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Obama has bad policies that are harming our nation

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Started: 7/17/2013 Category: Politics
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On the first round we will greet each other. Then each give one strong argument as to why we belive what we belive.


Hello, I hope to have a good conversation on Obama policy as there is a lot to talk about it should be fun. Though Obama may have had some bad ideas, there hasn't been many (if any) presidents that have not failed in some aspect of their administration. Barack Obama has passed legislation benefiting the nation not only domestically but abroad which I believe outweighs the negativity of his administration.
Debate Round No. 1


:) Thank you for taking this on , and lets have Fun!

The first policy I will tackle is gun control. He has taken a step that no other president has ever done and is attempted to ban some type of fire arms. This could be a good idea if handled correctly, but will accomplish nothing and waste tax dollars to bring this bill to life. In the past few months, he has been more focused on passing this law than focusing on some of the issues that we are having with syria and egypt which very well could result in the next world war.

I will also add the coverup his adminisration did with benghazi. This if true is an outrage, and we have every reason to believe he coverd it up. The stories changed multiple times and at one point left the administration speechless with how to respond.

Obama in a way is also trying to promote socialism with his view on healthcare, welfare, and the like. He believes raising taxes on the rich will slove our budget problem all whilte forgetting that the best points in this nation when it was working as a capitalist society. When we start leaning toward socialism there is no way for companies to compete and grow.

I will now address his stance on welfare and unemployment. The way unemployment works now is call a number , push buttons, say you are looking for a job and tada you have it. They make no effort to make sure you are getting a job. In fact in use to be more strict. They lessened the requirements which is illogical. Also the numbers in the unemployment count have increased since he has been in office. You can argue that the BOLS has a chart that shows unemployment decreasing, however this chart does not take into considerationt those who are already unemployed. It only calucates new people entering into it.

He is also cutting pay for service members. This is one argument I hold dearly as i believe our troops deserve the pay they get which is already low enough. They fight and die for us, so they should at least earn the pay they are making as of now. Cutting it is a slap in a face and not a viable option to save money

In short this president has innacted and keeps promoting policies that have never worked or will never work in our society. History shows us that capitalism has shown us the best economic times in our nation, yet he still leans toward redistribution of wealth. He has cut pay for our troops, covered up an incident involving the death our our soliders, and has a poor unemployment plan.

If we want this nation to grow and prosper we can not look toward policies that will not work.



bcckid1118 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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