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Obedience in marriage

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Started: 2/19/2019 Category: Society
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I, As a 24 year old woman myself, Believe women should be completely obedient to their husbands and be punished when they are disobedient or do something to piss off their husband. I think the current society of women fighting and arguing with their husbands is disgusting. What are men"s honest opinions on this topic, Do you live your marriages like this or not and if you do, What do you do if disobedience occurs? How do you feel about this? If you don"t agree, Why don"t you? Please no judgments as I know how controversial my opinion is, I"m just mostly interested in everyone"s opinions and stories. Thanks


I think it's disgusting and degrading to women to expect them to be subserviant to men and live in an unequal playing field as their domestic prisoner. This is a stone age abhorrent form of slavery. People should be equal regardless of their sex, Race or any other characteristics, With respect to their well being.

Why should women be inferior to men?
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Posted by Teastorms 3 years ago
Women are not objects. They are not toys, They are not property. They are capable of having their own feelings and opinions, And it is preposterous to argue that a man's opinion is more important solely because he is a man. Gender can never be used as justification for abuse and cruelty.
Posted by EzDuel 3 years ago
Some cultures have it so that this is the case. Most of the world does not because it is prejudice. Being tortured against your will is not a positive thing. Mutual relationship and symbiosis is what is healthy and positive. Disregard for the well-being of one person over another is not the route to go. Emotional tsunamis instead of logical approach to disagreements. They are the result of both parties dysfunction. I could explain more but I'm tired, If you want to chat about interesting topics. EzDuel
#7487 is my discord
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
@Gabrielle Sutton

Again, You are saying that men are more important than women. Why should men get respect and women be their servants? This is morally wrong.
Posted by emsiblook 3 years ago
So do I, As a woman, Have less valuable opinions than the men in this comment section? Why?

Women and men have the same IQ level and ability to think for themselves. What makes women inferior?
You say women fighting with men is disgusting, But by setting up this debate you are fighting, Potentially, With a man. So are you saying that even in this debate, The man already wins just because he's a man? How is that even fair?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I think I didn"t explain myself properly. My opinion is based on the agreement of both partners in the marriage (like a domestic discipline situation) I would never ever consider actual domestic violence a good thing. The reason I believe in this way of marriage is because I feel husbands should have respect given to them and women should do as they"re told. But a woman should never have to put up with Any abuse that she doesn"t like.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago

Can I ask why you would purposefully put men above yourself? Why don't you believe in gender equality?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Am not a troll at all, That is my own honest opinion.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago

Makes sense.
Posted by willbeast123 3 years ago
the pro is a new profile with no information, This is most certainly a troll
Posted by killshot 3 years ago
@speed - Possibly, But I doubt it. There are so many trolls on this site. This is, However, Still popular in third world countries, Especially in Islamic culture. Women are basically indoctrinated servants and second class.
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