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PS4 is better than X box

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Started: 1/17/2018 Category: Games
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I think PS4 is way better than X box because the PS4 has way more better games(Just for fun)


Hello friend! I look forward to this debate with you. Let's begin shall we :)?
I will have to be concise here, since it's late and I have homework to do.

XBOX has superior graphics, for one thing. They give you a lot higher quality pictures, and the color is a lot clearer than a PS4 is.
Not only that, but XBOX loads faster, at least during the times I have played both of them. If this were xbox vs wii, I would say wii for this one, but this is not the case, so I will lay claim xbox loads faster.
Thirdly, XBOX offers a lot better games, and you can play Madden, MLB, and almost anything on XBOX with a disc. With PS4, you need SD Cards, and your supply of games, at least from what I have seen is noticeably decreased.

I rest my case for round 1 and I am sorry for being so brief but being in college, I have a lot going on right now and need to be brief in arguments quite often if I am to stay active here.
Back to you, my friend, and thanks for the debate! I am happy to do it with you.
Debate Round No. 1


I am pleased with what you had to say. I'll begin. I believe that PS4 is way better than X-Box just because the X-Box company is barely coming out with new games, but the PS4 company is coming out with loads of new games.

Thank You for accepting this debate


It is my pleasure to debate with you my friend.
Let us now commence Round II.
My argument here is very brief, but also I hope insightful.
I accept your statement to be true. However, let me argue something about that here.
If XBOX is coming out with new games at a slower rate, you can probably assume they are taking their time to make higher quality games. PS4 probably has some very good quality games, I'll admit.
However, from my experiences in playing XBOX I have seen that they are for the most part, very high quality. It seems if XBOX is barley coming out with new or at the least, improved games, they must be investing a lot of time into making them.
You don't want a bad graphics, sound, or plot line video game, and if you rush something, it can backfire. I worry that if PS4 keeps pushing new games out at a rapid-fire pace, they will produce games that are less than par for the course in quality.
XBOX seems to be taking steps to insure they do not come out with low quality games, by producing them at a much slower pace, to develop the full potential said game, or games have to offer the player/s.
Thank you for this debate, and I cannot wait for your arguments, my friend.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, I believe that if XBOX started coming out with new games, then yes XBOX is way better. At this rate, PS4 is better. Its rate of games coming out is fast. Even if you don"t upgrade to the Pro, you"ll still get better performance on a PS4 than an Xbox One. Most developers have managed to get their games running at full 1080p on PS4, but the same games often play at 900p on Xbox One. That detail has persisted from launch up to current games: Mass Effect: Andromeda, for example, runs at a lesser resolution on Xbox than PS4.

Brought to you by Toms Guide
Your turn Bro, Good Luck


Thank you for a wonderful and compelling debate for us both on a rather fun topic my friend. Regarding refutals, I have none, tom's guide is a reputable source.
I will for my final argument say this, XBOX one for me has had better sound quality than PS4 at least in the times I have tried both of them, I am a lot better at using a Wii :).
XBOX seems to capture the sounds of the game clearer, and they are much louder when you press the increase volume button on your remote.
Every time I have dealt with a PS4, I can barley hear the sound coming through the game. Maybe with the pro it's different, I have yet to try it.
All I know is that XBOX clearly has had good sound, every time I have dealt with it. Maybe PS4 has something I haven't found to alter the volume, but I have never heard sound clearly with it.
I rest my case here.
Good luck my friend and thank you for the debate! I turn the floor over to the voters.
Debate Round No. 3
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