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PCs are superior to consoles

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Started: 5/3/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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PCs are far more superior than consoles for gaming. The reasons as to why will be listed below.

Cheaper:Despite what many say, PCs are much cheaper than consoles. A good example would be this video The last generation consoles could not even pull off a 64 player game of Battlefield 3, and as a matter of fact, this 100 dollar pc runs at around the same fps as the last gen consoles while running a 64 player match on HIGH. You cannot adjust the Console graphics, so the Xbox360 and PS3 are stuck at around low. Not only are the PCs cheap, but also the money saved overtime is helpful. I have around 600 dollar worth of games. Of course, being the penny pincher I am, I only buy them on sale. So the total money I have spent on the 600 dollars worth of games is around 300. If you don't believe me, look at pictures of the steam summer sale.

2)Mature audience
It is a bit hard to explain, so I will tell a story. Billy, a 7 year old, saw some gameplay of a cool game called Call Of Duty on youtube and wants to play it. He asks his parents, "Can I get a computer?" Now, imagine the same story, but this time Billy says, "Can I get an xbox?" Which one do you think his parent's will say yes to? You can also tell which audience is more mature based on the games. On consoles, mindless shootem up games like Halo and Call of Duty are popular, and these games require no skills. Honestly, a 5 year old kid (and I have heard them on the mic countless times) with severe ADHD armed with a few perks, grenades, and a knife could destroy a man armed with a rifle and sidearm. On the PC, games require more strategy and team work. I play a wide variety of games, from turn based games like Civ, to strategy shooters like insurgenct, to ridiculous shootem up games like Overkill. I can honestly say I no longer hear little kids cursing in the mic. Instead, I hear people using TEAMWORK. Since Battlefield 3 is on both consoles and PC, I will use it once again as an example. On Battlefield, rarely do I hear communications between players on consoles. Sometimes I even see people straying away from their squads. However, on PC, sticking to your squads is a must, and often times I see in the chatbox, "MOVE UP," or "FLANK LEFT."

3)Exclusives and F2Ps
I'm not even gonna argue this. Just go onto the steam shop. It makes the console's bragging of new exclusives and free monthly games with online look like a joke.

4)Ability to play games with better settings
With a 550 dollar PC, I can crank up my settings to high, sometimes even ultra, running 30-60 fps. A great example is the test Gamespot did when they tried to build budget PCs

5)Modding Games
Modding games can make the game itself seem almost like a new experience. For example, some modders made Just Cause 2 have multiplayer servers of over 100 players. Also, in GTA4, fun mods like the zombie mod, which turns everyone into zombies, are still enjoyable. Another great modable game is Skyrim. After modding my game, I can no longer play vanilla skyrim again. For one, I completely revamped the graphics. Textures in skyrim aren't too good, and in my personal opinion, the world of Skyrim seemed gray and boring. A great example would be this I have also modded the combat to make it more strategic. In the vanilla game, it was a hack and slash style game. However, with the mod locational damage. The NPCs and I will try and hit the more vital parts of the body to take the most damage out of our opponents. Also, with many other mods, NPCs act smarter and more realistic. For example, mages will use smart spell combos, like if I was a warrior, he would use a spell to first slow me down, then one to decrease my stamina.


On the note of cost: While the cost is a appealing feature for PC's, its important to know that developers are shying away from the PC scene because with the console market being much more lucrative and available, they have a chance to make much more money and soon developers will make a complete shift to console gaming. It's simple, game companies go where the money is, and consoles are where the sales come in. In 2012, over 32 million software units were sold for PC's or like produce (computers). Compare this to the combined sale from Xbox, PS3, and Wii reaching over 331 million units sold, this number completely demolishes the sales of the PC. Look at GTA V, they sold over 25 million copies, without a PC port. Sure they'll get to it one day, but they know where to butter the bread. (P.S. The sales demographic for PC doesn't count F2P). Another issue is that gaming is a constantly evolving industry, with games coming out with the latest and greatest hardware. Most consoles today have graphics set for the next couple years of gaming, no changes needed. However, with consoles, you'll most likely be needing to reguraly update and change your graphics card as the years go by, eventually putting more money into your system. Think of it like this. A gas engine car costs around 30,000 dollars, while most hybrids today are 45-50,000 dollars. Sure you're getting better mileage, but it'll take 10 years to equal the value you could've got if you got the gas car.

Usability/Set-up: Consoles have been long regarded for their ease of use and set up. While some people argue for PC saying that as long as you're educated about computers, PCs become easy to use, you have to understand that some people, most people, seek instant gratification, and consoles feed that desire. A PC requires many different components, files, software, firmware and many different pieces and parts to make your gaming experience enjoyable. Consoles are simple. A cable to your TV; a cable to your internet, and a little on screen setups, and you're ready to go in less than 20 minutes.
It's also a snowball like effect, people go to where their friends are, and even the most hardcore PC gamer that swears his allegiance with his right hand on his gaming tower, if his friends all game on console, he'll eventually buy one. Even tablets are slowly taking over PC sales. Estimated demographics say that tablets such as the Surface and Note will outsell PC's by the year 2017

Your argument on mature audience is somewhat opinionated and irrelevant. I can tell you from someone who has played on all platforms, i have gotten a number of childish players while playing TF2 and CS:GO, i mean look at TF2, why would a 10 year old ask for an xbox to play games when he can play TF2 for FREE. All platforms have their audiences, you can't just single out a group. Ive seen children on Xbox PS3 and PC, and I've seen serious teamwork driven players on all systems.

