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PC is WAY better than any game console

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Started: 1/9/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Personal Computer is the optimal choice for gaming, because of its wide range of choices and possibilities, of course raw power and lots of other reasons. there is no real reason to play in a video game console(besides exclusive titles) if you can play in a PC.


I will give you that if you buy a game on PC and lets say the PS4, the PC game will have the possibility of slightly better graphics. (due to the more expensive hardware)

But I would not call PC "better"

A console you get:

(I will be judging off of the PS4 mostly)

More for your money: 399$ for a system that will play games for around the next decade (judging by history)
PC 1000$-2000$ for a top of the line gaming rig. Plus a few hundred dollars for upgrades over 5 years until you have to replace the whole thing.

Better Titles: More games are going console-exclusive because of the piracy on the PC.

Even playing field: When you join an online game you don't have to worry about someone's PS4 running windows 95 and holding up the lobby. Cant say the same for the PC. (Lag can still suck on both)

Hacks/Exploits: I am not saying they do not happen on the consoles but they are much more rare.

Mobility. When i go to a LAN Party i can fit my console in a small backpack. I have two cords max to bring with me. PC you have a tangled mess of wires/wireless fobs, monitors and bulk.

Purpose Built: No drivers/compatibility issues with the PS4. I don't have to worry about Adobe reader or some other program ruining my game by asking if i would like to update or give feedback.

Indie games: With steam i will give you this category on the PC. But the consoles are catching up quickly.
Debate Round No. 1


great arguments this one gonna be exciting!!

So lets get started.

More for your money:

Well, a PC is indeed more expensive than a game console for sure, but, its not that much more expensive actually, if you think about gettin cheap keyboard and mouse and other stuff like that it didnt get that much expensive.
you shouldnt count the PC monitor cause game consoles need a TV anyway.
and so, you pay more for a PC, and get so much more than a console can do.

the thing is, i will be honest here, i live in Brazil and things here is WAYYYY expensive, its all tottaly out of balance, so PS4 here cost 4.000 Reais
In dollars doing comercial money exchange, will be something close to 2.000 dollars! with 4000 reais you can buy n over the top computer around here...

But well, if you want to consider the Brazil thing as an argument, i let you choose because its a little off of you reality of things i suppose, its kinda unfair play it as an argument here, your call.

Better Titles:

This is actually not true.
Lots of games come to the PC, and PC only, or come first to the pc, THEN ported to game consoles, and most of then actually got pretty downgraded for the console version.

Even playing field:

This is only true for people with low specs machines, those people actually shouldnt be playing that game (at least not at that resolution and graphics configs), its like someone trying to play God of War III with a Playstation 2.

Hacks & Exploits:

I kinda agree with you on this one, but even so, consoles have opening to hack so much as any PC (maybe more) but depends on the Operational System, is harder to exploit or hack it, windows is certainly the most used OS, and because of that we have so much problem with hacking and virus stuff.
Look at nintendo system, they use the same system from Gamecube, only updated, because of that, lots and lots of exploits is possible, because people already know deeply that OS.


Well, depends solely on your machine, if you have a laptop, there you go!
By example, Steam Machines will come in a lot of varied sizes and possibilities regarding size and mobility.

Purpose Built:

This one fits on the category "With great powers come great responsabilities", because PC can do lots and lots and lots of stuff, because of that, some badside must come, and in this case, is lots of process and softwares running in the background.
But even this way, you can configure stuff to not be intrusive on your use, them, those pop up things, will never get in the way.
So for greater use, you need greater responsability.

Purpose Built:

This one fits on the category "With great powers come great responsabilities", because PC can do lots and lots and lots of stuff, because of that, some badside must come, and in this case, is lots of process and softwares running in the background.
But even this way, you can configure stuff to not be intrusive on your use, them, those pop up things, will never get in the way.
So for greater use, you need greater responsability.

You can as well, install the Steam OS, it is solely for gaming purposes, so no popup and nothing like that happening.


I have heard of the crazy price increase in other countries for game consoles.
If i was in Brazil then hands down i would rather have a PC if i had to pay 1500-2000$ for a PS4.

That i will concede hands down.

But for the rest of this lets both pretend we are in the states.

I will say we are even in:
Purpose built: Steam does amazing things. I retracted my complaint's about drivers and popups.
Mobility: Okay yeah laptops are mobile... But who really games on a laptop :P
Better Titles: Though i stick by my argument about games slowly leaving the computer. I did forget about the MMO market. Usually this is almost all PC with a few exceptions (Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy 11, ect)

But i will stick tooth and nail by these.

