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Overall Life will be more Happy if you Accept some kind of Higher Being is real

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Started: 1/12/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance


I would like you to define happy, Higher being, Accept.
So that I know what I am debating against.
Debate Round No. 1


Happy: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Higher Being: God, God's, Reincarnation anything more than life on Earth essentially a religion of any sort

Accept meaning to believe in.

The Earth we live on is one of great beauty inhabited by the most magnificent species of all time, Humans or more scientifically put homosapiens. The creation of such beauty has been one of debate for many millenniums and many have turned to the warship of a God or the idea of reincarnation after death to explain that of which science could not for many years but with new breakthroughs everyday the question must be asked "is life happier with a higher being in it? " The thought of death scares almost everyone but why, Well most likely because most feel they still have more to do on Earth or for those who are content they wish to not their accomplishments or family members behind therefor making death the most formidable things know to man kind. With acceptance of a higher being though this great fear of death can be put to rest for many, The thought of a heaven where upon death you will be with friends and family forever or reincarnation giving hope to those who feel they have accomplishment little that in the next life they can do bigger better things and leave a mark on the world.

Our planet is one of such vastness with such rich history but many are forgotten through time and this to is a formidable fear of many, It can be mind boggling to say the least when sitting their for an 8 hour shift at an office job and wondering whats the purpose in all of this, Why am I not doing some more important something I will be remembered for? Questions that wander into the mind of most all can be answered through religion of a sort for if their is belief in something above Earth then for many it is no longer a worry that after death they will merely be forgotten to time.

The mind is an incredible instrument of the human body but it often strays while looking up to the stars on a clear night or staring at the great vastness of the ocean and brings thoughts into question of being forgotten in time and living another pointless life like many before but religion brings solace to these unanswerable questions. With something more then just life on Earth many can feel that despite the life they live on Earth no matter how small or how insignificant their is more after death weather it be another chance, Pure energy or eternal happiness in heaven a higher being brings happiness.


I will arguing for why you shouldn't accept a higher being for meaning because it does not make you happy.

1. There is no evidence for such a being.
Since believing in God almost always means you subscribe to a specific doctrine.
You are susceptible of learning bad ideas. Lets take Christianity. No where in its holy book does it state that they are against human property or slaves. It was congress who freed the slaves and the civil war. Not the Bible because it does not condemn slavery. Were the slaves happy being slaves?

2. Genital mutilation
Almost every single male child would go through this and some female children in Christianity. The child is being harmed in the process and during that time the childs reactions to anything that it does not understand would be crying. Now put the child into a situation where it will be painful. Now you allowing your personal beliefs to harm your child. There is no health reasons for having your genitals mutilated so basically it is about belief by that every single Christian child would go through this if there parents forced it upon them not because it is right. Were children happy having their genitals mutilated?

3. Lets take the most happy inducing thing I can think of. Sex. Is the Nun happy not having sex since she took a vow to say she wouldn't?

4. I think everyone goes to a phase of what am I going to with your life?
The problem I have is that actually finding meaning in life do not have false hope on a God which you have to take a leap of faith until you die. By that if you were wrong about the existence of your God you have wasted all your life trying to please It. What I would say is find something real like a significant other or friends. Realise the worst can happen to them and the time they are alive you hopefully enjoy each others company. Another way to find meaning is through work. . To do this simply find what you like and do it. Doing this instead of having a really tedious desk job you can have a not so tedious job that you like. I have pointed 2 ways you can find meaning without God which is tangible happiness not a lie.

I don't think I am meant to be rebutting in this Round so I will wait until the next Round.

