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Overwatch is better than Fortnite

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Started: 3/16/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Overwatch is better because you can get used to one character and be really good with that character, unlike Fortnite where you dont know what you will get until you play it


Listen, if you're going to try to explain why overwatch is better than fortnite, at least give a better reason than one tricking. Before I go into why fortnite is a better game I want to completely dismantle his/her single point. One-tricking is a cancer to the overwatch (competitive) community. If you force the same hero every game, I guarantee you ruin 80% of your games. Especially if it's someone like symmetra or torbjorn who are very situational picks. Now, on to why fortnite is a better game. First of all, it's not as punishing as overwatch when you lose. If I lose a game of fortnite I say, "oh whatever" then queue up for another game. However, when it comes to overwatch competitive I'm like "oh come the f*ck on" followed by losing 20+ sr and then losing more because I'm tilted. I don't want to see anyone with those PMA comments saying, "dude just stop getting tilted". I guarantee you everyone in the ow community tilts at one point during their gaming sessions. I'm gonna stop it with these 2 points for now. Just for reference i have 500+ hrs of overwatch clocked in (if you must know my sr it's 3730). I've clocked in about 30+ wins overall on fortnite with about 36 hours of playtime on xbox.
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Posted by gsoccer4 2 years ago
If you want a chill game with no cost of losing in Overwatch, Just play competitive or arcade, You listed one game mode and it is the only one that you are punished for losing
Posted by Perfect_Stranger 3 years ago
You do realize that you're comparing charecters from a tower defence/battle royal and a MOBA shooter?
Posted by TPPDJT 3 years ago
...Except the characters in Fortnite are entirely cosmetic and have absolutely no impact on your abilities or skill?
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