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PC vs Video Game Consoles

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Started: 10/6/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am a PC gamer and I want to hear from console gamers and how consoles are better than PC. You can choose any console such as Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, or just say "consoles". CHALLENGE ME NOW!!!!


As a owner of both PC and console, I would like to say that console is with no doubt a better choice for gaming.
I'd like to discuss on this stance with three standpoints, purpose, capability and number of players online in major games that requires multi-player content.

To begin with, console is built for gaming and gaming only. Console is a machine which is designed to optimize gaming experience and enable players to stay focused on gaming in their game time. Unlike computers which will use a lot of RAMs and memories in running the OS, consoles are way simpler, they put all RAMs on the running the game. When you purchase a console you know that you"re getting an inexpensive system that will run many of your favorite games for 4-5 years and that you won"t have to worry about the sometimes buggy optimization of them. Hence, in terms of long term performance, console wins.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't think you can just post your facts and opinions and just easily say "Consoles wins".
What do you think the words "Gaming PC" stands for?
Yes, I know, it's like 10 times more expensive then normal consoles but it's all for gaming, it's for web browsing and stuff, can you do that in most of the consoles? Because if they can't, I don't wanna use my phone while playing on a console to search Wikipedia, encyclopedia and stuff to learn and know the secret about my games, such as knowing item codes for Minecraft, where I can find grenade launcher in the map, Hazard, and many more. But in PC, you can just easily find out by just doing a thing called multitasking, play games why you do other things. Also, you can get ALL the games that you use to play on consoles, and if you have a console with like no storage, you gotta put in game disk every time you wanna play something, and if you lose the disk? Welp, you gotta pay more money to get it again. Let's compare this to PC, yes, there are game disks for PC uses, but who in the world uses them these days? People use Steam, Origin, and more cloud-saving software to download, save, and play games, and if you break your PC and get another one, you won't need to pay for the games again, just log in to your Steam or Origin and booyah.
And who uses consoles to have a tournament and compete? Many gaming program uses PC, like ESL and more.
Another point is that you can use gaming hardware to play PC games, such as using a Xbox controller to play Call of Duty on my PC, and don't forget that PC actually has faster processors, way better graphic cards, and way bigger storage.

My point is PC has everything that you can do with consoles and it can even have more things that you can't do with console, so instead of just hearing your own opinion and fact and just stating that you win, you gotta listen and think about someone else's point.


Thank you for your justification on why PC are better. However, I believe that some of the points can be further discussed.

First, as for the point that PC allows players to multitask, I have to disagree that it is more convenient. In fact, a use of the secondary monitor ( iPad, tablets etc.) will provide a better date-researching experience for gamers if they need some tips and tricks for the game. Just imagine yourself sitting on a coach, enjoying the game while having your favorite beverage, you would prefer a tablet showing all the informations you need like the stats of the enemy, weakness spot etc. to command+tab and take a peek at the cheatsheet. Having more than one monitor showing useful information are with no doubt better in terms of in-game experience. If you really want to search for cheats and shortcuts within one machine, some state-of-the-art consoles like PS4 can cater your needs.

Secondly, in terms of the easiness to carry games, it is true that online markets like Steam and Origin can provide a platform for you to download all bought games, however if for some reason you lose your account or Steam stops working, you lose everything you ever bought. Also, it raise another problem to PC users, since we know that a game is occupying us 30GBs of storage, do PC users really have the storage space to cater the needs, say having 10*30 = 300GBs just for the games? I do believe it is not an always YES.

As for the point that disks are way worse than downloading from the Internet, I have to disagree, in order to compare gaming PC and consoles, we should put in some situations so that we can compare them on common ground. In many countries like China, Taiwan and other LDCs, the Internet service is simply in one word- crappy. To install GTAV which is approximately 38GBs, they have to spend more than a week to download it and install it. THATS HORRIBLE! Even in America, some ISPs have download cap which will limit the speed for downloading. It will cause serious issue and I mean real serious. Imagine how desperate you will be if you just cannot download the game that you want to play so hard, all in a sudden online shop seems not that utopic, isn't it? Think for the people with poor Internet, for them, consoles with DVDs will be a better choice as it is designed to plug and play.

What about the point that PCs have more online player? Yes, it is true that some games on PC like League of Legends ( 1000million games per day I guess?) are popular and have a lot of online players. Yet, this is a free game. When considering games that you have to buy it, say COD or NBA2K16, which you have to be legit to play online, console player outnumbered PC gamers. I am not saying that all PC gamers are pirates and they only download SKIDROW games. Yet, many of them are. It can be told by Konami, that the sales on PC are way less then on consoles. Not because of the fewer amount of players, but the seriousness of piracy. This is the reason why games like FIFA15 have way more online players on consoles than PC. I am not saying that piracy is encouraged, just it is the truth and it is a generally accepted phenomenon in the gaming industry.

Most people have a cheap laptop or HP desktop and don't know what building a computer, or even what a GPU is... So it is really good to say that as PC actually has faster processors, way better graphic cards, and way bigger storage, it is better in general? Consoles are very easy for kids and casual gamers to buy and hook up. So its okay to say more people are console gamers as it's easy for kids because they usually play off of their parents HD setup and the price of consoles are appealing to parents. A lot of people also have HD setups as sort of a standard and buying a console would be much easier for them. I agree with PC master race believers that PCs are able to create many possibilities with the high-end GTX 980Tis and i7 Quad Core processors, but, for most of the middle class which do not have many spare money to spend, consoles are a better choice in terms of economy.

Not everyone in the society can afford expensive prices for display cards ( $1,500 Radeon R9 295X2 and $2,999 GeForce GTX Titan Z). Hence, as consoles are cheaper and easier to enter your house (Chinese Sayings meaning being accepted due to cheap price), I believe it is better for the general public. What we are talking today should be about the gaming experience only so I think it is inappropriate to tell us that there are a lot of things that PC can while console cannot, all in all, consoles specializes in providing the best gaming experience to the gamers while PCs are designed not only for gaming.

Thus, I believe consoles are better for gaming.

p.s.: I thought the format should be like what we actually do in debate so I used xxxx win as an end. Apology if it makes any misunderstanding.
Debate Round No. 2


FPSKorea1 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent forfeited the round, I will not raise any new point.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Blade0886 3 years ago
Funny how all PC Pro's in a PC vs console debate forfeit last round.
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