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Old age homes should be banned

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Started: 9/17/2013 Category: People
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The scientists said that such behaviour can be distressing and can even affect health. They said that the worst offenders are often healthcare workers who think they are being kind.
The research also revealed that many older patients are annoyed by doctors who address their children rather than them.
They are also infuriated by people who automatically assume they do not know how to use computers, mobile phones, or other modern gadgets.


Firstly, thank you for your question. It does however appear to be ill thought out. You begin your argument with a statement which sadly makes little sense. Could you please elaborate as to whom the scientists are of which you are referring, and also define the health aspects you believe 'Old Age homes' worsen.

You appear to base your argument on the possible issues an elderly patient may face when living in a care home, however, although these issues may well be a problem, they seem relatively minor in comparison to the reasons an elderly person would have been admitted to a care home in the first place. For example, elderly relatives or patients who can no longer care for themselves anymore can become a heavy burden on families. Whilst it may be heartbreaking to have to place a relative into a care home because you yourself cannot care for them, sometimes it is the only available choice.

The research on which you base your argument says that elderly citizens are angered by the biased and uninformed opinions of younger people who assume they cannot keep up with technology. Additionally, they also become frustrated when doctors address their children rather than themselves. I can only speculate that a doctor who has sufficient training in his field should have the ability to communicate properly with their patients, and in a perfect world, this would be the case however there are many factors which come into play. The patient may not always be coherent or have the mental wherewithal to understand and communicate with the doctor, therefore, the doctor may see fit to explain to the children and give them the opportunity to explain to the elderly relative.

In regards to the modern equipment, to put it simply, electronics are expensive. So is the cost of caring for an elderly citizen during their final years. It is an unfortunate fact that whether it is the family or the government paying for the care, it is difficult for both parties to justify paying for expensive pastimes.

Thank you.
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Debate Round No. 2


I think it is quite bad when people send their old parents to old age homes. Their parents put great effort in raising them so that they can lead a comfortable life in the future but in the end they themselves end up in old age homes. Old people need love and care too. It is their last stage of their life, they are weak and fragile at this moment and they seek support from their children. Putting them in old age homes might make them feel lonely and sad.
People should plan properly for the future and at least take care of their old parents. Even if they earn low, they should try to cut down on their expenses and try to keep their parents along with them. Parents cared their children when they were young so the parents have every right to be taken care of by their children in their old age too.


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