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Parental consent for Abortion

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Started: 3/20/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I will debate that parental consent should not be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions.

Here are a few definitions of some terms.

Definition of underage pregnant women: A woman under the age of 18 years old who is pregnant.

Definition of abortion: Any of the various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy.

Definition of The abortion pill: A medicine that ends an early pregnancy. In general, it can be used up to 63 days — 9 weeks — after the first day of a woman's last period. Women who need an abortion and are more than 9 weeks pregnant can have an in clinic abortion. The name for "the abortion pill" is mifepristone. It was called RU-486 when it was being developed. (1)

Definition of in-clinic Abortions: The most common is called aspiration. It is also known as vacuum aspiration. Aspiration is usually used up to 16 weeks after a woman's last period. D&E — dilation and evacuation — is another kind of in-clinic abortion. D&E is usually performed later than 16 weeks after a woman's last period. (1)

Parental consent is not necessary to have an abortion. The parents of the women do not decide when their daughter should have a child, nor should they decide whether their daughter gives birth to that child. If a woman is at the age of being able to conceive a baby they are then fully responsible for their own decisions.

Adolescents are often concerned about what other people think of them. In many cases of teenage pregnancies they choose not to tell their parents in fear of disappointment. Adolescents may have been responsible while being sexually active in regards to contraception, and something may have gone wrong. For example, if a female is on the birth control pill and taking an antibiotic at the same time because she is sick there is a chance that the antibiotic will interfere, maybe she was unaware of this, another example is if they chose to use a condom and it broke. These are two examples that can happen whether it is adolescents or adults that result in unplanned pregnancies even though they used contraception.

Adolescents are also going through a lot in their mind. Many teenagers feel they cannot raise a child financially and mentally. If an adolescent feels their parents are going to make a decision for them they are most likely going to keep their pregnancy a secret. Parents who are opposed to abortion may force their daughter to continue with a pregnancy. Other parents may disapprove of their daughter being pregnant to the extent that they throw their daughter out of the house, become physically and emotionally abusive, and disown their daughter. Teenagers often are afraid of the consequences they will have to face when telling their parents.

(1) Planned Parenthood


Parents should know if their underage is having an abortion. First of all, we must understand what UNDERAGE means. It means literally that you are "UNDER--- AGE." That means the child is not only property of their parent, but they must have control in what their child does. According to the law, you belong to you parent until you turn eighteen years old. If a seventeen year old girl get pregnant from someone she knows ,and is going to have a baby, should tell her parents. If she believes that she is not ready to care for the baby, still tell your parents, and ask for their consent on whether or not to get an abortion. You may be ashamed to tell, but you must remember that the girl is the one who got pregnant, and if you got pregnant you should not be ashamed of what you have done, because you did. The parents will probably get mad for a while, but they have the right to. After a while they will sit down with you have a nice conversation, and talk about abortion and what it means, and consider it ...
Thank you,
(good luck to you in the next two rounds....)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking on this debate, Good Luck!

My opponent states "It means literally that you are "UNDER--- AGE." That means the child is not only property of their parent, but they must have control in what their child does." If that is what underage means then let's take a quick side note. The drinking age is 21 years old, if a 20 year old is drinking in their own apartment (where they live without their parents, pay their own bills, etc.) their parent should have control in what their child is doing? I find that to be absurd that a child is considered "property" of their parents.

I will now get back to the debate on abortion and parental consent.

I would like you to consider rape. Once again my opponent states "you got pregnant you should not be ashamed of what you have done, because you did." If the adolescent was raped, by force, drugs, drinking, whatever it may be, and had sex without her consent and became pregnant often they will feel ashamed. Rape victims often feel guilt, powerless, embarrassed, and ashamed. Which is also another reason for an adolescent to feel uneasy about talking to their parents, not only would their daughter have to explain the rape but also relive it in their mind. (1)

Another issue with receiving parental consent can be the delay in the abortion process. Parental consent can impose a delay into the abortion process, which increases the likelihood of complications. Generally speaking, the earlier in pregnancy an abortion takes place, the safer it is. The adolescent can now face health problems if their parent does not agree to have an abortion. For the mother's health, it is better not to require parental consent so it does not delay the process. If the parents take their time in discussing the issue at hand their daughter will be in danger.



