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Not ALL pedophiles are sick, whacked out child molesters. Are all straight men rapists?

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Started: 4/12/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I beg you-please allow me to explain myself. You do not know how much I DETEST bastards who actually DO either WANT TO or actually DO RAPE OR MOLEST children. This does not mean I hate pedophiles. Whether we like it or not, we all have our own tastes. We will never be all the same.

Are all straight men rapists?

Or are all tattooed people thugs?

Or are all schizophrenics evil?


It's the same with innocent pedophiles.

Let's say I liked little boys (I DON'T in real life). By like, I mean romantically and sexually. But I would NEVER want to or do anything to harm him. I would wait until he is old enough. Just like with Jacob and Renesmee. I will be whatever he/she wants. His/her protector. Then, when they grow old and mature enough, they can decide of they return my feelings. Who says this can't happen in real life? Think about it. If we really love them, we should wait until they are of mature age.

Whoever says, "children cannot consent" are being idiots. By saying this, you do not know the difference between "making a moral decision" and "giving consent." Have you ever made a decision you later regretted? Don't lie. WE (me too!) ALL HAVE. If children say "Yes," they ARE giving their consent, but is it right? NO! It's the exact same for all of us, only children are more innocent and need to be protected from experiencing what they are too young to do.

If you still don't agree and want to call me a sick c***, I understand. Just wait for me to further back up my argument the next round.


First off, might I say hello. This is my first debate where I actually care/know what i'm doing. Alright, enough with the hello's, let us get down to buisness.

You said in your original argument: "Are all straight men rapists?" That would be saying that all men who partake in sexual intercourse would be persucuted under charge of rape. I see where you are coming from when you say this. However; comparing sexual intercourse and pedophilic sexual thoughts and saying they are of the same nature is wrong. Sure, people have their preferences. But, as I am 14 and I am surrounded by this stuff at school, I know that people with a younger age are MUCH less mature then people of an older age. Therefore, consenting to sex with an older pedophilic adult as soon as the younger person in this whole mess reaches legal age for sex, he/she might not know what they are getting into.

Let's also bring up the fact that if a 45 year old man said, "Man, I really want to bang this 13 year old that lives on my street," you would not say "Oh yeah just wait till she is legal, than go get her ;)" The response of a normal person person would be along the lines of "What is wrong with you, you pedophile!" A man having sexual feelings for a 13 year old female is, without a doubt, immoral.

You said " You do not know how much I DETEST bastards who actually DO either WANT TO or actually DO RAPE OR MOLEST children." You also said "Let's say I liked little boys (I DON'T in real life). By like, I mean romantically and sexually." If you were an older person "liking someone romantically and sexually" that was below the age, you would have sexual thoughts about them. Didn't you say you "DETEST bastards that actually want to or actually do rape or molest children"? You like a child in the way you described, you would have sexual thoughts about them. So I ask my opponent how you would like someone sexually without wanting to rape them.
Debate Round No. 1


That is NOT what I meant!!!! Remember Jacob and Renesmee? I'm saying what of something like that happened?


It would be impossible to have a case like Jacob and Renesmee. A human can not "imprint" on another human. However, if an older male thought he was the sole mate of a MUCH younger female, it would not be bad to think of her as a child. If you had a man who was that close to a female of that age, and he thought of her as a child, it would mean they would be very close, he would love her and take care of her. And there is not a thing wrong with that if the mother and father agree to let it happen. Kind of like adoption in a sense. But if they are that close and he desires sex/mutual romance, it would be considered pedophilic. That is what this whole argument is about. In what sense is it okay to let an older man desire sex, the most serious commitment, from a girl who could not consent? It isn't. If he waited 10 years or so, the chances of that girl, who thought of him as a father, would be surprised and disgusted. It just is not okay for someone like said girl to go through something like that. IF your father said he loved you and he wanted to have sex with you, you would not be okay with it. You would say no. Unless your into that, lol. It would be the same situation.
Debate Round No. 2


First off, there are many people who are pedophiles and hate it. How would you feel if you all the sudden woke up and did not get turned on my girls or boys anymore, but smaller kids? Would it make you a bad person? No! You have no desire to rape, molest , or touch children. Those who do are evil people who should be thrown on prison, castrated, or worse. People need to stop thinking that "pedophile" and "child rapist" are synonyms. THEY ARE NOT. "Philia" means "love of," not "desire to rape." Aren't we heterophiles? Homophiles? Biphiles? Or even a panphile (as in pansexual)? Child rapists are either sick pedophiles or just want to dominate, but NOT ALL pedos are rapists. Not all men rape women or younger girls. If I was a boy, I would like girls, but I would NEVER want to rape one.

Second, maybe all of you see me as a perverted, evil person now. I am NOT.

Yes, I swear sometimes.

Yes, I want to get some tattoos someday (ONlY palm-sized ones) and an eyebrow piercing.

Yes, II have Erudite/INFJ eyes that can stare deep into your soul.

