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PC gaming is superior to console gaming

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Started: 2/1/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This debate should be impossible to accept. I realize I've posted this many times in the past few weeks, but I have failed to find an opponent who can successfully refute my arguments. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment of acceptance so I can see who you are before I accept.

First round for acceptance only.
Second to fourth round are new arguments and rebuttals.
Last arguments are for rebuttals only.

For examples in consoles we can use new/refurbished/used Xbox Ones and PS4s. For PCs we can use any self-built/store bought/used PCs that can run AAA games from either 2016 or new additions in 2017. This levels the playing field in price and quality. You don't use PS3s as an example and I won't use 200 dollar PCs that can only run Minecraft.


I accept i guess? you say first round is for acceptance so ok
Debate Round No. 1


PC gaming is a lot more cost effective.
When you get an Xbox One not only do you have to pay for the price of the console, but you also have to pay for the online features plus the ridiculous price of games. With Steam, there is no extra cost. The only things you pay for are the games and the PC which you probably already have. The price difference between games is also unreal. If you wait for a Steam sale which is 4 times a year or you catch a mid-week or weekend sale you're likely to get your game for under 10 dollars(1). I payed 6 dollars for Rise of The Tomb Raider and 8 dollars for Mass Effect 1 and 2 together during midweek sales. Even during big sales like Black Friday I only saw Rise of the Tomb Raider only dip a little in price with a usual cost of 60 dollars.

PC gaming has a lot more variety.
A lot of console gamers bring up exclusives during any argument about PC vs Console, but the fact is we have exclusives too. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, DOTA, Smite, Undertale, Team Fortress, Firewatch, and most indie games. With things like Steam Greenlight it enables so many indies devs to create games without having connections with Microsoft or Sony meaning a lot of indie games i.e. Undertale that become really famous originate from PC. Thus we have a lot more stuff. Whereas with consoles you go to the store and you just see a bunch of AAA games you've already played before and a new title here (2) and there with Steam you have millions of things to choose from 781 million to be exact(3). You will never not have a game to play.

Console Exclusives
Basically the above argument cont. The fact is if you're involved in the console wars or don't have the money to put in 800+ dollars (4)(5) for consoles you only have the games from your specific console. This means when they're are exclusives on the other party's side you miss out. Whereas with Origin(EA), PSN and the Xbox app in Win 10 (and PirateBay if you're down). You can play games from all mediums with only one device.

With a console you have no choice besides the colour or design of your controller and if you're going to put a skin on it. Everything is premade. You go to the store you get your box and that's it. If something happens you hope to god it's the software if not you're done. The thing that's great about PC is that if you buy your PC or you make your own, you can have all the customization you desire. Yes you can put a sticker on the case, but there's so much more. You can update Graphics cards so you can always run your games in the highest quality, you can upgrade disks so it can hold more space and make it run smoother, change your screen or add another one the options are endless. The best part like in my situation right now. My r key doesn't work (I have to use alt+114) and right now I'm currently awaiting my new keyboard so I can install it. If you spill water on your PC like I did you just get another one depending on the problem it can range anywhere between 12 dollars to 300 in my experience. If the same thing happens to your consoles. You have to get a new one.

Ease of build
So you want to build a PC but you have no experience? No problem because with just 200-4000 dollars and an afternoon (6) you will have a gaming PC up and ready to play to your heart's desire. The thing about building a gaming PC is that if you want to do it, if you have problems, if you have questions about it's difficulty you have so many outlets and people to ask online. It doesn't take too long and you can invest how much you want to put into it. If you want a PC that can run the Sims and you can do your homework on, invest 200 and you'll be fine. If you want a beast that can run all of your games in Ultra and make you breakfast, invest 4000. If you want to build an Xbox on the other hand you have a problem. When you build a console, they never end up looking as sleak as the console you're basing it off of. This (7) is a picture of a self made Xbox. It's a lot easier to just buy one and not have a plexiglass box sitting on your floor that looks like the black box in the Millenium Falcon. With the money invested and the time spent it would be a lot more efficient to just program it for a PC and be done with it.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by GS9_Flood 2 years ago
In all honesty, I lack strong points as a console user because I myself am a hardcore PC gamer LUL. If all the rounds are forfeited by the CON, I might give it a go. My problem is that I'd have to play with my current knowledge. I recently lost my internet, and I'm sitting in Starbucks as I type. A 7-day time limit would be appreciated if that is possible.
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 2 years ago
You wanna debate?
Posted by GS9_Flood 2 years ago
lmao the fact that the CON isn't even trying (Because he's forfeiting) is just... wow. gg no re
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 2 years ago
Madness, wouldn't put all of my arguments in one round that would be stupid.
Posted by madness 2 years ago
When you commented on my debate saying

"Bork debate me, I have tonnes more arguments"

It turns out you actually had less lol.
Posted by forrestokun 2 years ago
I would be willing to give a shot at being the con side of this argument.
Posted by Hawkecrail 2 years ago
Can you stop posting this people have preferences ok
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