Debate Round No. 2


Let us remember this is no debate over the existence of a higher being merely a debate over if the belief in one is beneficial to ones happiness. For myself I believe in a God but I subscribe to no single religion to believe in a higher being you do not need to only follow a specific doctrine. Simply because the Bible does not discuss the issue of slavery is simply irrelevant to most who strictly follow it as "God's word" as for those who follow the bible to each letter find that it brings answers for them in certain moral questions and while the Bible brings wrongful answers to some such as it's harshness against homosexuals people feel they do not have to debate with themselves about what is right or wrong all they must do is follow the Bible and that for some people makes them more happy. Again my opponent discusses the specifics of Christianity and it's own faults but believing a higher spirit for the majority of Christians let's does not involve genital mutilation for most it's a simple trip every Sunday to their local church not a strict life lives by the church and this weekly ability to feel forgiven for the wrongdoings of a week is of great comfort to many. Aspirations still exist with God and it's a basic human quality to know that if they feel as if they are being watched in every action one commits they will most likely think twice about doing something that would be frowned upon in public. For many God has tangible ways of happiness, Nature for one and especially myself is a thing of such beauty that I only believe to be created by a genius being, When life gives tough decisions, Stresses and those leaving us on Earth like grandparents, Parents, Siblings to be able to believe that they are now resting in heaven where I will reunite with them upon death brings me real happiness. Life should not be spent trying to please a God I agree with my opponent on that but for those who's faith is unwavering and they wish to spread God's word let them for they think it is one of joy and happiness and for those who listen I say let them for they find comfort in knowing their always someone to turn to in times of crisis. Everyone should recognize that to be happy in life they need friends, A good job and a lifelong companion of sorts but like everything on this planet all of these come and go so to have one constant in life for your entire life, A God that you know is always their for you does bring more happiness.


What Pro does not understand is that this belief leaves you susceptible for believing in other far-fetched ideas that have similar kind of evidence like God.

Let see the facts. 84 percent of the world population believe in some sort of faith. A third are Christian. Pro is in the minority like non-theists, Agnostics, Atheists etc. Going by this I can conclude that people who do accept a higher being are less happy. My questions were not answered and I await for them to be answered. If not then he is pretty much excluding the 84 percent that do follow a God which is more prevalent that what he is. (Would like to know what you call yourself either you can add it in the Round following or in the comments).
84 percent of the world population has faith; a third are Christian (Washington Post)

What you are referring to are the vast majority of theists that pick and choose. I would call them followers. The people in charge do have information on this and they are what the followers refer to if they have questions about their Bible or whatever it maybe. They do not deny slavery was a thing allowed in the Bible and somehow make as though it is a good thing. I would say you are talking about fundamentalists. If I go by what PewResearch are stating they make up something less than 1. 3 percent since all the other sections of the pie chart are not fundamentalists. I wasn't speaking about fundamentalists instead the majority of the Bible sect Catholicism which do not deny slavery or there views on homosexuals. Since I am sure there are more homosexuals than fundamentalists. Homosexuals would be less happy being persecuted by a small minority and also 84 per cent of the population if they do have the same homosexual views.
Global Christianity (Pew Research)

Children went through genital mutilation and I don't see you denying it. Instead you are basically saying ignorance is bliss. Due to their lack of concern for what they believing in they are happy. Lets count up the simple trip every Sunday to the local Church. It would be around 30. Times by 53 and then times by the average age of death 70. So basically you think it is okay to live with illusions for 129, 850 minutes of your life.

So you are basically say we still have aspirations with God? It is a given really because what you are advocating is basically some form of deism which most of the world population does not subscribe to.

God cannot be perceived with our senses so you are advocating for people to live with their illusions not remove it and find actual meaning in life not something they cannot even see.

I agree with you but hardly anyone follows a deist or whatever form of God you follow. 84 percent of the population are theists which barely gives room for deists to be the vocal part of God believers. People want a path. Not someone to look over them and not saying anything. Which is why they like stories which tell them what to do instead of realising it themselves. You I am sure only state God as the person looking over you but do not ask him for guidance instead I am sure you find your own.
Debate Round No. 3


I attend a Lutheran Christian church but do not follow the Bible very closely and is more of just a weekly social event for myself, I have a very basic belief in God and that is that my conscious tells me what is right and wrong not a book and if I ever need someone to talk to when I feel alone or someone to go on a rant about my problems to God is always their. No slaves were not happy being slaves, Children were not happy being mutilated but the modern day 84 percent of the world whom have faith and the third that are Christians are not enslaving or mutilating kids, While a very small minority might follow some of the greatly outdated verses in the Bible many have adapted with the Bible to the modern world.

84 percent of the worlds population is not homophobic if we turn to pew research it states that 60 percent of Americans, 80 percent of Canadians, And nearly 90 percent of Germans and Spaniards said society should accept homosexuality. America, Germany and Canada all of religious rates for Christianity at about %70 of the country showing the the large part of Christians would indeed support homosexuals of which I would say wouldn't these homosexuals enjoy have the support of the majority of most country's? In comparison just 16 percent of Russians surveyed by the Pew Research Center in 2014 said society should accept homosexuality and Russia by comparison has only a religious rate of about 49% in 2019.

