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Our forefathers were luckier than us?

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Started: 6/23/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The word "Forefather" is the word of great honor and regard, and it may be one of the biggest controversy and irony if we entangle ourselves whether we are leading a happy life or our forefathers were.

Though science and technological development has made our lives comfortable and easy, providing all luxuries and comforts yet, the side effects of it"s are worst as we have lost the peace of mind and the time has come that we people are now resisting on YOGA and meditation i.e. the teaching of our forefathers. Flourishing of YOGA
and meditation centers in town and cities are the instance of it.

Internet makes us close to the people of the world yet we have lost the warmth and charm of physical meetings and physical presence. The warmth and charm our forefathers felt by traveling abroad and by physical meetings to the people concern.

Although science advancement has opened many phases of employment yet it is not fulfilling the proper needs of employments as we have seen the youths wandering here and there in search of jobs. In this concern, our forefathers were at much better place as heredity occupation system was in existence and children very often applied the same profession of their forefathers.

Imaginations have been lost in literature arena as today mostly our findings are in the shape of Medical journals and technological journals, but the emotions, sentiments and even the voice of the people crafted by our Forefathers in their time has been totally missing out. If it is not so why so far we have not been able to give birth any other Shakespeare, Milton, Mirza Ghalib, Iqbal or Kabir

Having all the advancement of science, we people have become much centralized and selfish that hardly we have enough time to take care of the emotions and sentiments of the members of our family and relatives as our forefathers stuck to it very hard.

We people have gone across the limits in the name of scientific inventions and discoveries that led to natural imbalance and great damage to environment in the shape of pollution, whereas our forefathers were much aware of environment.

So it is better to say that we people have all the comforts and luxuries provided by science and technologies development, yet we are facing so much hazard ness in life which is clear by the above mentioned facts.

In all the contexts it may be the irony to say that we are leading a better life than our forefathers. Though they had no such blessings and physical comforts of science, yet they had warmth in relations, creativity in artistic imaginations in the shape of literature, neat and clean environment, good body structure, self satisfaction and ore
than that less ambitions necessary to lead a happy life which is also forcing us to take a U turn to path, prophesies and pavement led by our forefather.

I challenge everyone for this debate make your arguments!


Our forefathers (assuming you're referring to those who lived before us) weren't in any sense of the word, luckier than us. We are, in fact, luckier than them. Because you want to take science out of the equation, I will be doing that.

Our so-called "forefathers" lived worse lives than us. Most of the world's population now lives in democratic countries. Assuming most other communist states have media censorship, I can assume that you live in a democratic country too. You have the right to select your leader. Most of the world didn't have that privilege half a century ago. Our "forefathers" faced ruthless dictators ready to kill them if they spoke out of turn. If your forefathers lived in Asia, they were oppressed, poor hungry people who were vulnerable to famines. If your forefathers lived in Africa at any point, they were oppressed by the European colonizers and were used as slaves. If your forefathers lived in Europe in any point of time, they feared nuclear Holocaust. If your forefathers lived in the US, there was always a threat of a Native American attack.

You live a better life than your forefathers. "The joy in meeting someone in person" is worth sacrificing for safety. The "love of literature" is worth giving up if you don't fall below the poverty line.
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Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
Luck is luck and our forefathers were born before we were.
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
Pointless debate.
1. You have no life experience.
2. The conclusion is meaningless as it impacts nothing.
3. I debate what is of value, not what isn"t. I am here for a purpose, your here because you"ve nothing better.

But thanks for the offer. Look at my profile, see what interest me. Still that you have no life experience reveals alife of no real experience. Better for you to LISTEN rather than speak on a topic you have no experience or knowledge in or of.
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