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Not buying our pets from pet store and adopting them from shelters

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Started: 3/8/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I would adopt my pets because your saving a life. Most shelters have to kill their animals because they have no room. About 9,000 healthy dogs and cats are killed every day. I'm just starting with this.


if we had to adopt we would have to foster pets as well and if a low income person got to attached but we did not have the money to support the animal and either
1) Spend more money on themselves and the pet and ahve to work extra and not be able to see them that often anyway
2) Be heart broken that they can not afford the pet and have to leave them behind
Debate Round No. 1


If they got attached they could just work at the shelter and some people actually get paid for fostering from the shelter. Fostering animals from shelters is better because you get to help animals find place to live so you're helping animals no matter what when you foster or adopt an animal from the shelter. Actually having an animal from a shelter can help you with your happiness. With pet store animals all they do is run around in a tiny glass cage and they see people and sometimes their not even allowed out of their cages because no one wants to play with them or see them.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok first of all that is not b.s. That is fact. And second of all that is not an argument. I have looked up stuff for this debate be I wrote a paper on it. Look up facts if you want your point to get across. Most animals are not tortured. They might just be strays. And not all of them are old, just some. And the animals from the pet store have done almost nothing with their lives. They only sit or run around a glass cage and only come out when someone wants to play with them. In some shelters they can go outside to play and run around. Another common misconception by close to half those surveyed was that shelter animals will be reclaimed by their owners, adopted, or transported to another shelter or rescue to continue to look for a forever home. The numbers of successful reunions of lost pets with owners is increasing, as are adoptions and transports. A pet purchased from a pet store is a complete unknown. And, once you walk out of the store, you are on your own. Most pet stores don"t provide any support if you have questions or problems with your new pet. When you adopt, especially from a rescue group, you know what you are getting because the group has a history on the animal. The rescue group will also help you through the familiarization period because they are invested in providing a good home for that animal.
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