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Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This debate will be about politics and more specifically obamacare. I will argue that Obamacare is a disaster and needs to be repealed and replaced the (Con) will argue that Obamacare should stay how it is now.

Rules: No personal attacks, Keep debate on topic, use evidence to back up arguments

Round 1: Will be accepting rules and conditions
Round 2: Each side presenting main arguments
Round 3: Each side presenting rebuttals
Round 4: Final arguments and closing statement.


I accept the conditions above. I will be arguing for leaving the Affordable Care Act (obamacare) the way it is, and not changing it.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you (Con) for accepting this debate i hope we can discuss this in a way that wont offend either side. First off i want to make my viewpoint clear to the (Con) and the readers and voters of this debate i am not against free healthcare. i think that everyone should have access to free health care what im arguing in this debate is not that free healthcare should be whipped out but that the current free healthcare system (aka Obamacare) needs to be replaced with a better and cheaper healthcare system. Thats because Obamacare has several problems with it and if we want to lower healthcare cost we must fix the corrupted healthcare system. So these are my main arguments for why obama care has to be repealed and replaced


1) It is raising taxes at a very high rate this is due to the fact that insurance company's wont lower rates. And this effects everyone in the US since when its paid for by the government the government gets its money from tax payers. Obama care has also increased premiums making it harder for middle class family's that pay there own insurance to go to the doctors for a visit since the cost just to visit the doctor is astronomical making it pointless to use your insurance.

2) It stops the growth of small businesses and as we should all know small businesses is the foundation of economic growth and is the biggest job creator. The government should be helping small businesses grow instead small businesses with more than 50 workers have to give there employees access to free healthcare and most small businesses cant grow doing that since its expensive for the owners of the company to give everyone the Obamacare health system. This also shows that Obamacare is a job killer and that small businesses cant hire because they dont want more than 50 workers this increases the unemployment rate which in turn increases and forces more people to go onto Obamacare since they cant find jobs and when more people are on Obamacare the government has to raise taxes more and put more restrictions onto small business which hurts them even more and as time is moving forward it gets worse and worse when Obamacare is not replaced with a better system. This is the inevitable consequence of Obamacare.

3) Obamacare the (affordable health plan) is not affordable at all. A family of three earning $58,590 to $78,120 may be required to pay as much as $600 a month. This is a total failure in Obamacare since Obamacare is suppose to be affordable but its not which doesn't make it an "affordable health plan".

4) Its government controlled and we should know that anything government controlled will fail. Thats because when private companies make things happen they do a successful job at it since if they dont make there company's good then they will lose that company. The government wont do a good job at making businesses since they already get there money from tax payers. Governments should be helping businesses grow not taking control of everything. Which is why health insurance should be controlled by private businesses and not the government.

5) It shows how the free market is dying since its government controlled. The free market is what made america rich and is the main reason why countries with the free market are more developed then countries without the free market. Healthcare needs to be controlled by doctors and patients not politicians and lobbyist. Patients should be able to keep there doctor and pick the right plan they want without government control involved.

These are my main arguments in this debate of why Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced. i will wait for (Con) to give his side of the argument.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by maver1ck911 3 years ago
I think the problem every time this debate rears its head is individual's personal political ideologies which informs their ideas about the role of government. I don't believe we will find any preeminent economists debating on this website who can give the straight dope on the impacts of government spending, purchasing power for families, premium rates vs risk pools, the whole shebang.

The partisan issue surrounding "Obamacare" is that it mandates coverage under monetary penalty which can be taken out of your tax return unless the fine is paid. In addition to this, the GOP is upset their donors are unable to "compete" across state lines, which is to say, companies are not allowed to congregate in the state with the lowest corporate tax rates (pure profit). Those who despise "Obamacare" seem to have no issue with The Affordable Care Act; most of the opposition to what was originally a right-wing plan in the early 90's advocated for by the Heritage Foundation and Dole has suffered the ultimate branding damage at the hands of a vitriolic GOP congress.

Those who believe that the ACA is hurting premiums without proper privatized competition need only be reminded that before:
Any company could deny coverage for any and no reason including pre-existing and terminal conditions.
Any company could raise its premiums for no reason whatsoever including padding their profits.
Any company could offer any plan with no minimum for care coverage and charge you an arbitrary amount.

The ACA has its faults but "repeal and replacing" for no reason other than a distrust of government or that "your parents said it was bad" is a joke. The very simple reason for mandated coverage is that it increases the "buy-in" which has a net effect of lowering premiums. There is no effective carrot and stick to truly having affordable healthcare without government mandated regulations. Private companies are selfish and only care about their bottom lines no matter what their PR departmen
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
This should be a good debate.
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