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Obama and Hillary; Icarus and Daedalus

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Started: 8/18/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Icarus and Daedalus
In this thesis I have written how the Obama administration terrorized the United States psychologically, and how Hillary Clinton, and support, are corrupted by Barrack Obama's legacy.

The Forgotten White Children
Barack Obama wants to, and has used race against Americans, but he has hidden his agenda behind stern expressions.

The political power of Barrack Obama has caused a silent revolution; not only in the United States, but worldwide. This revolution, henceforth referred to as Obama's revolution, is against the white race, and continues to progress.

Barrack Obama has expressed to the world that non-white races deserve apologies for racist crimes of the past; to suppress racist crimes of the present and sanctify the future for non-whites. In this process, the Obama administration has neglected the past, present and future of the white race.

The white race, under Barrack Obama, have low racial cohesion, and primarily white nations are plagued by anti-white, whites. Anti-whites are an enmity between whites. and prevent racial re-cohesion.

Evil anti-whites, are apologetic to non-whites, but ignorant of whites. An anti-white will support non-white races, but then claim that whites are non-existent, or insignificant. The main problem is that this atrocity has been committed in primarily white nations.
The nature of anti-whites, and their actions, has had a harsh effect on the cultures and wisdom of all primarily white nations.

Metaphorically, a piece of the puzzle is missing, but the puzzle is regarded as complete.

Here is a list of adverse effects of anti-whites in society: accepted misbehaviour; pseudo-intellectual socially accepted 'intellectuals'; immature media coverage of politics; neglect of police and armed forces; weakened or corrupted alliances; and more.

This is a result of anti-whites because anti-whites stemmed from a primarily white nation under non-white leadership, the United States.

Hillary Clinton; Obama's Legacy
Hillary Clinton, in the current presidential election, is a pundit for Obama's policies.

Hillary is unaware that she has been manipulated by the Obama administration, and through her, the Obama administration will prosper.

Hillary Clinton bares all the traits of an anti-white, as described earlier, and her support in this election are non-whites and anti-whites. Hillary Clinton is also corrupt, and with Obama's help, she has seduced powerful people to create a subversive political deadlock.

The Dreamer's Nightmare
Members of congress were overcome by negativity that spurred from Obama's revolution. Congressional decisions are often stupidity.

Members of congress will use abstract terms, such as "evil", but have no real understanding of the abstract.

Members of congress are unwise of the adverse effects of anti-whites in society, but are effected themselves; their decisions will ultimately be negative for the white race and positive for non-whites.

Vote Trump.


For one I have never truly heard Obama ever say anything about race or ethnicity. Obama has actually done something for the United states of America, more than many people could ever do. He provided care for those who needed it most. He did his best which is more than some presidents have done. If he was so into race or ethnicity why did people vote for him as president?
Trump how ever clearly does care for ethnicity, of all the people who have came here illegally, he choose to get rid the Mexican's. He trying to keep them out. What about all of the American Serial Killers and Psychopaths that go to Mexico to hide out? What about the Canadians that come here? You do not see Other countries complaining about Illegal Americans, do you? Why only choose to pick on the Mexicans. He is building a wall and making the Mexicans pay for it. He is making them pay for a wall that he is choosing to create not them but him. Trump may claim not to be racist but he clearly is.

To see Strive to make another Ethnicity look bad is just making him look ten times worse. He also says that there is no such thing as a Mexican-American then what am I I am half Mexican and I was born in America.
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Posted by ThinkBig 2 years ago
This is perhaps the biggest word salad I have ever seen.
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