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PC is the best console

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Started: 11/14/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So here are my three points:

a. You have access to far more exclusives on PC (by a massive margin) that are of equal or greater quality than console exclusives.

b. A PC equipped with medium level specs will outperform any console by a long shot. Although PCs can be money sink holes, you save a lot on game deals, and monthly subscriptions. Not to mention the price of a medium level PC is only around 1 grand, and it'll last longer than any console by two or more generations. You can upgrade your PC as time goes on, making it basically immortal.

c. PCs are more flexible as they can be turned setup for couch, desk, lap, or mobile play. They can also run emulators making them able to play console exclusives from any era. PCs are much more versatile.


Hello readers!

I will be taking the con side for this debate. My argument against the pro side is that PC being being the best console is nothing more than a subjective opinion. The pro side has failed to realize this, everything he said is irrelevant to the title of the debate and what the debate is about.

The pro has claimed that the PC "master race" is superior in hardware specs. Well, that should be quite obvious as PCs can be updated, the title of the debate should have been "PC has better hardware and specs and performance than gaming consoles". However, it is not.

The pro has mentioned that PC has more, and has better exclusives than the gaming consoles. However, he fails to realize that argument is again a subjective opinion which is not right, nor wrong.

Not everyone is going to like Crysis and so on. I would wager most people like me would rather play Zelda Breath Of The Wild, or Mario Odyssey, or how about Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS4, and Xbox one once it releases? I don't even know any other PC exclusives when you consider the thousands of exclusives on all other game platforms.

Play station has many great exclusives, so does Xbox and of course Nintendo.
I do not currently have the stats on me, but I am almost positive Nintendo might have more exclusives than any other platform considering all their consoles they have ever had and how much more popular Nintendo was to PC in the early days of gaming.

PC being more flexible is again irrelevant and does not make it the "better" console. It just makes it the more "flexible" console, and actually I would disagree and say consoles are more flexible, and you can pack them places.

Pro would seriously have to show graphs and statistics, many different graphs in fact but at the end of the day, it's your money, your taste, and what you feel is the BETTER platform for you.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason I brought up the performance of the hardware is because this is a huge factor in your gaming experience. Playing games at 4K and 120fps at maximum graphics, along side graphical mods make games so much more enjoyable, not just for the graphical appeal - but for their smooth frame rate as well.

When I mentioned that PC has better exclusives, I concede this is in fact subjective - but I was more basing this off of reviews of the game. Although a game like Half Life might be disliked by some, most can agree it is a good game. So although my claim was subjective it does hold some basis.

Here is a brief list of games which are exclusive to PC and are among the most popular in the world:
- StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
- Sims
- League of Legends
- Dota 2
- Heroes of the Storm
- XCOM 2
- World of WarCraft
- The Total War series

Here is a list of exclusives from just the last few years:

My point of the exclusives is that PC has an incredibly larger library of games to play, and just because they are more numerous - doesn't mean they are lower in quality! In fact they are the most played games on the planet (League, DOTA, etc).

Furthermore, my opponent did not acknowledge emulators. He mentioned Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a game unavailable to PC players, when in fact it is not. Most games that are console 'classics' are available on PC as well.

I disagree with my opponent about PCs being less flexible, I can concede that consoles are easier to setup and move, but that doesn't make them less flexible.

I also concede on the pricing - I exaggerated: consoles are cheaper, but only by a small amount (in upfront costs). I still believe that PCs are the better deal, a breakdown of the prices can be seen here:


The pro is trying to make a strong argument for 4k gaming and "better graphics" when in fact most people around the world would rather play a good game with a good story, and multiplayer than a game that looks flashy and cool. There would be little to no Nintendo fans if people only carried about graphics.