But what you don't know about me is that I am a straight A student (except for in Math, which is either a B or C), I dream of going to Stanford, I have two friends who I had only I known for a few months, yet they were always the sweetest people ever to me. I asked them why they were when we only knew each other for a short time, and they said they knew I was a sweet person. I am not lying or trying to be a kiss up. My step mom's friend's 6 year old kids love me to death, and I am their fierce protector, as I would be for ANY kid. Children are our angels; they ARE our future.
Before my Mom's passing, she made my father promise to find a step mother for me. 4 years after my Mom died, my father met this woman who was REALLY good at lying. She tricked my entire family (who are most of the time not fooled by lies) into thinking she loved my father and me (I was 7 or 8 at the time). They got married, and then 6 weeks later she left us. Turns out she only wanted a baby for herself and didn't care at all about my widowed father or a little girl who had lost her mother at the age of 4, and didn't even remember her. Now I have a half-brother who has no idea I or my father exist, and that witch will probably lie to him and tell him we're the bad guys, not her.

NO CHILD deserves to go through that!!!!

But now my father is happily remarried (they got divorced, obviously) to a truly warm-hearted doctor with two kids of her own before she met us (she was also divorced), and now I have two AMAZING step-siblings who I love as if they really were my brother and sister. My new mother loves me so much, no matter how many spats we've had. She loves me like a mother should love her daughter.

And I have been dealing with prejudice from having mild autism all my life. Prejudice as in, "She needs so much help!" or "she's autistic! That's why she's acting like this!" I can't stand being treated like I'm mentally ill, a helpless puppy. I am just like everyone else. No one makes a big deal like this about those with ADHD. Or when a neurotypical person does what an autistic person does. We are all the same. So my brain's wired differently than yours. So what? I'm not insane.

Anyway, that's my final argument. Sorry if I was being blunt. But please don't hate me. I don't hate you guys. I understand why you think like this.

I'm just trying to make a point.


You say "NO CHILD deserves to go through that!!!!"
Imagine being my opponent's half brother, being told the truth about how he was born. He would be angry, outraged, etc. But. Imagine being that child and the mother saying "Now that you are old enough, you wanna have sex?" He would be put in a worse position. Much worse. Do you think he would get over the fact that the person who has raised him all his life wanted to have sexual relation with him? He would be scared for life and feel like he has no one to turn to that does not want him for sex. I cannot speak for your family, idk what kind of position your half brother is in. I can assume, from what you said about his/your mother, that it is not a great one. If his mother told him he wanted to have sex with him, he would be instantly disgusted, offended, etc. But let's get out of family, shall we? Say a man has sexual desires with a 7 year old. When he comes out to her 11 years later, do you think she would say "HELL YEAH!"? No. She would be thoroughly scared for herself. Voters, as you can see, all I am doing is trying to make a point.

Do you want old men having sexual relations with minors?

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Is ANYBODY else going to vote?
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Rape has NOTHING to do with orientation. It has to do with their state of mind and heart. Please think this out thoroughly.

And please don't vote no for me just because of my temper. I am only passionate about this because I care about society so much.

Why do you think I joined DDO?
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
I brought this debate because I care so much.

We must keep things just but this is not the justice we should have.

We cannot automatically think a pedophile (as in attracted to kids, nothing more) is a rapist or wanna-be rapist or mentally ill when we do not even know them. If one DOES rape or molest a child, then he/she deserves CRITICAL punishment.

Simply being sexually attracted, whether you are a straight or gay man, a straight woman or lesbian, or a pedophile, does not make you a rapist. How is it not possible for the pedophile to love the child like how it deserves to be? I know there are pedophiles like that. People just refuse to believe it.

It's not their fault. They were born that way. You cannot choose your orientation. It's nature.

Did you choose to be gay, straight, bi, or pans? No.

Or maybe you are the last three but refuse to let yourself out of the closet because you are being a coward. I do not mean to say that to insult you. I am saying so because we will help you, and you should not care what the others think.

So please. Don't make me lose out of prejudiced beliefs that all pedophiles are rapists. If I do lose, I will accept. In the end, you decide your opinions. But only if you had actually and thoroughly read my arguments.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
I am sorry if I did not keep my cool. I am just really passionate about this topic.

But it is the argument that matters, not my grammar or my temper.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Deadroot, I really hope you're reading my arguments thoroughly.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
My dumb phone. I meant hetero.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Do you KNOW how many perverted Herero men and hetero male rapists are out there?!
Posted by Topnotchbrandon 6 years ago
Yes but u said that a are all straight men rapiest why would say that it's not rape if they like it why would u say that
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 6 years ago
Are you guys readying my arguments at all?!
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had a better Conduct due to the fact they kept their cool slightly better than Pro (and Pro bombed Round 2). I feel Pro failed miserably in attempting to meet their BoP with flawing analogies and hopeless arguments with no proof to back them up. Though neither had proof, since Pro had the BoP and failed it, arguments go to Con.

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