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Not all Screamo is satanic

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Started: 6/12/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Not all screamo music is satanic because of it's loud sound. Some of it probably is, but there are christian screamo bands such as Blessthefall, Before Their Eyes, Spoken, etc. Screamo may be loud and obnoxious to some, but others may find peace from it and it may let them escape the world and get their mind off of everything.


Thanks to my opponent for an interesting debate topic. I decided to add a youtube video for you to listen to while you read.

In this debate my position will be that every Screamo bad is definitely not Satanic.

Let me also add these definitions for the readers:
Satanic: of, relating to, or worshipping the Devil (1)
Devil: the most powerful spirit of evil in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam who is often represented as the ruler of hell (2)

Additionally, Screamo can be any band my opponent wants to argue for that could possibly be Satanic.

I hand the debate over to my opponent for opening arguments.

Debate Round No. 1


I'm sorry, but I don't understand how you disagree with me.


I apologize, it seems I have confused my opponent.

My position is that no screamo band is Satanic. This contrasts your position that some screamo bands are"Some of it probably is, but there are christian screamo bands".

I will now add an argument, so that my opponent has something to reply to in the final debate round.

I feel confident to say no screamo bands are Satanic, as for these bands to be Satanic they have to be devil, or Satan, worshippers. As such my opponent needs to prove these bands are firstly devil worshippers.

Secondly and more importantly my opponent needs to prove the existence of Satan.

Only if my opponent can prove these two points above is it possible to win this debate.

I hand the debate back to my opponent.

Debate Round No. 2


I'm very impressed with your argument, although there are many satanic "Screamo" songs.

I don't have to prove that the devil is real to prove that people worship him.

A Kingdom at War - Aye, I am a LaVeyan Satanist. Varg Vikernes (AKA Burzum) was a Pagan. Not a Satanist. He killed Euronymous, who was widely known as a Satanist, and Vikernes himself was known to be anti-Satanist.


Thanks to my opponent for a fun debate.

My opponent says it is not necessary to prove Satan exists for someone to worship said person or god. On the contrary I would say its highly important to prove something is real to worship it. If some one worships aliens, we would consider them delusional as the general consensus of the public is that aliens do not exist.

The following point about LeVeyan Satanism while interesting is irrelevant as LeVeyanism Satanism is just a form of atheism.(1) Atheism is the position that there is no evidence for a God or hence Satan.

I believe that I have made a case that all screamo bands are in fact not Satanic. Additionally, my opponent has not met the burden of proof in this debate.

Thanks to my opponent for the debate and now over to the voters.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Gogert777 7 years ago
What an adversary...
Posted by numberwang 7 years ago
What is your definition of screamo?

spoken and blessthefall are metalcore, and before their eyes is hardcore. Just because there is screaming in music doesn't make it screamo, and it's pretty annoying (to me) when people make that generalization.
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