Graphics does not make the game. Again, a lot of people in the world would rather play some of the newest Nintendo games coming out than to play League or other Moba's, and speaking of graphics, those games there are not that good to be honest in my opinion, and I am a League player. In fact that whole list of exclusives my opponent listed is bad in graphical quality compared to lets say The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Days Gone, Kingdom Hearts, Modracing, and many more exclusives the Playstation has. Now I do know the opponent wasn't saying they were better in graphics but listed just some of the most popular games (with League being the most popular multiplayer game currently I believe). However, that all still means little when it comes down to personal taste. A lot of people hate MOBA's. At this point you are just talking games, the platform is only a host,

There's a reason Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is still regarded as the number 1 game of all time on most websites and graphics were only a small factor when you compare everything else in the game.

While emulators are a thing sure, those aren't legit at all when you consider the shady ROMS. In fact, I think the roms are a grey area when it comes to using them. Most people don't own those N64 games, or the newest Zelda game, they download them illegally in a ROM to play them. So really are the pro is doing here is supporting pirating and illegal activities if you think about it. In fact, pro should just link us all his N64 games he gots on his shelf at home so we can see if he has owned the game before getting the rom. I would wager he hasn't got the n64 games, and pirated them. This actually makes the PC WORSE.

PC is an open source, so obviously the exclusive Library would be a bit bigger now, I mean you got all the flash games, website games, but when gaming started, Nintendo was king in that area and most likely isn't far behind in itself of having all these games that were only on some of the older consoles.

Again, most of these arguments still don't defeat the premise of my point that it's all a subjective opinion, personal taste, that no system is better than the other because the player chooses the system, they all have good games, the graphics are good on all the consoles. If life revolved around the 4k gaming or whatever, then pro would have to make arguments saying well you have to drive a ferrari in real life, or live in a mansion. It's just not logical, it's not a good argument. It never will be. There are many nostalgic gamers.

Going back to his list of games he pointed out, most people would probably play Last Of Us, Uncharted, Gears Of War, Halo, Little Big Planet, all the mario games, zelda games, donkey kong games MORE if they were free to play. That's the only reason League Of Legends has the most players. If it costed money, less people would be playing it.

Again, my point still stands. PC gaming is not better than console gaming. It's an opinion.
Debate Round No. 2


I never once said graphics make a game, I said that they improve your experience. If you were playing these Nintendo games you mention, and had an option to play the game at 30fps with mediocre graphics, and 120fps with ultra graphics; there is absolutely no reason anyone wouldn't choose the latter. Not only do PCs enrich graphics, they vastly improve FPS which is huuuuge in gaming. I don't know if you fully understand what this means, so here's a GIF displaying differences between 15, 30, and 60 FPS:

When you say a lot of people would rather play the newest console exclusives, you're right a lot of people would. Yet, does this make the console better? No, it means (for those people) it has the better games. The performance and versatility of the console has no factor to play when all these people look at is the games. I concede that this is opinionated, yet when comparing the available options more people have their preferred games on PC due to the e sport community. It vastly out numbers anything consoles could try and compete with.

There IS a reason Ocarina of Time is listed as the best game after all this time: They don't lower scores of games as time goes on! I don't know what you were thinking with that point, at the time Ocarina had decent if not good graphics for its time. So it scored extremely high, but as time goes on graphics improve and now if most people were to go back and play it, they wouldn't enjoy it as much. Why else would Nintendo improve graphics in their remade works? If graphics weren't so important as my opponent suggests, why did Nintendo make breath of the wild such a stunning game? Graphics DO matter, or else we'd still be playing PONG.

The only fair argument against ROMS and emulation is that a large amount of people who aren't tech savvy might have a hard time setting it up. Otherwise, ROMS are easy and safe to find and use. Furthermore, you mention it being illegal to torrent, which you are right. However, it is an option on PC which can be considered a strong pro. You might be hurting developers, but it is an option non the less.

