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No Theme Rap Battle!!

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Started: 4/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is my second rap battle,
I'm more ready this time,
got some new stuff that'll baffle
You, your friends, and *e'en partner-in-crime.
You can start on round one
rules are like the previous,
but I warn you: I have yet to be outdone.
So can you can prove to be the true rap genius?




First on site
you seem ready to fight
aight, lyrics don't let me down tonight.

You state you're ready this time
I'll prove you wrong in your state of mind
I got no time to waste on this battle
so let me just baffle

Knight be the day
when I take my hat off to say
good job sir you win this round
In any way
I'll be your equal,
Your Sequel;Prequel.
Far be the day
when I step outside
to say
I love the world in each and every way
It's unfair and biased when I play
I kill to win
Love to sin
Preaching then
Dead people outside
But you play and hide
You don't dare go in
You're to scared you'll meet your end
I'll fly higher then you ever could
Cause I don't give a ****
Even If I could
I wouldn't give one
Not a single one to see
The little bit of sanity that's still inside me.

I'm here to see you out
In debate, in rap
I'm here to overtake,
Nothing's in my way.

Even If I had my Sanity I'd throw it away
The Russian Prime-time
Malaysia 3.7.0 times
Searching for nothing they know
They hope to see something come up
They want it
They need it too
Looking for answers they never knew
So here's to the people back at home
Crying alone
Stay strong
Don't rely on these idiots who
Lie each and every day
Try to make you cry and say
There's no meaning to live
No meaning to die
"Why Oh God why? Do you make me cry?"
Then Flash to a black room
Rope hanging from the roof
Circle around and body blue
Note lying on the floor.

Flash to white then to red
Clearly obvious, you're fairly dead
Debate Round No. 1


Congradulations, you repl'd without explicitly insultin' me,
You even created a real nice mystery
that's cool, strange and like a horror story,
but what people really love are people like Dory,
humorous and silly,
Laughing and sweet as a lily,
helpful, but havin' flaws such as bein' forgetful
and very very careful

at the same time.

Because I was so meticulous,I spotted some spelling errors
like "aight", that's just ridiculous, and for grammar nazis--a terror.
You sweared, you did, and you lose conduct,
but I can't spot anything else, you lucky duck.

That wasn't an insult, that's just a lame "rhyme muck."


Got no time to endure
Fearing and more
Debating Revolution with
Only a coup
Stuck back in time
Life's all a rhyme
All these things got nothing to do
With the subject at hand and so I see too
Broken with a leg only a hand
Slapped by Causality
"Aight" Such a fallacy
Apparently that's so
Well whatever guess I know
Back to sea
There go the submarines
Back on the brink of destruction
My own Crucifixion
My eyes open wide
at the sound of your rap
Possibly to childish so people can't attack
Saw Nemo when I was a kid
He ended dead in a bag.
He looked so sad
It made me furious,
Locked in this cage
No Escape
Not Even when dead
It's so sad to see the poor puppy
When a mouse is near
and even then fear
takes a hold
grabs everything it can
People don't want to know some stupid
They want the truth
about the things that happened
To them to you
To me to she
To Every****ing body
They want to know why
How and who
Not some stuff about silly little cartoons
So I'm here to see that too,
Heres from me to you.
Debate Round No. 2


It's the final final round,
and you've got nothin',
when I read your "poem" I just frowned--
it made absolute no sense, you were just bluffin',

Nemo and poor puppies don't save your swearin' skin.
I understand you're tryin' to make people like you,
but there's no way you'd win,
for your ambiguous rebuttals have gone "Kah-Boo"!

But this is the final round,
and I don't want to be the mean one, so I'll stay inbounds.
Thank you very much for this fun rap battle,
I've had so much fun in this rattle-tattle.

If you wanna improve, here's a suggestion to you:
try a different perspective, or angle-of-view!


ScrinTech forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Blade-of-Truth 7 years ago
Would you mind if I accepted this? I'm kinda bored and wouldn't mind another rap battle.
Posted by ScrinTech 7 years ago
@9spaceking Awwwww maaaan
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Vote Placed by Ameliamk1 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:10 
Reasons for voting decision: I might've given the debate to Con, but he forfeited the final round.

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