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Nuclear Weapon Research

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Started: 4/10/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am going to reboot this after my opponent forfeited. PLEASE ONLY ACCEPT THIS DEBATE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO SEE IT OUT UNTIL THE END!
R1: Acceptance & Opening Statements
R2: Rebuttals and additional statements/sources
R3: Final Rebuttals & Conclusions

TO CLARIFY: I classify nuclear research as any studies along the engineering, explosive materials, radioactive materials, launch tests, etc.

I believe that the research of nuclear weapons should be restricted, if not halted entirely.
This is part of my belief of nuclear disarmament. When nuclear weapon research begins, there is a slight chance that a nation would feel threatened by the research, and possibly launch a nuclear missile at the country that they feel imposes a threat.


Nuclear research acts as a defense to the abuse of irresponsible states.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent states a fact that is correct, Nuclear weapons will act as a defense mechanism against irresponsible states. However, my opponent fails to recover that those states may feel threatened against the research, and launch an attack on the United States.
Additionally, there are other ways to resolve a conflict, not by nuclear warheads or wartime. According to, who is a news organization run by several Harvard graduates,
( people can educate themselves on the issues at hand, speak out, and merge with the rest of the war.


My opponent fails to recognize the nature of the world we live in. Countries such as Iran and North Korea are not going to simply halt their nuclear weapons research in the scenario of U.S. disarmament. The U.S. and other European powers who currently maintain nuclear arsenals do so to uphold the balance of power. It would be wishful and disastrous to legislate a unilateral disarmament within the U.S.
If the U.S. decided upon a policy of keeping current weapons and stopping research and development it would be equally fatal. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea will not all follow suit with the U.S. if we take dovish action. This would give our country less leverage in trade negotiations, and diminish our world influence.
It is nice to envision a world with our weapons, but as a species we are not at this point yet. Obstacles like the Jihad, nationalism, and anti-western sentiment among certain countries are enough reason to see this as unrealistic.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by packers284 3 years ago
Idk if you knew this but right now there is a lot of coverage on tensions in North Korea because they are a country dumb enough to attack the U.S. so yeah they hate us and Kim Jong Un wants to shoot some ICBMs to california
Posted by Alex15757 3 years ago
Did you just say launch and an attack on the U.S.?

"Yeah guys lets launch an attack on a country that spends more than $600 Billion dollars a year on their defense budget. ( BTW. NASA gets around $3-6 Billion dollars per year, The entire Apollo program only cost NASA $60 Billion dollars in today's money) Yeah I think that's a good idea"

No one and I mean NO ONE is dumb enough to launch a strike on the U.S. + the only countries that could actually do something is either Russia or China and both of them have Nukes so they don't even dare do anything aggressive with MAD gleaming over their heads.
Posted by byaka2013 3 years ago
I agree so I sadly cannot debate.
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