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Obama Is A Bad President

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Started: 7/7/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There is 2 Rules For Debate
1. Gay marriage is a topic that governs gay marriage, not Obama, I also don't have an opinion about it, so it may not be mentioned in this debate.
2. I may forfeit quite a few times due to my schedule, so my opponent may not use it against me.


Why is Obama such a bad president...

1. He gives money to General Motors, while General Motors is a complete joke of a company.
2. He bans guns, thinking that is the solution to stop killing, while he didn't take any steps to try and find the real reason. If a man is attacking you and you have a gun, chances are, he is smart enough not to come any further, but if there is no gun for the man, then he will end up getting beaten up REALLY HARD. Also, most guns that are in the criminals hands, come illegally, so gun control doesn't do anything good at all.
3. He makes kids pay their futures away for senior's healthcare.
4. He supports abortion, ABORTION IS MURDER. "First you rip the baby's legs off, then you crush the head, then you pull it out!" If you are reading this, you weren't aborted.
5. He spends way too dang much.
6. He blames everything he's done on bush.
7. He tries to give us the illusion that we are going forward, while we are going down.
8. He thinks that the kids education is governed on how good the teachers are paid, kids education level is governed by how much the kids are willing to learn.
9. He spends tax money on golfing.
10. He goes into Libya without getting support with congress first.
11. He goes into Libya, isn't that dumb enough, considering that IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE US.
12. He gets funded by Wall Street, as much as it sucks that the rich are rich and the poor are poor, taking money from the rich is a freedom problem.

So either my opponent is crying that he will lose this debate so early on, or he is raging that he will lose this debate so early on, or he was too dumb that he supports Obama, and is dumb enough to know that he lost this debate already.

Good Luck Man

I have done three debates, and lost three debates, so if the voters try to take me down, keep that in mind.


Why you are wrong about everything:
1. Bush brought about the conditions that required the bailing out of GM and Chrysler (which you forgot to mention) through reckless, unwarranted spending -

Bush was also the one to oversee the bailing out of the banks and car companies. It is also the job of Congress to oversee the finances of the country, the President is not required to submit a budget, Obama has simply opted to because Republicans are being so phenomenally and immaturely stubborn.

2. When did this happen? If your country does not manufacture guns, how is this criminal supposed to get a gun?

3. And when you are a senior, do you suppose you might like to have healthcare? Or should we just let you die because you weren't able to earn enough money to pay the arbitrary prices set by highly-paid doctors? Poor people are just not worth providing healthcare for then, correct?

4. Firstly, if I were aborted I wouldn't care...Secondly, you haven't defined "Murder" in any sense of the word, if you are going to use a term to prove a point it might behoove you to define the term before using it as part of your argument.

5. Congress approves and dictates all budgetary measures...

6. "He blames everything he's done on bush." - This sentence doesn't make sense, he is saying that his actions are done by someone else...from the past? Also, proof please?

7. - 2010 --> 2012

Just because your life prospects are dwindling doesn't allow you to extrapolate to the entire nation.

NB: There are two types of people in the world, those who extrapolate from insufficient sets of data.

8. So how do you create an environment in which kids are willing to learn? Obviously not by incentivizing those responsible for their formal education, correct?

9. - QED.

10. American didn't enter into Libya, they simply flew over to prevent Libyan forces from utilizing the air space to attack the rebels, but they never entered into the country. By your logic you would need a dozen VISAS every time you flew across Europe...

11. Because people living outside of America are worthless?

Also, we didn't go into Libya.

12. This also doesn't make sense? What is a freedom problem, you have to define your terms before you use them, otherwise they become moot.

