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Obese people should go to prison

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Started: 5/17/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that fat people should be put to prison. I think this because in prison they would be forced to loose the weight. They are also eating all the food in America and that should not be allowed. Obese people means over 300 pounds by choice. If you are 300 pounds and trying to loose weight, you are fine. But if you are over 300 pounds and doesn't try to loose the weight, you should be put in prison. That should be the new law for the United States: If you are 300 pounds or more and not trying


First off I would like to mention that prisons are so severely overcrowded. In fact, about 115 countries have grossly overpopulated prisons. US prisons are already overcrowded. Prisons should be saved for criminals, not bad eaters.
And secondly, how would you monitor if somebody was trying to lose weight?
And thirdly, prison is meant to pay back your debt to society, not to get in shape.
Finally, it costs 31 000 dollars to put someone in prison. These numbers just aren't realistic for obesity.
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