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PC Gaming (pro) vs Console Gaming (con)

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Started: 7/29/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pretty debated topic among gamers. Please only accept if you are serious! I really don't want some person that accepts and then forfeits every single round after! Should be a good debate =)

Round 1 Pro: States Rules
Round 1 Con: Acceptance

Round 2 Pro: Presents Arguments
Round 2 Con: Presents Arguments

Round 3 Pro: Rebuttals
Round 3 Con: Rebuttals

Round 4 Pro: Rebuttals and Conclusions
Round 4 Con: Rebuttals (Con is not allowed to rebut to anything stated by Pro in Round 4) and Conclusions

No trolling
No Forfeiting
Format I have stated must be followed
Breaking any rules will result in a loss
I look forward to a great debate!


As both a Console and PC gamer I accept.
Console gaming gives you a lot of advantages that PC gaming simply does not have.
Console gaming offers seamless integration of games and chatting that PC simply doesn't have.
I play PC to be competitive while I play Consoles to be social online.
I love both systems and I would love to give a hand to the Console gaming crowd.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Burningsnow for accepting this debate. Let's get this heated debaet under way!
Fact of the matter is that a PC Gaming is going to cost you less than Console Gaming in the long run. The reasoning for this is quite simple, look at this picture(If this picture is too small - then check out the website) [1]:


Now this graph shows a couple of key things. It is more expensive to buy a gaming PC, the Consoles are definately cheaper. Then this chart shows that the average PC game is $40 and an average Xbox/PlayStation game is $60. The chart then uses an example in which someone were to buy 40 games between now and the next generation of consoles (buying 40 games in 8 years is quite common. That's 5 games a year).

Here is where we start seeing the cost diferences. Since Console games are more expensive, in 8 years a person would spend $2,400 on games, where as a PC gamer would only spend $1,600. Furthermore, we must account for 8 years of Xbox live/PSN susbscription fees. One might argue that you don't need to buy any subscription fees, but let's be honest here. Buying a Console without having multiplayer is like buying a house without any furniture. You don't need to buy furniture... but at the end of the day it's pretty useless without it.

Xbox will cost $480, while PS4 will have $400 with 8 years of paying the subscription. Considering everything that is present in the graph - taking the Route of PC Gaming will cost you $2,248 while Console Gaming will cost you $3,200 - $3,380.The chart also has some notes that it makes, and it's a good idea to go over these.

First of all, the Gaming PC that was $650 is able to run games at 60 FPS, so we aren't talking about a crappy PC here. We are talking about something that can run pretty much every game. It's clear that a PC will save you money in the long run, but it will actually start saving you money as short as a year.

Conclusion: While the intital cost of a PC might be more than the cost of the Consoles, the PC will start saving you money in as short as a year. Over the course of 8 years (until the release of the next generation of Consoles), you will save $1,036 (Xbox One) or $856 (PS4). No matter which way you look at it - taking everything into consideration , PC Gaming is cheaper than Console Gaming.

Mods are modifications that players can make to games. Currently, none of the consoles have mod support. Mods add more content, and an enhance one's gaming experience.

For example, let's take the game Skyrim. Skyrim is a great game, and it has hundreds of hours worth of content packed into it. However, as awesome as it is, the modding community makes it 100x better. Why? Because players can add things into the game that may not be there. Is there an item that you want in the game? Done. Are you done with the game? Do you want more content? There are mods that add more content than DLC's! Want a certain type of armor in game? Done. Practically anything you could think of can be added with mods. They enhance the user's experience with the game.

Not everyone may like downloading mods, and that's fine. But we have to look at the whole community of gaming. Many people would like the opportunity to download mods so that it can enhance their game, and consoles just don't support mods.

Conclusion: Mods are only supported on PC and not Console. Mods enhance the user's experience of the game by adding items, content, etc. (virtually anything). We can conclude that being a PC Gamer will envoke a better experience with games than a Console Gamer, because Console Gamers don't have access to mods.

Game Titles
Some people think that Consoles have better exclusive titles than PC. However, fact of the matter is that PC has more exclusive titles than Consoles, and PC titles are often better than the Console exclusives.

1. First of all it's worth noting that a LOT of popular games on consoles were orginially PC games. For example, Call of Duty [2], Battlefield [3], Minecraft [4], etc.

2. Furthermore, it is to be noted that there are many types of games that you can not play on Consoles. For example, MOBA's, MMORPG's, Point-and-Click Type Games (Ex. Diablo, Torchlight 2, etc.).

