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PC v Console

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Started: 10/25/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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PC - Pro/For (Myself)
Console - Con/Against (Contender)
First round is acceptance. Three day response time
Best of luck to anyone who accepts.
With the broad topic, I am referring to: cost/performance/graphical power. Not a single particular section but rather the general overall power, ability to have components changed and capability of the machine.

PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RESPOND. Has happened multiple times and I have become frustrated with people not responding.


I will argue for the sake of Console gaming based off of the price of entry. A next gen console will run you about $300 - $400 + a game for $60 depending if you get games in a bundle or not. Out the door within the first 6 months you're more than likely to spend around $500. With a PC you're going to be spending a minimum of $500 to build a budget PC (not including monitor, peripherals, games, etc.). You will most likely get a game with a decent new GPU, but out the gate the average gaming pc is still much more than a console. You do miss certain exclusives that make the console worth while, not to mention if you like certain genre's of games are specifically designed for console.
Debate Round No. 1


-PC/laptops have been around for a long time, not to say consoles have not, but there has been a vast improvement in the capability of these machines. In the early days, computers would take up an entire room and would be able to do basic tasks. Since the first computer in 1946, they have become more personal and much more powerful. By the time 1981 rolled around, these machines that would take up an entire room, was now capable of being brought around with you on your travels. Computers now are have a vast capability of storing countless amounts of information, running games that would impress anyone, availability to create mods for games or just create your own game.
-Cost, this can be pushed either way, you can choose to spend $400-$600 on a console which is a rather set sticker price. On PC/laptops you have the ability to spend $300 to the upwards of $10,000. Obviously the more you spend the better performance you will receive. Because of this price range there is a lot of flexibility in parts, size and capability of the machine you are looking into making. In all fairness, you never expect to spend the amount that you want on a pc, it normally go over, while on console it's a set price and not changing.
-Performance, for console it's normally going to be a 'what you see is what you get' kind of situation. For PC, you have a vast majority of choices that will enhance your performance, and you also have the possibility to change the graphics card. On console you do not have as easy of a upgrading parts. You can build a PC from scratch while the console just comes at a sticker price and what the performance is would be rather standard and unavailable to change.
-Graphical Process Power, along the same lines as performance, what you see is what you get for console. PC has a wide variety of choices to choose from and possess the capabilities for upgrades.

If there are any other topics you wish to touch on, please feel free too, I shall respond next round
Best of luck!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by simcityguy09 2 years ago
PlayStation is better than PC but PC is better than XBOX.
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