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Onlyfans is Damaging to Society and Individuals

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Started: 8/28/2019 Category: Society
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Disclaimer: This debate is largely influenced by my own observations from social media and general attitudes towards Onlyfans. It holds little empirical basis and I do not intend to suggest that it does. I have merely made some observations about a shift in attitudes towards things such as Onlyfans and would like to hear some opposing opinions surrounding factors such as; motivators, Moral obligation and benefit (or detriment) it may have on those who post on it and those who are close to them. It will likely be influenced by my preconceived view of the world, Which I recognise as a significant limitation. . . But that's what will make for an interesting discussion!

For those who don't know, Onlyfans is a website/app which was designed to work on a subscription-basis to allow content creators to monetise their work.
Laterally it has become synonymous with people posting home-made porn in the form of images/videos and (as you can imagine), This content is highly sought after by the masses on the Internet.

I come from a relatively small city. Recently, There has been a few cases of women whom I attended School with using this website to post porn.
As a result, They are making significant money, And have used it to do things such as buy designer clothes and holidays. I agree that this is certainly a very, Very easy way to make money with little effort. For this I cannot fault their decision.

(note, I am also largely left of centre and supportive of these things, I am not a typical old-fashioned traditional conservative type for context. However, I like to think rationally and objectively about the weird ways our society is changing so am critical of some aspects such as this)

These women (and also other women who have been advocates of using Onlyfans) are largely supportive of a progressive, Liberal society where female empowerment and sexual liberation are celebrated and encouraged. This is reflected in the general attitudes observed in the social media climate. It is this cultural and political backdrop which they use to justify their case for posting content to Onlyfans.

Here is where my confusion lies.

By enabling men (and women) to BUY images of your naked body, Are they not literally defining the sexual objectification of women? I am failing to understand the empowering aspect of having faceless internet users pay to masturbate over your body in a totally objective context. And to add to this, Putting a price on the value of your body relative to how attractive you are by societies standards. "You're a 7/10 so here's $10 - send me naked photos now. "

To me this seems like a step backwards for women's rights in their endeavours to achieve equality.

My second debate point as is follows

I saw a tweet from a local woman which received significant attention (3, 000+ likes indicating a strong support). It read as follows:

"So glad my boyfriend is normal and not a psychopath n doesn't tell me whether or not I'm "allowed" to do things like onlyfans. Oddballs, It's meant to be a relationship not a prison sentence"

Girlfriend: I might sell photos of my naked body online to the general public
Boyfriend: I don't know if I'm comfortable with the idea of that. I like the exclusivity of sex in a relationship and it's something I think we should reserve for one another.
Girlfriend: If you don't let me sell porn on the Internet then you should be ashamed that you are oppressing me

This seems a lot like women guilting their significant others into being okay with this.
The message that 'I will do this and if it upsets you then you are the problem' is not a healthy approach to any contentious subject in a serious relationship.

If a boyfriend is uncomfortable with a woman doing this, He is well within his right to leave her, Justifiably. She cannot argue that he is at fault in the break up by being unaccommodating of her plans to sell porn to laypeople, Including the neighbour, Her boyfriends friends and his creepy uncle if he wants it. An integral component and core principle of western relationships has been monogamy for generations.

The demonizing of skeptical and upset boyfriends in this situation illustrates a very worrying populist trend all too familiar on social media "the number of retweets defines the credibility of my view".

(I know this is a petty argument here but run with it). . .

Lets imagine a role-reversal.
The tweeters boyfriend turned around one day and abrubtly announces
'I've been sending sexual messages and videos to women online'
what would her initial reaction be?
In today's social media climate where very few young women have remained untouched by insecurity and jealousy caused directly by competition on the likes of instagram, I find it very hard to believe that she would be totally unfazed by the idea of women she knows and strangers being sent sexual content by her boyfriend. Now imagine if she was upset by this news (much like the boyfriend would be), The boyfriend then says
'but its okay because each of the girls actually sent me $10'.
By the logic of the tweeter, The girlfriend would suddenly have an epiphany and realise that she is actually happy that he is doing this, And congratulate him on his earnings.

Think of this situation in real terms and ask yourself how this will affect our already-damaged society.

My final point is more broad but perhaps the most significant.

WHY are young women doing this in the first place?
Sex work has forever been a minority occupation. Why are 18 year old university students who aim to be lawyers and teachers suddenly deciding they'd like to join this line of work? Is it a result of a burning desire to sell sex to men? I would be inclined to say. . . . Probably not.
I believe this to be a result of the social-media generation where every single thing we do is in competition with the rest of the world on facebook or instagram or twitter.
Young women feel the need to sell their body online to fund a Louis vuitton handbag bag, Gucci trainers or a 2 week holiday to Ibiza despite earning $10 an hour.
As we are quickly realising, This shift in the use of social media has seen levels of insecurity, Inadequacy, Depression and anxiety skyrocket in young women. We should stop encouraging this lifestyle before it is too late.

These same young women are proposing that selling porn on the internet is a viable, Healthy option for the general public to fund their excessive lifestyles. Is this actually a good idea? This real issues and motivators are being obscured by the fact this is being dressed up as the empowerment and liberation of women- buzzwords of the current zeitgeist.

In the current climate, Where employers continually warn us against the legacy left by our 'digital-footprint' this is perhaps a very risky game to play. Those posting to onlyfans often use images with their face in full view. It would be genuinely tragic for a professional to be humiliated by the leaking and exposure of such content 5 or 10 years into an established career. In private business, This may well culminate in the loss of a job. I understand that in the UK, Regulatory bodies such as the NMC who govern nurses have removed nurses from the register for posting pornographic images to the internet in order to preserve the status and ethos of the profession.

What are peoples views on this? Comments welcome, Looking forward to this debate


why do you even care, What does it have to do with you? Mind your own beeez wax!
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Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
I can't even use it without letting the app taking 19 of my dollars lmao
Posted by billsands 2 weeks ago
what is an only fan? Oilyfan, What the hell is that?
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