I personally attend a weekly visit to my Church and no their are not kids being mutilated anywhere around my area and while I believe this practice to be prevalent in some country's I think like other parts of the Bible it has become outdated and the majority of people have adapted to what is right in modern day.

You are indeed correct that I do not turn to God for guidance but rather but treat him more as a friend to turn to in need which is where I believe and agree that many people do go wrong with strict followings of different religious doctrine but while I recognize I am viewing this from a heavily isolated town's church compared to the majority of the world I do not see many being theists and I suppose we do agree on this that strict following of religion and the belief that turning to a higher spirit is a good form of guidance is wrong but I still believe that the world is modernizing and with it old strict following of religion is dying and a newer more open form is taking place one that treats God as a friend who will always be their to help you in need but allow you your own free will and this form of following is certainly of a more happy lifestyle.

Thank you for a great debate.


"Pencil sales. . . . . )"
Buying pencils is different to having your livelihood depend on it.

"But those servers that are backing those systems up can shut down and you can lose your progress for a long amount of time before you can get it back. "
Use a USB or save it on Google Docs. If you use all 3 systems at most it would take up to 10 minutes.

"A kid who keeps. . . . Them"
A is one person. Mine is about a lot more people.

"My screen is on the verge. . . . . Presume. "
Take better care of it.

"Forgetting passwords"
Forgetting where I put a piece of paper

"You can. . . . . desk. "
You can safely store files in a folder or on your desktop.

"Writing letters to family. . . . . Convey. "
How about phoning people? That I am sure it better than sending your relatives a letter.

"You have to log in. . . . . . Paper. "
Logging in is not as bad as losing all your work. Losing all your work on a computer is less likely than losing a paper copy.
I can say I enjoy typing on the computer.

Sorry about not covering every single sentence you said. Basically the post went through but then just did not accept it. Don't know why. I just typed up the most important things you said instead of covering everything you said.

Hopefully you have learned something new
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

Well then guess you are lucky.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Didn't go to Catholic school or rely on a preacher.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
I thought this:
"I thought it would be clear when you were a kid. Guess you did really go to a Catholic school or some over the top preacher. "
Would answer this:
"I was also not taught that I would be going to Hell for not believing. "
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
"I was also not taught that I would be going to Hell for not believing. " You missed the not taught that part.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"In any case, Different debates mate. Most of which I'm too lazy and lack interest in. "
Okay this will be my last reply then.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"Didn't involve genocide as a main teaching of what it expected from Christians. "
Not sure about that genocide but they are allowing a dictator to rule the world and murder millions just to wait until to do something.

"I would be going to Hell for not believing. "
Okay. Now go asked them would I go to hell for not believe Christianity. I thought it would be clear when you were a kid. Guess you did really go to a Catholic school or some over the top preacher.

"I wouldn't expect some type of lava bath after death. "
I am sure something like that would be waiting if God didn't like you and I think it is for eternity. God not realising people can change and if Leaning was given whatever Leaning wanted to believe in you he would have.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
In any case, Different debates mate. Most of which I'm too lazy and lack interest in.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Much of morality involves degrees and circumstances. Not going to read it. My perception of Christianity is based on the community in which I grew up. Didn't involve genocide as a main teaching of what it expected from Christians. I was also not taught that I would be going to Hell for not believing. I was taught that what comes after involves too much speculation on our parts. People believe in many things and many of them though not all spend a lot of time trying to prove their core beliefs. Not all though.

If I were to ever again believe in the Christian Deity, Doesn't mean I would worship him. And even on that note I wouldn't expect some type of lava bath after death.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

So basically we have to wait until actual evil has conquered the world killed millions (Haven't we already see n this? ) and then the second coming will happen.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
Missed this part:

"The Second Coming of Christ puts all this to an end. "
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Vote Placed by Leaning 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con focused way too much on Christianity, I also disagree with his description of Christianity, slavery in the bible, circumcision, and sex. He also (I think) ignores the fact that humans believe in many things that are not logical. Pro gave reasons such as an artistic way humans may look at the world, how a deity or an afterlife might be comforting.

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