3. There are more PC exclusive titles than Console Exclusive titles (I couldn't find a smaller image) [5]:

There aren't many Console Exclsives that grab my attention. The only titles I can think of are Gears of War or maybe Halo. But even these titles aren't as good as the PC exclusives such as, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2 (This game is 100x better than Halo). None of the Console titles truly are interesting to me - and the ones that are were once PC titles. If my opponent wants to make a list of good console exclusive titles and try to convince me that there are good exclusives on console, compared to exclusives on PC, he can [try to] do so.

Conclusion: PC games have many more exculive titles when compared to Consoles. They have many more indie games that tend to come to consoles. Many popular games that are currently Consoles started out onna PC. Since none of the Console exclusives are very interesting, and since their PC counterparts are a LOT better. PC games are better than Console games.

Esports are somewhat new, but they are defiinetely growing. I'm not sure how competetive Console Gaming is, but PC Gaming can get VERY COMPETETIVE. I'm sure that they are lots of competitions for prizes for Console Players, but there is just a LOT more for PC gamers. Some of the biggest Esports tend to be MOBA's such as League of Legends and Dota 2, which aren't availaable on the Console. And this is BIG. For example:

League of Legends World Championships

As you can see there are a LOT of players that get involved

Conclusion: PC gamers tend to be more competetive. As a result the Community of gaming tends to grow. Such big sporting events are not possible on Consoles.

Backwards Compatibility
Consoles are not backwards compatible. That means that if I were to buy a game on PS3 it's not going to be available on PS4 unless I buy the PS4 version. I need to pay another $60 for a game that I already bought. This is not the case with PC. Steam will always sync all of the games that you have bought to any computer that you have. And for the games that are not on Steam - they all have accounts, and once the game is downloaded and you log into your account, all of the data will be saved, which is not the case with the Consoles

Conclusion: PC games are backwards compatible which means that you don't have to rebuy the game if you were to buy another PC. Consoles are not backwards compatible, which means you must buy the game again if you want to play it on a different console or another generation of the same console. Obviously the PC is better in this regaurd.

Hardware and Graphics:

It is an undeniable fact that the PC has better graphics. I think my opponent is aware of this already, but I will elaborate a little bit:

1. The Graphics are MUCH better. The $650 PC mentioned above should be able to run games on better graphics than the Xbox One/PS4.

2. The Hardware on a PC is upgradable. With all of that money that you can save with a PC you can upgrade your Hardware every couple of years. Mind you that the PC will already be better than the Consoles from the get-go, but upgrading the Hardware will make it even better.

Conclusion: The Graphics on a PC are much better than Console. Also, the upgradable hardware make the PC run better, where as you can't upgrade the hardware in a console

I conceed this point. I agree that a Console is more simple and straighforward. I 100% agree with that.

Conclusion: The argument about simplicity goes to Con. I conceed that argument

The PC community tends to be more mature than the Console Community. I don't mean to say that Mature Players don't play on Console or that Immature players don't play on PC. But the majority of PC players are going to be more mature than console players

Conclusion: PC has more mature players, which means it envokes genearlly a better experience.

This comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. But PC wins here because:

1. Keyboard and Mouse is MUCH more precise than a Controller

2. PC's will let you add controllers for games with controller support, but a Console will never let you add a Keyboard and Mouse to play with

Conclusion: Keyboard and Moues is more precise. Furthermore, PC will let you use controller while Console won't let you use a Keyboard. We can conclude that PC will allow for more vareity of controls and will be more precise when using mouse and keyboard

Communicating In-Game:
Communicating in game can be done with Console and PC, but the PC wins here because it has the ability to text chat. The consoles have the ability to text chat as well... but it's pretty useles. It takes like 5 minutes to type a sentence. With a PC you can talk with a mic or you can type - where as in Console you are limited talking with a mic. So if you just wanted to tell your friend one quick thing, you would have to turn on voice chat instead of just typing it in, which would have taken only a couple of seconds.

Conclusion: PC offers Text and Voice chat. While Console offers text chat, it's pretty much useless, and you can only use voice chat.

I will stop right here. Overall PC gaming is better for the reasons i have mentioned above. I look forward to my opponents arguments. Next round will be rebuttals =)






I would like to respond to your essay.

This graph is simply incorrect, for a decent rig that will run for 3 years without upgrades for moderate games you'll need probably around $1,200 not 700.

I will go as far as to say that a game you could buy for $50 on the Xbox you could buy for
$20 on the PC but the fact of the matter, price is something PC has
easily one over so this is the only category I will let you win.

