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Obama should declair a state of emergency because of climate change

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Started: 5/2/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance only
Debate Round No. 1


Even though 98% of scientists agree that climate change is happening and is due to human activity, there are many that put their heads in the sand and pretend it's not true.

Since it will take too much time to convince enough politicians to take this matter seriously enough, and time is not on our side, I think the president should declare a state of emergency because of climate change.

Here why this is a good idea:

1. At the beginning of World War Two, A state of emergency was declared and all the car factories in the country were converted into making tanks overnight. President Obama could do something similar if he declared a state of emergency, by ordering all car factories to manufacture electric cars. Within a year, we can have almost all passenger cars run off electric power.

2. The president can sign an executive order to require all roofs have solar panels installed on them. He can also use federal funds to help home owners borrow money at low interests rates to get the panels installed.

Those two things alone can bring down the carbon footprint significantly. Electric power would be abundant and clean and transportation would also be cheap and clean.

Electric cars have many benefits over gas cars.

Once America takes the lead and shows the world this technology works and is advantageous, other countries will sure follow.

This is probably the only hope for saving the planet from global warming. We don't have time for politics and oil companies will fight electric cars with all their might.

Declaring a state of emergency is the quickest and most efficient way to use existing technology to avoid irreversible damage to our atmosphere that causes climate change.


First off, The President does not have the power to force factories to produce electric cars. The reason why the President had the power to do so in World War II is because America was in a wartime environment. Read the Constitution

2. A Majority of electric power comes from Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas. That is according to the EIA. So your argument falls apart.

3. A recent analysis by the Energy Information Administration estimates that wind-generated electricity from onshore wind turbines costs $97 per megawatt-hour. That"s about 50 percent more than the same amount of electricity generated by natural gas, which the EIA estimates costs $63. Offshore wind is even more expensive, coming in at $243 per megawatt hour. The least-expensive form of solar-generated electricity""the type generated by photovoltaic panels""costs $210, or more than three times as much as the juice produced by burning natural gas. And who will pick up the tab ? The American consumer.

4. Electric cars are a very bad idea. According to a Forbes magazine article, a Nissan Leaf 'costs more than twice as much ($35,430 vs. $17,250) as a comparable Nissan Versa, but it is much less capable. The Leaf accelerates more slowly than a Versa and has only about 25% of the range." Also from the same magazine article, "On Wednesday, Jan. 26 a major snowstorm hit Washington D.C. Ten-mile homeward commutes took four hours. If there had been a million electric cars on American roads at the time, every single one of them in the DC area would have ended up stranded on the side of the road, dead. And, before they ran out of power, their drivers would have been forced to turn off the heat and the headlights in a desperate effort to eek out a few more miles of range."

Your turn.



Debate Round No. 2


1. The president has the power in a state of emergency. If it has to be a war, OK let's declare war on god.

2. I guess you missed the part about having a solar panel on every roof.

3. I never mentioned wind. The cost of solar will go down, once it's in mainstream use. Who cares about a "tab", when the whole world is at stake? When we go to war, does anybody ask "who will pick up the tab"?

4. Leaf is a toy. I'm talking about technology used my Tesla Motors (I guess you didn't click on my link).
0-60 in 4 seconds, 300 miles per charge, swappable batteries in case of emergency, etc.

We have the technology to stop global warming. It's crazy not to do it because of a "tab" or denial of the technology.

That's like saying it costs too much to join a gym. I'd rather risk getting a heart attack.

What you pay now to prevent a catastrophe, will be worth 1 million times its weight when it comes to paying for the catastrophe after it happens!


1. Do not bring any mention of religion into this debate. This debate is about Climate change.

2. The United States Consitution does not allow the President to force homeowners to purchase Solar panels. It should be left up to the individual states. As I told you before, read the Constitution.

3. Who has the money to purchase a Tesla? A Tesla Model S according to its website would cost up to 69,000 dollars. Even with incentives and Tax Credits, 60,000 dollars. So are you going to force a family in poverty to buy one ? A Nissan Leaf would be more cheaper. If it does not stop in the middle of the road.

4 .My opponent asserts that if we spend all this money on solar panels and such, global warming will eventually stop and the economy will prosper. Solyndra was a company that created solar panels. According to Bloomberg Magazine, Solyndra received 535 million dollars in Government loans. Our Taxpayer dollars. Then, Solyndra went bankrupt. All our Taxpayer dollars went down the drain. Those dollars could have been used to improve the economy.

5. How many jobs will be created ? The Keystone Pipeline will bring thousands of Jobs. Solar Panels, not sure.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by aegis1000 7 years ago
I'd accept it, but it it says I'm not old or highly ranked enough. This is age discrimination :( I protest
Posted by 451actual 7 years ago
We are technically in a State of Emergency. Ever since 9/11.
Posted by Conservative101 7 years ago
He's still not banned?
Posted by Nathan-D 7 years ago
@Nonprophet And? Your point is?
Posted by Letsdebate24 7 years ago
Ignorance abounds on the topic of global warming. Despite hard facts and proof of it's existence people still like to pretend it doesn't exist. It is the ignorance of mankind that will be our undoing. If any state of emergency should be declared it should be on the stupidity of the average American citizen. People that would deny something so obvious are a threat to our longevity.
Posted by nonprophet 7 years ago
@Nathan-D You don't have any debates and it doesn't say how old you are.
Posted by ryeguy 7 years ago
State of emergency is a serious matter for events that can actually be helped by declaring it. Besides the fact that it would do nothing for the worse causes of greenhouse gases because they are not in north america. There are countries that make our impact on the environment look like a funny joke compared to them. Look at the pollution rate in China. Now that is cause for a state of emergency.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Why do you say that? Global warming is a real issue, and needs to be dealt with soon. Do you actually think scientists at the IPCC, who have been decidedly conservative on the issue in the past, would put out a report without substantial evidence backing it? I don't agree with nonprophet's suggestion AT ALL, but ignorance in the face of fact is just bad.
Posted by ararmer1919 7 years ago
Hahahahahhaahaha. Global warming. I forgot there are actually people out there that believe in that nonsense. Lmfao.
Posted by Nathan-D 7 years ago
I would accept the debate but unfortunately it says I don't match the instigator's criteria.
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