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Nuclear Power

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Started: 1/31/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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For once, this is not impossible to accept. If you want to accept, you can right now. I'm probably going to be in the Winter's Tourney, so this will just be a short debate.

1. Acceptance
2. Arguments
3. Rebuttals
4. Defense/ Conclusion

No arguments in last round.

No forfeits because of the glitch, don't troll, etc.

Definitions (bsh's def):

Nuclear Power: electric or motive power generated by a nuclear reactor.
Countries: areas of land controlled by a sovereign government
Ought - implies moral desirability
Prohibit - to forbid (ban)
Production - the creation of utility, specifically, the making of goods available for use

Resolution: Countries ought to allow the production of nuclear power

Can accept now.


for one nuclear power is practily killing the earth but solar or wind or hydro power is so much better
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting the LonelyMoutain. I will be presenting my arguments in this round. Good luck!

This is the first time I did this topic, and I'm making this debate just to see if the topic is good.

Argument 1: Good for the environment

Nuclear Power is good for the environment. Nuclear Power gives nearly zero amount of greenhouse gases [1] [2]. In 1998, there was a study that the greenhouse gases reduced around 50% percent because of nuclear power [2]. It is the safest way to get energy, and won't harm the environment, because it doesn't release C02 or methane, which is the main impact of greenhouse gases. Because it produces no greenhouse gases, and helps the environment more than burning fuels, and fossil fuels, countries ought to allow the production of nuclear power.

Argument 2: Powerful and Reliable

My second argument is about Nuclear Power being powerful and reliable. It's more powerful than other energy resources, because of the good technology. Also, it is reliable because it has over 91% of efficiency rate, and it works on 24/7, unlike wind or solar power, it can also be used in harsh weather. Because Nuclear Power is powerful and reliable, I affirm.

Argument 3: Cheap

This is one of the main reasons why countries prefer nuclear power to solar power, etc. Nuclear Power is cheaper than Solar Power. Solar Power is also good for the environment, but people don't use them much because they are very expensive. But with Nuclear Power, the energy and electricity is cheaper than other energy resources, like wind and solar power. Because cheapness, which affects why people like nuclear power, and it is preferred over solar power, countries should ought to allow the production of nuclear power.'

Argument 4: Supply

My last argument will be about supply, and of how much nuclear power there is. Unlike nuclear power, fossil fuels are nonrenewable energy resources, meaning we will use them up one day, and there will be none left. We use them faster than making them. However, with Nuclear Power that is not the case. Because of lots of supply, countries should allow the production of nuclear power


I showed many different ways Nuclear Power being effective, it is cheap, lots of amount, and helps the environment. There is no choice except you to vote for PRO.



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Debate Round No. 4
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