case really had me supporting the motion that Niantic, the company that created the game, to provide user location to the police so that anything could be carry out as soon something suspicious happen the player.


While I can agree that Pokemon GO is a dangerous game (if you're not paying attention), I'm not going to agree that Niantic should go through multiple hoops just for safety. Again, the game can be dangerous, but that's just a matter of not paying attention. It's been advised to look where you're going and to be alert of you surroundings. If the player is in need of help, they have a phone and can dial 911 if needed. You kind of need a phone to play Pokemon GO.

However, I'm not going to be talking the time to talk about that because that should be used against people who think Pokemon GO should be banned because of dumb reasons. What I want to talk about is the emergencies and getting help from the police. First off, if you're in need of help, 911. Again, you need a phone to play the game; parents, friends, and (yes) 911 are all a phone call away. I'm pretty sure almost every child is taught how to use a phone or how to dial 911. The second point is the police. In theory, that's not a bad idea. However, in execution, it doesn't work. You see, I don't know how this would be set up, and since you don't elaborate on how this would work, I can only assume you're talking about GPS locating. In that case, this isn't a good idea because it would take a lot of the police resources; specifically, the resources of the police. The reason for this is because the police isn't going to be up 24/7, and I say this in a sense that they're not going to hold your hand while you play. Not to mention, the possibility of it not being needed. Also, there is the possibility of GPS getting your location incorrect, the resources to track (basically) everyone, the possibility of one's phone dying turning off the GPS, not having service, and many more possibilities.

Overall, this entire situation would be considered meaningless because of the use of 911 and the fact you have a phone.

I am a Game Overthinker/Pilgrim of Knowledge, and the ball's in your court.
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