Plus for you to even mention points and not even argue them, only hurts you. Imagine if political debates worked like that, a candidate can't just, not argue about foreign policy.

And the mentioning of settings, does it really make a difference on play settings and graphics, hell most graphics the human eye can't even distinguish that well.


Common sense and logic
Debate Round No. 1


I will admit it was not proffesional to state an argument and not back it up.
Combining the sales of all consoles would not be fair. Instead, let us compare the numbers of the Xbox 360. As of January 2011 there have been approximately fifty million Xbox 360 game consoles sold. Although I could not find the 2012 numbers, this shows that PC sale numbers are not grossly few in numbers as you say. Also, according to industry research company DFC Intelligence PC games now make more money than console games. David Cole, owner of the company, stated that PCs are a necessity, so they have a much broader audience. This shows potential in the PC gaming industry. GTA is one of the only few examples of once PC games being only on consoles. PC has its own exclusives such as Sid Meier Civilization 5, Insurgency, Arma, DayZ, etc etc.

Updating pc parts is often something that is misunderstood. Honestly, after someone has been playing games on high settings, what he expects is high settings. That said, if I built a pc with the same specs as the ps4, I could play next gen games with the same settings as a console. And most of the time graphic problems are not noticed since most people play consoles with a TV. Many games on consoles do not even have anti-aliasing. Take Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us. I honestly love the game and I praise it for its story and gameplay, but recently I hooked up my PS3 to my monitor, and once you sit up close, you really start to notice the graphical downfalls. The game, not only praised for its story and gameplay, but also its beauty, looked ugly. Because of the low/no anti-aliasing, all the edges looked jagged. Little details looked like splotches of color. For example, when shining a light on an NPCs eyes, the eyes look as if they were glowing. I even started noticing bushes appearing in the distance. Talk about view distance.....

My personal opinion of set-up is that I don't mind having to work a day to play better games on higher settings. Also, if you do not feel like making your own computer, you can buy a prebuilt one, or pay a company or friend to build one for you. After getting the PC working and running, all it takes is the usual connect to Wi-fi, download steam and get whatever games you want. As for the snowball effect, once again, everyone has a PC in their house. Most of my console playing friends have a steam account. Even though they spend no money on PC games, they still enjoy free to plays like TF2 and often times gifted games. And honestly once again, the sales draw them in.

I will admit my argument for mature audience is opinionated, but their is some proof. For example, CS:GO has casual servers and non casual servers. This is to serve both the serious gamers with the casual ones. With non casual servers, there are penalties for actions like leaving games early. This helps seperate casual from serious.

As for the graphics, sometimes when you play consoles, you get used to the graphics, however, textures on PC games are usually much better. Here is a picture of the different settings of skyrim. . As for frame rates, a good frame rate can really help you get immersed in the game. Search up BF4 60 FPS on google. Youtube automatically downgrades it to 30 FPS. You can tell how smooth the 60 FPS is


LogicRules1995 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


In response to your argument of game devs shying away from the pc market, what you say is not true. Even at a full price of, say 60 dollars on consoles, developers arguably make more money from the game being sold on Steam for 75% off. This is due to the fact that PC has no per-sale royalty fees, no development kit fees, no submission fees, and no cost of physically manufacturing/shipping/stocking their product. The money you used to buy their game goes directly to the developer's pocket.

Also, more on the upgrading thing. If your PC does happen to start lagging behind other high end computers, you can always overclock the CPU. Overclocking is when you modify the CPU to make it more powerful. Of course, I would highly recommend you educate yourself before doing this, or at best, let a smart PC friend do it for you. This is a simple, free way to upgrade your PC.

One argument I repeatedly see when arguing against those who favor consoles is that they cannot see the difference between 30fps and 60 fps. Their are many reasons for this. The most popular reason is because most people watch gameplay on youtube. Youtube is always capped at around 30 fps. Also, anything below 46fps can strain the eye. This is what Thomas Edison discovered after studying the old film strips back in his day. A study at the University of Massachusetts concluded that not only was the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps noticeable, but also the player's performance improved when the fps was raised

Another argument I constantly hear is FOV. Many people who play consoles say their is no difference between 60 fov to 90 fov, but that is simply no true in this link below . Many devs lower the fov on consoles to increase performance. The great thing about PC gaming is is that you can adjust the fov to whatever you like.

Also, PCs can be used as a tax write off. PCs are used in just about any modern jobs. Whereas obviously, consoles cannot.


LogicRules1995 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Conservative101 7 years ago
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