Price: already been there. (from the states point of view)

Hacks and Exploits: Usually to mod in a game on console you will have to first mod your console. (Usually hard-mod with a chip soldered in, can be expensive.) This makes it a bit more of a pain to hack on consoles. With a PC you can already run home-brew code and mess around with the game from the start.
(exceptions soft-modding: original Xbox and I guess the Wii if you count that as a game system :P ) And in my experience gaming on both, hacking on the PC is much more common.

Even Playing Field: "This is only true for people with low specs machines" I agree with this but that's the glory of the console. No one playing on Playstation Network in my Call Of Duty/BF4 game will have a low-spec console.

Convenience and Simplicity: No real installing (yes i know you have to on new gen but its an easier process than the PC). No computer chair and monitor. I know you can put your PC on the TV but most people don't. And on the PS4 i can play COD on a 60 TV without re-arranging my living room. Its just more simple and straight forward in my opinion.

Networks: PlayStation Network and Xbox Live both have one point of integration for friends and content. You could argue that Steam is the same for a PC. But not all PC games are on Steam and the overlay does not always work for games. Also voice communications are a snap. You don't have to switch between Ventrillo, Team Speak and Skype when playing to talk to different friends.
Debate Round No. 2


So, lets continue this on the ones that did remain.

Mobility: There is some Laptops for gamers actually, you can play really awesome games with outstanding graphics.

Better Titles: PC have lots of minor titles, more than any console anywhere, because in the PC environment you can do games without any company consent, if you want to do games for Sony consoles, Nintendo or Microsoft (specially Microsoft, because they are hard on this) you need to pay a license, and stick really inside the stricts rules they imply.

But about major titles, most of major titles in xbox or ps4, comes to the PC, sometimes later, most of the time at the same time, and even before.Those who dont come out to the PC at all, well, there is lots of titles on the pc for make the balance, most of online games came for the PC, because its easier to do so, console policy is most too hard to pass, or it dosnt worth it.

Hacks and Exploits

You came with something interesting, modding, because the easyway to hack, most of files and software on the PC, lots of players, come with modding, which is a spetacular thing, if you ever play Skyrim on console versions, is one thing, but if you play the PC version with mods, you got a whole wonderful new experience, wich you can make it at your will and personality.
Valve did recognize this incredible fact, and made the Steam Workshop, where players can hack the game freely and put in the game things unimaginable.

Even Playing Field

Wat i mean onmy last statement, is that a player who is playing a game lagging, dont have the right hardware toplay that game, its the same as a person who wants to play a ps3 game, but only hav a ps2.

So a person who have a low spec machine, shouldnt be playing a high spec game.

Convenience andSimplicity
Installing is something really good, people usually dont see this, (morein the past thantoday actually) because installing you can load way more faster,read discs on the disc drive, is slow and on the long run, can damage that reader.

But, on PC, most of the sells is all in online ways, like Steam and Origin. and when you buy a game on steam for example, its a really pretty straight forward process.

As far as i go talking about working with a TV for playing games, well you need to do that with thingsin console too, like preparing your room for kinect space recognition, wi fi conectaion, o normal cable connection even.


well, in consoles you have services for chat, friend listing and all that stuff unified, well that's awesome!
but... having lots of choices, different softwares for use, ways for communicate with your friends, or even stranger, THAT isnt awesome itself?
I think, its even MORE awesome actually, i did that with my friends, we choose one called Dolby Axon for chat, and we all use it because we think its better for gaming, and them, its a better expenence for all of us, and even more because we choose it.

And them, i Will put one myself here that i think is really important about PC


PC is really incredible because is a "free to do" environment, and that is what i think is ultimately beautiful about PC, you can do choices, you can make it confortable for yourself, you have options about anything, if you are using some software, you always have other options that maybe not better for all, but its better for YOU!

most i can say, PC the personal Computer is personal, and by that extent, its all yours.


fidelacchius forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


well, because of the circumstances that "CON" forfeited last round, I will let him give the last statement


Sorrry about that >_<. I was so distraught that anyone would play on a PC over a PS4 that I could not continue the debate this weekend :P hehe sorry i was busy and never got on :(.

I will not respond since i missed my round, and let you have the last word. Good half-a-debate sir! been fun!!
Debate Round No. 4
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