A Ps4 now about 10 months since it's release, costs around $300 while an Xbone without kinect costs around $380 used.
However I will plead a few cases to show that price on consoles are improving.
PS Plus offers many games straight to your library once you buy PS Plus.
Ps Plus also features discounts and other bonuses that would lower this number above.
With Games with Gold you could also save quite well on titles you were planning to pick up.

A $650 computer is essentialy a pampered toaster in my book which is definetly in the low -mid range gaming
pc range and won't be running most games at high on 60 fps so I would definetly recomend it to be around $1,200.
And for those people who like upgrading that could even gross to $2000.
Though thanks to gabe newell and humble bundles pc games are much cheaper indead.


Oh mods, what a wonderful celebration of Creativity and Brilliance.
Modding in recent years has been forbidden territory for consoles but I expect that this generation
for atleast games like minecraft and hopefully many more, I have hope but so far for modders your gonna have to stay on the PC's.

Adding modding tools in theory wouldn't be that hard just get the software code of games and find
ways to connect it to PC and if the develepors could allow it and moderate it as well as Sony
and Microsoft that would be fantastic.


This is one of the categories you did not state,probably afraid of the fact that consoles are
indeed of the most user friendly things you can have.
Even the steam machine
made by everyone's favorite Gabe Newell is trying to capitalize on this fact.

Not only the brilliant social UI that PC has been streaming towards like the PS4's,Xbox 360's and even the Xbone's.
This is what has in many cases been the most attractive to regular gamers and both
consoles emphasize that.
Both of the controllers and even the Wii U's controller is made with gaming in mind unlike
the good n' fashioned mouse and keyboard.
The Consoles definetly win in this category.

Game titles

Consoles clearly have far more exclusives than PC's that include everything all the way from Msrio Kart to

Heavy rain,Flower,Halo,Sunset Overdrive,Uncharted and far more that are simply not available on
PC.This is not to say that PC's exclusives are small or bad but that frankly way too many of them are
nothing new and nothing more than games meant to make some money of
PC gamers.
Even in the perspective of the new generation consoles that came out recently compared to the PC like the PS4,Xbox One and Wii U that all house many more fantastic exclusives than are shown on that list made in 11/02/2013
a pretty dated time period.

Next, You are wrong in calling Counter Strike Global offensive,Half life 2 or Team Fortress 2 pc exclusives which they are not.

In my opinion there are tons of Console exclusives that drag me in as I'm both an avid fan of Halo
and I still love me some Heavy rain and Read Dead,even Infamous would probably pull me in more than
a poorly made PC indie game while there are some great indie games.
But even though I love some PC exclusives it offers fewer variety than the consoles.
Even though there are plenty of good outliers it is more rare in my opinion to find a great Exclusive on PC
than on the consoles.
Even the PS4 is getting into the indie game scene but often it isn't as exciting as the bigger budget games.
As you said yourself these exclusives are mostly games like MOBA's, MMORPG's, and Point-and-Click Type Games that
are often overused as easy ways to get cash grabs and aren't interesting.
The console exclusives are so enticing in fact that supporters of Wii U,Xbone and Ps4 all
fight over the exclusives so much.

In my opinion there are tons more enticing console games then you might think.


Are something that only recently grew so immensly popular in consoles with
the introduction of the 360. The reason it has become so populor is due to the rise of PC
esports but now both systems have different games where people vie for millions to win at international competitions.

While their are also tournaments for games like Starcraft 2,LOL,Dota2
I think that PC tournaments are based more on strategy while Console tournaments are based more on reflexes and skill. All the while I still don't believe that this should be a deciding category.

Backwords Compatibility

Consoles nowadays are pretty backwords compatible while consoles back in the 90's were completely backwords compatible.Their are even plenty of remastered games like the last of us for PS4 and flow as well as the Halo's for the Xbone. The fact of the matter is your logic is backwards PC's can't physically be backwords compatible because
they have no earlier versions and if they do I can tell you for sure that back in the 90's on the PC the game's weren't let's just say the best.

Hardware and Graphics:

In my honest opinion their is no way that a 650$ toaster can compare to the used $300 Ps4.
My computer can handle nearly all modern games at high settings at around 60 fps with an intel i7 chip and a terabyte and a half but It's costed me $1,275

So no I would say to get the PS4 quality I would say it takes atleast $900 including storage and CPU and you would have to find a custom PC website or build it yourself and know what your doing.


Different controllers are better for different things like playing racing games with a keyboard is stupid I
would much prefer an Xbox's controller and it varies accordingly.
The problem is that keyboards weren't made for gaming but Console's controllers were.