If the girl was raped that means they should defiantly tell their parents. They could take it to trial and get the person charged. If the adolescent has a lot going through their mind then the parents should be notified, and prospect counseling. That would not only let the child let them express their feelings, but emotional stress and pressure too. Although their is not much for me to say.... I believe I have stated my point clearly.
Also, can CON ask more questions to be answered.
Wish all the best....
Debate Round No. 2


The American Medical Association noted that because "the need for privacy may be compelling, minors may be driven to desperate measures to maintain the confidentiality of their pregnancies. They may run away from home, obtain a 'back alley' abortion, or resort to self-induced abortion. The desire to maintain secrecy has been one of the leading reasons for illegal abortion deaths since...1973." (1)

It is important for adolescents to be able to have an abortion with out parental consent due to the quote I have stated above this. Women who choose to not tell their parents but are serious about having an abortion may come to the conclusion of have a "back alley" abortion which can become extremely dangerous. Also, it has been common for women to hide their pregnancy and then ‘toss away' their baby at the end because they could not have an abortion. If parental consent is not necessary women will be able to have an abortion if that is what they choose.

A study of abortions by researchers at Baruch College at City University of New York showed that Texas teens who were between 17 years, 6 months old and 18 years old were 34% more likely to have an abortion in the much riskier second trimester than young women who were 18 or older when they became pregnant. This causes a dangerous procedure, and the baby to be at fuller development. Not only would the mother of the baby be at a higher risk of complications such as death and infections but it would be more traumatic.

Another point I would like to bring up for consideration would be what if the women wanted to keep the child? Under age adolescents can make up their own mind and what if their parents said they must have an abortion. If their was parental consent then they would be able to sign for their daughter to have an abortion against her own will.

(1)American Medical Association, Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, "Mandatory Parental Consent to Abortion," JAMA, Vol. 269, # 1 (1993-JAN-6), Page 83.


Sorry about this, but I have exactly 5 minutes until I have to reply without forfeiting, so I have to make this short and simple.

I see with the previous rounds that we each have been stating our points over again. As I said "children," are children. If they are accidentally pregnant, purposely pregnant, whatever, they should have parental consent. The child is still responsible of what has happened to tell their parent. If the parents want their child to have an abortion that is okay, because they are living in their house, using their money, and not paying any bills.

I must end here because I have one minute left, sorry.
Debate Round No. 3


Thats okay I am posting now so you can take some time to think :)

Of course in a perfect world parents want their children to be able to come to them with anything that is on their mind. Parents often want to be involved in their teenager's lives. However, in the world we live in today it is not always possible for teens to communicate in the home they are living in. We do not know their situation they can be in a loving supportive family, or they can be in a foster family who doesn't care about them. Some teens cannot talk to whomever they live with whether it be their parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, or even strangers.

The most important thing is that the adolescent remains healthy and safe. We cannot force people to talk, but by pressuring teens into talking to their parents can cause many other issues, such as mental issues, trust issues, psychological, and physical.

A scared teen will not want to go to the doctor if they know their parents would find out. It is more important for a teen to be safe and go to the doctor to talk to a professional about their options whether it be an abortion, adoption, etc. the teen should be able to go without parental notification and permission. This can cause health complications if the teen does not seek help and doctor visitation for both their own body and their baby.

Another point I'd like to bring up is if the woman went to the doctor with her parents and the baby has a disease that will affect them for the rest of their life, or if the baby has a defect that will affect the way they are treated and live. The mother of the child may want to have an abortion because she feels it would be cruel to bring a baby into a world knowing it will have a hard life. Her parents may not agree to it therefore the mother of the child should be able to make her own decision if she is the one raising the baby, maybe she won't be able to afford the medical bills the baby would require or tend to its special needs.


princetongurl forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Unfortunately my opponent forfeited the previous round.

To conclude in this debate I would once again like to state that it not important for parental consent during an underage abortion. Parental consent can impose a delay into the abortion process, which increases the likelihood of complications. Parental consent can cause women to drive out of state to where there is no parental consent causing risk in traveling. Parental consent can cause back alley abortion for those who are afraid of their parents. Also, it could cause families to be torn, daughters disowned, and abused.

Over all I feel I made my debate in the previous rounds and I will let my opponent end this round.


princetongurl forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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