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PC v Console

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Started: 10/29/2016 Category: Games
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CON- Console


Has happened 3 times already and it is so annoying.
Three day response time
10,000 character response
With the broad topic, I am referring to: cost/performance/graphical power. Not a single particular section but rather the general overall power, ability to have components changed and capability of the machine.

Best of luck.


I accept,
Debate Round No. 1


-PC/laptops have been around for a long time, not to say consoles have not, but there has been a vast improvement in the capability of these machines. In the early days, computers would take up an entire room and would be able to do basic tasks. Since the first computer in 1946, they have become more personal and much more powerful. By the time 1981 rolled around, these machines that would take up an entire room, was now capable of being brought around with you on your travels. Computers now are have a vast capability of storing countless amounts of information, running games that would impress anyone, availability to create mods for games or just create your own game.
-Cost, this can be pushed either way, you can choose to spend $400-$600 on a console which is a rather set sticker price. On PC/laptops you have the ability to spend $300 to the upwards of $10,000. Obviously the more you spend the better performance you will receive. Because of this price range there is a lot of flexibility in parts, size and capability of the machine you are looking into making. In all fairness, you never expect to spend the amount that you want on a pc, it normally go over, while on console it's a set price and not changing.
-Performance, for console it's normally going to be a 'what you see is what you get' kind of situation. For PC, you have a vast majority of choices that will enhance your performance, and you also have the possibility to change the graphics card. On console you do not have as easy of a upgrading parts. You can build a PC from scratch while the console just comes at a sticker price and what the performance is would be rather standard and unavailable to change.
-Graphical Process Power, along the same lines as performance, what you see is what you get for console. PC has a wide variety of choices to choose from and possess the capabilities for upgrades.

If there are any other sections you wish to touch on, please feel free too, I shall respond next round
Best of luck!


-Cost: You can buy an Xbox One S for 299$ for the most of the time. This is for a new console. A used one is usually cheaper. Now buying a PC that can match the performance while having the same price is very difficult. You can't use used parts in building one because then the price for the XB1S used is way cheaper. It can be a set price but you get consistency. In a tournament, you can be sure that the console they have there will be the same as the one you have. Consoles have the consistency.
-Performance/Graphical Power-See above. You get consistency along with a fair price. There is another section that I wish to discuss and that is optimization. I think it is best if we leave that for next round though and let the 3rd round be about that. the last one can be a summary/good game type of thing.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, the cost may be consistent but that leaves little to no room for expansion, you can put a few hundred dollars in at first and upgrade overtime with PC. Console is the set price and yes it may be on a level playing field for tournaments, but it is also the same for PC gaming (League of Legends for example), they will order X amount of PC's that are necessary for any amount of players at any given time.


Yes xbox comes as what you see is what you get, but PC has the chance to be upgraded for optimization to the buyers standard or budget. With room for expansion and easy access, the PC would take the crown if budget was not something that holds you back. If it is, you can always just spend a little on a PC and upgrade slowly over time instead of blowing a large amount of money at once. PC has more versatility for upgrades and changes to the functionality and performance.

Next round (round four) should be conclusions on why your side, PC or console, is better than the other, no debating against each other, just put what you think defends your side.

Good luck! :D


Ok. I think consoles are better for a few reasons. Consistency, game optimization, and ease of access. Pcs can have these but having one sacrifices the other if you are on a budget. Consoles have all 3 of these at a fair price.
Consistency: If I am playing a game with my friend on console, I know we are having the same experience. No one has an advantage or disadvantage. This is fair especially online. When playing multiplayer, we all have the same specs and framerate. Now on PC, I think you can decide from here.
Game Optimization: Games tend to be more optimized on consoles than PC. I mean look at Batman Arkham Knight. Everyone has the same console so it is easier to optimize a game while PC has many different factors that devs need to account for leading to worse optimization.
Ease of access: Consoles are extremely easy to use. Buy, plug in, play. All at a cheap price. Now a PC on the other hand is tougher. You can make your own cheaply but that ruins the ease of access factor. You can buy a prebuilt one but those are usually more expensive.
I understand the advantages of Pc however. Consoles are more budget friendly. PC is superior if budget isn't holding you back but most of us have a budget and consoles are more budget friendly. There is one factor that ultimately decides what you should get. Friends. If your friends have a console, get a console. If they have a PC, get a PC. Friends make the experience the best. What machine you play on doesn't matter if you have no friends to play it with.
Debate Round No. 3


Consistency: I have to disagree here, even if your PC's aren't running at the exact same rate, as long as it functions properly and functions well, it would be very even.

Game Optimization: This I completely disagree with 100%. PC by far takes the crown for graphics and game optimization. Games can me modded (older GTA games for example) to run even better than it was originally intended. Console you don't have the option to mod and customize the graphics as openly as you do for PC games.

Ease of access: Yes consoles are just plug in and play, but building a PC from scratch is probably one of the most satisfying accomplishments someone can do for themselves. Yes, it may be expensive but when you turn it on and everything works, it is an absolutely amazing feeling of joy and satisfaction. A lot of people tend to stay away from pre-built computers for one of two reasons. Price or lack of experience in building their own. I built my own in three hours with a friend and it felt so much better than just plugging in a console that is straight out of the box.

Consoles CAN be more budget friendly, it is a matter of how long you choose to wait to purchase it. If you were to buy the xbox one w/ connect, it would run you 500$, you can get your average starter PC for that price. Obviously the longer you wait, the prices will drop for both PC and console, and that's is disregarding sales, PC parts are always going on sale due to overstock or just wanting to push out more merchandise. Consoles are normally on sale on holidays or special events.

I agree when you say it's defiantly a matter of which of your friends play on PC or console. But besides the fact, I feel PC would take the crown due to the mass versatility that comes with it.

I appreciate you responding in a timely manner and not just forgetting the rounds and going AFK from the site.
It was a pleasure to debate with you and I wish you the best of luck.


One round left. I don't think anything else that hasn't been said needs to be said. This was a great debate and the opponent has great points. Disagreements exist but this is a debate so that is expected. I had a great time. I am also curious about the results. Lets see how this goes.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Hybrid_Chaos 2 years ago
@stormsasuke180 - Thank you as well, you were defiantly a great opponent and you had a great side of your debate. I look forward to seeing the results.
Posted by stormsasuke180 2 years ago
Great debate and I learned a few things. If you can prove me wrong, great. I can switch to PC if they are easy options that you have. Thank you for this.
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