Online Chat and the Online UI

Muliplayer is a ton better on consoles because it offers completely seamless gameplay with friends and people online
as well as using party chat to converse with people not even in the game as well as being able to easily freind people online just shows how polished the consoles UI's are.
Unlike Online in PC games you don't have to hold down the button or anything to voice chat it's just seamless and well integrated. I would much rather have seamless Talk chat than just typing.
Overall this is one of the most obvious wins of the consoles.
Debate Round No. 2


KingDebater369 forfeited this round.


I shall be responding to this article;


To respond to your first 7 lines of scribble I would like to say,technically my friend you forfeited a round so your kinda breaking your own rules. And well round 1 was acceptance, but due to your claim I will still restate some new arguments as well as write a rebuttal to your doc.


Argument 1


One of the biggest reasons someone will wait in line for several hours to buy a big pc inside of a box is because of this very reason and the games.
This statement also has to do with consistency.
In general when you get a PC you know what your dealing with, no viruses,
no crashing and steady smooth gameplay and this has much to do with how well optimized
consoles are. The teams running the consoles always have to be on their feet to patch glitches and
bugs but PC just doesn't have that support.
Steam as goood as it is, has a main goal to sell lots of games and sometimes
that gets in the way of the games themselves.
Atleast in both of the console's perspectives patching glitches is life and death unlike the trivial
perspective of steam.

Argument 2


This argument will be pretty general,but for playing with friends, consoles are really the way to go.
When I invite people over to play video games I don't usually play with them on PC because
the consoles are a lot more ready for things like split screen and multi
controller gaming than PC.
It's always been a landmark of the console of how seamlssly you can chat with friends and still be gaming so seamlessly.

Argument 3

(Trading games and selling)

What if you and your coleouge or friend have a game that you
would like to trade amongst yourself they simply coudn't because most gamers buy their
games on steam.On steam you can't giveaway games once you've put in the code so
you won't be able to share it with anyone because it's not in a physical format.

Now that we've gotten out of the way my additional arguments I will rebuttal.


Rebuttal 1:Give me some evidence that you can run a $650 computer with 60fps 1080p high quality on PC,because so far you've been spewing nonsense about this improbability.

Conclusion: This is the only category I will give to you.


Conclusion: This is the final category I will give to you


Conclusion: Consoles have won this one

Game Titles

Rebuttal 1: my opponent has claimed a truce which I will not accept.
Even as a person that loves PC gaming such as myself,the PC offers
little in the way of exclusivity.The bigger problem isn't even that it's good to bad ratio
is pretty low,but the fact that their is not as much diversity in the exclusives.
Most of the big exclusives on PC are simply not as focused as the exclusives on consoles.
The exclusives on consoles are usually a mix of racing games,1st and 3rd person shooters,
AAA budget indie games, and platformers.
Though most of the big exclusives on PC's are mobas,MMO's and point and clicks,
while other games on PC are usually just on all platforms.


I would like to argue that this category deserves a truce.

Just like you could not get a Cod player to be intrested in a Starcraft tournament,
you could not get a starcraft player to be interested in a Cod tournament.
When you are watching a gaming tournament I expect as long as you are not playing in it or
don't have some relative playing in it,then you don't care how big the prize pool is.
I would argue that the prize pool as long as it's big has no influence on the players themselves.
From my standpoint I see getting into a Cod or FPS championship is a bit easier to get into because
Cod is more user friendly than something like LOL.

Backwards compatibility

this is a hard one while consoles back in the day had near infinite backwards compatibility now most consoles don't.But the Wii U can play the wii's games and Playstattion NOW which is coming out
soob will have the feature to stream games from the PS3.
Also I don't exactly see how the PC is backwards compatible either.


As much as I would love to argue this one, I will classify it a truce.

Online Chat and the Online UI

Problem 1: on PC games a lot fewer people have mics which is rather annoying when they
have to take time to type each message and it's a lot less natural.
In general unless for quick messages at the begginings of games and after,
the PC community in many cases just doesn't have enough talkers.

Problem 2: in many games on PC the default settings are to only chat when you hold down a button and many times disabling this is really hard or it'sjust hidden away behind blocks of text.

Problem 3: Steam doesn't have party chat and you cann only voice chat with one person,so therefore you have to open up external applications
like skype to talk to them if the people are not in the same game.

Problem 4: Steam's online UI unlike it's main UI is actually moderatly complex and it's not as easy as
a friends button, a party button and a messages button making it a little less user friendly than the average console.

Debate Round No. 3


KingDebater369 forfeited this round.


I shall make this quick and simple.
Argument 1


Though Steam does have patches they are much smaller than many of the ones in it's opponents/the consoles
and my competitor has agreed to my win in this subject.