13. This is redundant, but also as effective as the rest of your arguments, so I guess it works out.


This is the unemployment rate immediately after Bush's term (the part where it goes steeply upwards), followed by a smooth decline (the time when Obama was in office). Please explain how Obama caused Bush to usher in the most devastating recession in almost a century.
Debate Round No. 1


Unfortunately, my opponent obviously didn't use the good luck I gave him. I will give it to him again, Good Luck, use it this time.1. GM and Chrysler can't have taxpayer money, they don't have anything to do with the government. Also, what kind of "conditions" are these in which you have to give money to GM and Chrysler.2. "If your country doesn't manufacture guns, then how does a criminal get a gun?" So the criminal isn't forever watched by the government. He can get his guns from illegal manufacturing, he could get them by illegal smuggling, he could even steal a gun.3. My future is my future, the seniors get their healthcare, as long as it doesn't take away my life. Rolling On The Floor Laughing After I Saw The One Below4. "Firstly, if I were aborted, I wouldn't care""I don't care about my life, I will go jump off a cliff! Drown myself! Maybe I could be a substitute for an electrical wire!" -OpponentDude! Go pursue a career in stand up, you'll make millions.5. "Congress approves and dictates all budgetary measures..."Like War? Like unnecessarily going over Libya?? Yes! Unfortunately for you and the US, Obama didn't get approval from the congress. Were back to square one, except for you helping me beat you in this debate. Aww... Thats so sweet, I seriously think you're insane.6. How else do you think sane people vote for him, he blames his mistakes on Bush. He spent more than bush.7. This has nothing to do with Obama and his Trolldency.8. So paying teachers more turns a kid that doesn't want to learn into a kid that wants to learn, tell me how that makes sense.9. So your putting an article about golf in my face and saying thats the reason Obama can play golf?10. That is war, it costs money, and it is unnecessary right now, especially when you don't have support from the congress.11. We have our own problems currently. We can't add to our list.12. What is a Freedom Problem??? It is a problem concerning Freedom!! Can you use your brain? I don't think you need anymore explaining, actually try to counter my argument next time!!13. Yay! It was your own fault you didn't counter any of them correctly.14. This is a new topic: ImmigrationObama wants to let everyone in to the US. If we get a flood of immigrants, our jobs will be lost, our immigrant workers will be lost, and its all so all the immigrants can vote for the Democrats. See! Obama is a troll.


Jeffstolichnya forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I want to thank my opponent for his great sportsmanship on his arguments. Even though he forfeited. (What a shame)

I want to also make an announcement saying that this as probably due to his schedule.

I also want to say that my second argument, I messed up because of rich text, so please
don't mark me down in points.

Last of all, I wish my opponent good luck AGAIN, and lets see this debate go through quite well. Please like and give supportive comments.


Jeffstolichnya forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Shame Shame Shame...


Jeffstolichnya forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Thanks To Con For The Great (Half) Debate

Judge him on his ability to debate, not his forfeiting, although it is your choice as voters, not mine.

It is not right in a debate to start an argument at all in the 5th round, so it would be foolish for him to come back.

But as it stands... VOTE

Thank You To Whoever Likes And Comments!

Thanks For The Debate Con


Jeffstolichnya forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Flipbook 5 years ago
Rich Text Messed Me Up In Round Two
Posted by Flipbook 5 years ago
So the showdown starts now Jeffstolichnya. Let the thunder crash the ground. Good Luck!
Posted by Flipbook 5 years ago
Before you post a comment, stop and think about whether or not it is mean, and if it is, judge whether you want to be percieved as a royal jerk. And also, people who comment on how stupid it is to rant on the subject, go find some other sensible people that understand politics and see if they hate Obama so much that they want to rant.
Posted by Noctan 5 years ago
Honestly, I was going to accept this debate, but I really don't want to have one with someone who seems to take this more personally than logically.
Posted by JustinAMoffatt 5 years ago

While I understand the sentiment (I am no fan of Obama whatsoever), this is inappropriate. You are already going to lose points for conduct out the gate, your arguments have no... well... arguments to back them up. (Not saying they're not true, but just saying they come across as speculation.) Your grammar is not very well thought out. Please... take time to think through debates before you post. Debate is a thinker's game, not one of heated passion (although you can use emotions sometimes).

Rants like these give conservatives a bad name. I know you're smarter than that. Take your time when proposing your arguments.

Thank you. And God bless.
Posted by TheYummyCod 5 years ago
I'm laughing here. Your arguments are so pathetic that I'm considering Devil's Advocating this topic just to debate you.
Posted by Flipbook 5 years ago
Good Luck All
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