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Nothing is Actually Important, It is a Choice

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Started: 2/27/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Anything that is important to someone is because said someone chose for something to be important. People usually say "important" rather than important, in the sense that they are missing the terms, "to them." Something that is actually important "stands" to be important on its own, without anything else that makes it important. History is "important" to some, but history wouldn"t be "important" if there were no humans.

Nothing is actually important because it"s impossible to define whether there is a god or not, so the only information we are sure of is that everything is just particles flying around. (This leaves life as "meaningless," which is most commonly associated with negativity, even though "meaning" is something that wouldn"t exist if there were no humans. "Meaning" is a "made up" thing.)

I wanted to ramble on about the positive mindset one can draw from this information rather than the usual, "motivationally-barren" assumption, but I realize that"s not relative for a debate.


Greetings one and all - however from myself, it is specifically to my opponent (As I within this platform, he is the entity that exists from this point). I look forward to our Candor and prosperous discussion.

I would like to begin my rhetoric by classifying that in this debate I will assume the role of "Devil's Advocate" - I personally agree with the meaning of.... meaning - However have a fundamental differing that I look forward to arguing. I also personally applaud your part regarding the optimistic outlook that is available once this realization - and enforcing your opinion against the pessimistic side available to that thought avenue. It's a tough task to struggle with, and the more it is expressed that you can choose which outlook to subscribe too, the more that avenue will appear, be recognized, and ultimately walked by others struggling in a similar situation. My metaphorical hat off to you, dear human.

As stated, I agree with the meaning of important in the Human Language. With the meaning to "Import" ones value into X (be it a physical or mental projection). Things only mean things to us, because we make them mean them.

However I disagree in your declaration that nothing can be deemed important, without it being subjective.

Within our subjective reality - you cannot disagree that we value bee's (As much as we fear them), for their beneficial boon to any ecosystem they are present in (i.e. the primary cross pollination platforms for flowers). We gain benefit, therefor the value of that benefit is imparted into the creature - thus bee's are important.

However, you cannot disagree with the hypothetical scenario of a creature with the perception (not intelligence, just the ability to see the creature and record it), to acknowledge a bee for what it is, what it does, and what it is to the ecosystem and environment - they can objectively (As it has no meaning too them, they can simply understand it), agree that that creature is 'important' - standing on its own, and not because it helps the observer at all.

Priorities corrupt our perception of importance, however the actual reason the word was created - to express something that physically or metaphysically exists - has not changed, differed or even been relegated to a singularly human experience.

Importance is important - merely because of its own importance standing it up.

'Our' important is usually important - it means something too us, because it is important. Slightly different, yet expressed the same.
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
No nothing is important to nothing/everything/objects.
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