You say Nintendo can't be far behind PC, yet the NES had around 700 games, Wii had around 1500, so we might assume if Nintendo had 1000 games per system (an unfair assumption considering not all their platforms were successful) then we get 7 consoles + 7 handhelds * 1000 games = 14, 000 total games. Now let's look at steam, which has 439 million games. 439 MILLION! We don't even need to look at the THOUSANDS of online websites with their THOUSANDS of flash games. To compare PC gaming titles with consoles is just a folly thing. Here's my source for this information:

I never said my having a PC you instantly have 4K 120 fps capability, I am just showcasing the difference between the systems. You don't need the latest and greatest PC, but if you want that it is an option. Do you want the latest and greatest console experience? Sorry it's going to be the same as every other console.

You say people only play games like League and Dota because they are free to play, and more people would be playing the Last of Us, and other titles had they been free to play. Yes, there would have been more people playing those games when they came out - but these games don't have a lasting appeal like online gaming. There would have been more people playing them for a short time, then their popularity would have died out. Furthermore, a huuuge amount of these 'free' games don't just play for free. There's micro transactions in these games that players frequently purchase so money is not a big issue for them. Here's a small poll (small considering overall player base) showcasing average people's spending:


My point was not about people would be playing the Last Of Us specifically more if it were free to play, but generally talking that if all the console games were to free to play, some of the biggest ones, you would see them being played more than League Of Legends. I can only imagine what the Halo games would shatter records for if they were free, if the next Halo game were free. Not just Halo, but others, seems my opponent is trying to hold me politically correct. League would be an afterthought, Esports would be even bigger than it currently is (I believe League is the biggest, also has a lot colleges even).

My opponent has continued on with the emulator/rom argument. Yes it is an option. It's STILL NOT LEGAL, IT'S STILL NOT LEGIT. In fact this argument for pc games being able to play the N64, Snes, PSX, and other libraries can be thrown out cause you are doing something illegally when you download a rom, a game that you haven't purchased. My opponent is telling you guys it's ok to be a cheater, you still win. It's like winning a race although you cheated to win, you still won, and it counts. No, it doesn't count. You just got away with it.

And again, my opponent is trying to tell the readers that graphics make the game when he is making a argument for it. I don't think he realizes this actually. A lot of people do not care about 4k gaming. People care about having good quality games that have a rich story, and fun multiplayer. Even some of the older generation consoles online multiplayer were fine in terms of FPS. Yes it is definitely much higher now and days but you have to think, there is more people in this world playing casually than there are playing competitively. It's a fact. Take League Of Legends for example on PC. The biggest played multiplayer game currently. I get around 30 ping, and that's more than enough to play with. You don't need single digit pings to play League, there are far more people who play league casually than there are competitively. I mean the forums speak for themselves in this regard, the ranks speak for themselves as Diamond is just the top 2% or so roughly.

Simply put, 4k gaming means little to most people in the world. Also Ocarina Of Time is still played lots, especially by speedrunners. People playing it for the first time still love it, and enjoy it although it's graphically outdated, further more just proving my point. Nintendo is a big company, people still play their games and they have a new console called the "switch" you may not know about which is still being played, and purchased.

I mean hell, Pokemon Go was the biggest app game of the year when it released and it is graphically terrible. (Yes it has dropped, but gameplay has gotten better) (I actually believe mobile gaming is going to be a big thing in the future).

How can my opponent continue the argument of his 4k, more FPS when most around the world are proving him wrong and are playing consoles, hand held games, and cell phone games? When most have said they don't care about graphics, they just want a good game, not the same call of duty game every year? He just cant, which is why he never added anything to his argument, he only clarified it. My opponent fails to realize a lot of games that run at 30 FPS are stabilize and optimized for it. So those 60 FPS games on the PC? Runs exactly the same. You wouldn't see the difference because both are optimized and run smoothly for that hardware which is why lets say Halo online, or uncharted or something look amazing but still run so smoothly.

I should have mentioned more about flexibility of consoles in the last round after he had made his argument that PC is more flexible. I forgot to say, but this is extremely IMPORTANT to REAL GAMERS. Gamers who started with a controller in the early days. We love playing at home with a friend, or family member, or our lovers when they are on the couch beside us also playing the same game!!! This is actually a big thing, and it's actually going to be a crisis and argument in the future as local multiplayer games are dying and things are becoming more online only. Even a youtuber named AlphaOmegaSin has mentioned this before. Gone are the days you play against each other, or with each other on the same screen. This was a lot of fun for lots of people. PC DOES NOT have that luxury. Four player fun, or cable linked is just a party.

