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Obama is a Believer in atheist Dogma -- Not a Muslim

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Started: 8/16/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Muslims are against abortion. Obamas & Clintons are in favor of abortion.

Muslim women are required by their religion to cover their heads. Obamas & Clintons do not cover their heads.

Muslims are required by their religion to be against homosexuality. Barack and Michelle Obama are a gay couple, one of which is a transsexual.

Muslims are forbidden by their religion to eat pigs. Obamas & Clintons eat pigs.

Muslims are required by their religion to pray five times a day. Obamas & Clintons do not pray five times a day.

Muslims are required by their religion to abstain from drinking alcohol. Obamas & Clintons drink alcohol.

Muslim men are required by their religion to wear beards. Obamas & Clintons do not wear beards.

Muslims are political conservatives. Obamas & Clintons are political liberals:

Obamas & Clintons are believers in atheist Dogma, not Muslims.


Okay first of all: what is the debate even about? Muslims are the spawn of devil and we should join right-wing white supremacist groups?
I have to put my foot down and say NO. This argument has no evidence, links or facts to back it up. Even after the majority of at home terrorist attacks are carried out by extremist whites, you still say it's somehow "their fault" and point the finger at the racial or religious group of your choice. whether it be "Atheist dogma" or Muslims, you somehow act like the schoolyard bully of and back up political right wing extremism.

I wouldn't be surprised if you were a neo-nazi either, taking into the fact that you are blaming, common everyday problems on one racial minority who on the whole is mostly innocent people just trying to live their lives. Just like Hitler did.

Your whole argument on a whole is biasing and stereotypical a whole religion, with no facts and no real "proof" to back it up. All in all, if anything, your entire argument is just internet bullying with no purpose whatsoever except to follow the lies of Fox News, Make people feel angry or hurt, or just confuse and meddle with people's understanding of the Muslim religion.

Of course you will probably back yourself up with some more biased, unfactual, "evidence."

Purshada, a good debater should be able to debate on BOTH SIDES. However, all you seem to debate about is what you "specialize" in: right-wing neo-Nazi Bull$hit.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you all for so many kind and intelligent posts.

My engagement on this site was intended, from the beginning, to be a nothing more than a temporary experiment.

I didn't know specifically when it was going to end, until this evening: My girlfriend, Bhaktin Caroline, said something to me that inspired me to make tonight the end of the experiment.

Bhaktin Caroline matters much, much more than this website.

If you are still feeling overly attached after I leave, I apologize, but I will still be leaving nonetheless: I won't be engaging in any further debates, arguments, or conversations on this site, and nor will I be reading any further posts uploaded by its kind and intelligent members -- starting now.

You can argue amongst yourselves, from now on.

Good-bye! =)


Dear Purushadasa,

I am sorry for the accusations of yesterday. I hope they did not convince you to leave the site. is a welcoming community of people to orderly debate amongst themselves in courteous manner. I hope you read this. Though I may disagree with you, my previous actions were inexcusable and I hope you and will forgive me.

Thank you for your time and patience and please acknowledge that I am sorry for my actions.

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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by smurfy101 3 years ago
Atheism literally has no dogma. Atheism IS the lack thereof.
Posted by Purushadasa 3 years ago
I am not in the general habit of posting direct responses to the comments made by ignorant two-legged animals in the comments sections under my debates.
Posted by BMyers 3 years ago
I will attempt to speak in "Purushadasa's language" with a comment argument...

Why do you ALWAYS capitalize the 'd' in "dogma" as if that word, in itself, is a proper noun representing a spiritual ideology? I say - by you showing so much respect to treat dogma as its own religion disqualifies you as any speaker for "God"

...because you quite clearly state atheism is "Dogma" - and you can't have God in atheism...and you worship Dogma (haha)
Posted by Purushadasa 3 years ago
Obama is a believer in atheist Dogma, not a Muslim, and not a Christian.
Posted by platoandaristotle 3 years ago
Obama and Clinton believe in a slightly different interpretation of the Bible. That doesn't mean they aren't Christians, it means they aren't fundamentalists.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
@Purushadasa No. You're wrong. Thank you for your time!
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Obama is a Christian.
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