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Nintendo Switch is a dud

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Started: 8/1/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My personal belief is that Nintendo is for babies, no adult wants to play Mario or Zelda and the DS is for children as well, now Nintendo Switch is out. I give it a year before it's in the bargain bin collecting dust.

Nintendo Switch has one Zelda game and a few other lame games. The Zelda game uses technology that has been around for 10 years already, you can't quick travel with your horse, you need coins to save like in Resident evil from 10 years ago. And this is the best game for the Switch, it only goes down hill from there.

How many times can you re-release Mario, the Switch is lame and the excitement will be over as quick as the Pok"mon GO fad.


Just accepting because I have the time. Time for a battle between a troll and a person pretending to be one.
I'd like to see your sources for your opening statement.
The Nintendo Switch has to sacrifice technical capabilities due to the nature of the console - it is a portable console which can be connected to TV.
Nintendo is for everyone, but mostly 5-12 year olds are marketed to.

Debate Round No. 1


Here are some of the reasons why the Switch is a dud.

The controllers that attach to the side are too small unless you are a kid, therefore this is for kids and babies. After a few hours adults will experience cramping similar to carpal tunnel syndrome from using the tiny controllers.

The storage is tiny compared to other consoles and there is no media streaming available. Why do you want this console??

The battery life on it is only 3 hours max and it can't access Netflix or Facebook like a regular tablet could, so what is the point of owning it, I would rather go with a tablet.

There is really only one game Zelda worth playing, why drop over $300 for one game??

Lets see how my opponent wants to justify the Switch not being a dud


I have many statements!
-The controllers which attach to the side are in fact the normal size for a controller. All previous Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft consoles have had similar sizes. PCs sometimes will use similar button sizes.
-Storage varies.
-It's a game console, and self-recharges when being used as a home console.
-De Mambo and Namco Museum are great. Several Neo-Geo games are available. Nintendo is also working on new games, such as Super Mario Odyssey.
-The Nintendo Switch is the first console which is suitable for use as a home console AND as a portable console, and is as a result incredibly versatile, adapting to several people's needs.
-Please respond to me this time
Debate Round No. 2


To respond to my opponents statements

The controllers are average size for a 10 year old, not an adult

The system it self is too bulky to be a tablet to take from home and has not enough applications to be a home console without Netflix, Facebook or other internet applications, the only thing it has is the fact that it can be plugged in at home to your TV, that's about it

De Mambo Meuseum is lame and a 4 hour game, there are no good games for this system. Nintendo also has never allowed R rated games on any platforms and the Switch is no different, R rating means anyone over 18 can play, this includes blood. violence, swear words in games, none of that will ever make it into the Switch, which shows me the console is for babies who want to tinker around with Mario Cart and splashing paint around...Wow so much fun if you are a baby. Average age of a gamer today is 18 years old, therefore nobody is going to buy the Switch which at best is a fad console that will be done in one year like the DreamCast was or SEGA console.

The Switch will be collecting dust in the bargain bins in one year and I feel sorry for anyone who shelled out all this money for this lame console


Final argument. (lol)
That the Switch controller is small does not make it a dud! It is designed for ages 5-18 mainly, and also for adults to use.
To those who say that M-rated games are not allowed: GTA Advance. That is all I will say.
De Mambo is an arcade game, so it can be played again after the 4 hour Solo game.
Let's see if I can beat the old "CoD Fanboy McTroll"
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Call of Duty Rules
Mario Cart Drools
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