A lot of owners still want a physical copy of their game, not a digital copy. Also, who cares about a expensive rig that costs you a fortune? Most people in this world go for the cheapest deals in anything. Whether it be cars, phones, anything. In this case people buying consoles over than a 2k, or 3k PC. Also, once you buy a console, you are just good to go, you don't have to worry about replacing parts for your console every so often, more than usually, they are there to last you. I cannot say that for PC. So the latest and greatest console experience is actually just better than PC if you think about it in general. It's cheaper, and it's there to last. Also more flexible than PC.

All the PC has going for it is that it has more games. More better hardware than the consoles which I have said millions of people don't care, millions of people want to play good games. There is a reason you never see a PC exclusive game being number 1 ever, or rated high on IGN or some game website. It's cause they all are terrible. League Of Legends wasn't even mentioned the year it came out on top games of the year. Actually, if you guys who haven't played League want to know something about it, I'll tell you now it has the most toxic playerbase of any game. So whats the point of my opponent making these straw men arguments? We already know. Millions do not care. If PC was truly better, console platforms would have went out of business years ago.

Now this is just an assumption but a good one. As the years go by and we head more into the future, PC gaming might just be obsolete. I mean consoles are already becoming multi media machines, now the ability to surf the internet something you could never do before with older online consoles. The ability to watch netflix, and do many other apps. Basically all those flash player websites, game websites will be right at home on video game consoles. Also, consoles will eventually be built in ways that parts can be replaced.

Again all these arguments we are both making do not mean anything, my opponent clearly has forgotten that his title of the debate was PC is the best console. Now that I think about it... PC ISN'T EVEN A CONSOLE. PC IS PC. My opponent is clearly wrong in both accounts cause for one PC isn't a console, and two, it's subjective opinion as I have mentioned which he fails to prove it is not. He only talks about what the PC can do. We all know PC can do a lot more, has the most games, but nobody cares, there are millions around the world who play console games (more highly rated) which again proves him wrong. For PC to be better than consoles, there would have to be an official ruling. There isn't. It's an opinion.

So who is there to say that PC is better than console? Only you the reader. Does that make you correct? No. It just means you prefer playing PC over consoles, or vice versa. Someone might love playing League, or World Of Warcraft, but a whole lot of people might love just playing their favorite shooter on their console with their loved ones.

Do you want to sit confined in your chair to a PC or would you rather lay back on the couch? I miss the old Mario Party days playing split screen, and the Halo parties and get together. Would you rather play a high FPS game that is bad in quality, or a good rated game that is stable with lower FPS but optimized? It's down to your taste. Millions have said they would rather play their console still, and console gaming is improving on what it can do.

PC is not better than consoles, it's an subjective opinion, and personal taste.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RobloxLove6969 1 year ago
1- pc is not a console peasant.
2- it is not better than Xbox one because roblox exists for free and I am the best at it I could beat any of you at the spedrun game mode or the slenderman fight emoji laughing face
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
+1 like
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago

Posted by FinderOuter23 2 years ago
btw 1k is not a mid tier pc that a low high tier. I wish i had a 1k pc. I would say mid tier is about low 300s and high mid tier about 750 dollars
Posted by SimonSmasher 2 years ago
@masterful those are good points, wish I had thought of them at the time; but the debate has started and I don't want to introduce new points halfway through :P
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
You should have mentioned the massive E-sports following that PC games like Starcraft and league of legends have accumulated. Bringing millions of fans and $ to the industry.

Perhaps an argument concerning pirate games would have been worthy. There are many ways to get free games for your PC and save 100s of $. This may be morally wrong, but who cares?


The steam store has 781 million registered games. Meaning there is a lot more games on PC than all other consoles combined, by about ten fold.
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