Argument 2


My opponent has also agreed that this is the Consoles win.

Argument 3

(Trading Games and Selling)

My opponent points to steam trading as a way of trading
and I guess in a way it is,but your not exactly owning the game but sharing.
Oh and in the selling department I most definetly win.
So this is up to the viewers.


(Community Integration)

In this category I do agree that the PC does have the upper hand.

Rebuttal 2

(Digital Distribution reduces waiting)

Since apparently you have not looked at consoles in recent years but
they do have something called digital distribution as well as PC.
And their are wait times for PC's when you have to download the game,though
either way Consoles have plenty of digital distribution.
For both forms of electronics there are plenty of online stores and this is a truce.

Argument 4


My opponent has won this category due to the fact that games are cheaper on PC's.
However though my oponent does state a machine like this can run it does state that this has an AMD
prossecor which I would say is in the long run much worse than and intel which costs
a few hundred more.Oh and this PC is not prebuilt, so you'll have to build it yourself/that's not very easy.

Argument 5


My opponent has also won this category.

Argument 6


I have won this category due to the Consoles overall ease of use.

Argument 7

(Game Titles and Esports)

Even as much as I would love to argue that more casual gamers and hardcore gamers would likethe less complex cod over lol or SC2 or that console exclusive games have in many cases more
effort and polish than every run of the mill indie or moba or pont and click.
However I will agree upon a truce for both.

Argument 8

(Backwards Compatibility)

This is another one which I believe is up to the viewers to decide since
it depends heavily on many different factors such as would remasters be backwards compatibility
and if things like the Xbox and PS gamestores that feature plenty of games
on older consoles count.

Argument 9

This just means that these consoles are slim and all the tools
you need come straight out of the box,well atleast on the consoles.

Argument 10

(Online Chat and the UI)
I will now challenge my opponent's ideas on Online chat and UI.

Rebuttal 1
My opponent claims that I have no warrant to say their are less people with mics on PC,
however I will still claim that their are more people on Consoles who talk than PC's
however this is simply from experience so this is not certain for every game or any.

Rebuttal 2
I will challenge your assumption that since there are more users on Steam than consoles
then their are more mics since most people use steam for different things and
you cannot state this as a fact as you did not.

Rebuttal 3
It really is not as easy as that,many games have their own settings

for how you can turn on voice chat, and many times it's quite complicated.

Rebuttal 4
I did not claim that Steam's UI is bad I just stated that it is not as
easy or polished as the consoles UI.

In Conclusion
it is up to the viewers and the gamers to really decide this debate and I believe in many ways the people that
have more than one form of game playing machine are the winners.
However I have vouched on the side of the consoles and had some of the most fun I've had on well as some of the most tedious times) and I honor my opponent for defending his side.

"Oh, and vote for me", con.

Debate Round No. 4
17 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Burningsnow 7 years ago
in the 4th round
Posted by Burningsnow 7 years ago
Well you also voided the structure by creating new subjects and forfeiting.
Posted by KingDebater369 7 years ago
Con already voided the structure of the debate in Round 2. That structure can no longer apply. He may address my arguments made in round 4.
Posted by Burningsnow 7 years ago
Pro claims that I cannot rebuttal anything stated in round 4 however you introduced new arguments and
subjects so I will take it into my own hands and argue these new subjects and arguments as well.
Posted by KingDebater369 7 years ago
omg... sorry.. That was Super Close! here:
Posted by Burningsnow 7 years ago
Kingdebater,you deleted your file and I will be starting my round soon unless you retrieve it.
Posted by Firelife 7 years ago
Pc doesnt need backwards compatibility. Most games can run on pc. Also emulators are popping up meaning pcs can run ps and xbox games.
Posted by Burningsnow 7 years ago
you deleted the file.
Posted by KingDebater369 7 years ago
Round 4 Argument:

Had a fun debate. All is left to the Voters now - Vote PRO!
Posted by Firelife 7 years ago
Steam does have group chat -_- you hit invite friends clicking the huge arrow near their name and just start a voice chat. PC users prefer team speak but yes steam DOES have the ability to allow voice chat. not to mention my rig is $500 and can run battlefield smoothly and better then my xbox. Another factor to pc is that it has high customisation in terms of swapping out parts instead of waiting seven years for a new console.
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Vote Placed by lannan13 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:16 
Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture.
Vote Placed by Anonymous 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro might've won if not for forefiet.
Vote Placed by btwinch 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: While they both conducted the debate well, Pro had better spelling and grammar, as well as convincing arguments. As for reliable sources, they both did very well.

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