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Parenting is not a human right

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Started: 2/28/2014 Category: Society
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Parenting is not a human right but rather it's a privileged. Not all people should be given the right to be parents.


Parenting is not a human right but rather it's a privileged. Not all people should be given the right to be parents.

human should be given the right to be parents , get this clear , im meaning of the right that someone can have a choice to decide if they want to be , or not to be is up to their right as a human.
what happen if a law taken away your right as human to give birth ? which mean leave you with only one optional only.

The freedom of human right is start by being able to make a choices
if we as human can't be given a choices to decide , how could we define human right in the first place?
Debate Round No. 1


The right to parenting should only extend to 'good parents', people who have the ability and qualifications to parent. Parenting isn't just about having a body that is able to produce a child and because of this, having the right to have one. Parenting is about taking responsibility for a life and a future of a child. This equals provision, safety and being taught life morals and lessons to enable a healthy human to live and operate in a healthy and safe society. Our society is overpopulated and pretty messed up because of people who feel they had the right to bear a child but would not take responsibility for them.

Just because one can decide or make a choice, doesn't give them the right to make it. Would you allow your twelve year old daughter to have a child for example? You wouldn't, because you'd know that she would not be able to offer the child a good start etc.

What about a pedophile for instance. Should that person have the right to be a parent? Not all people should be given the right to be parents.


if being a parents are to be decide based on your extend , of ability and qualifications , should we wipe out those who are disqualification? if we enforce a law based on your extend, you don't give them the right to live or being a parents . we are talking in overall view, not just a single well qualified lady view.
those living in of the 3rd world nations are less healthy human and less safe society, they in situation which they can't control, should we ban them from giving birth?
you are taking space in the universal too , u can't just point finger at "them" because of overpopulated.

do you think a 12years old will be mature and understanding such topic fully? if yes we have a case .
which is why law are there to protect children from pedophile or so. this will be another topic.

i don't have child but i agree that being a parent is about having responsible ,once we decided to be a parent , its a life time commitment . how could someone being able to commit as parent when they can't deiced to choose .

if such important event like parenting and we could not make a choose, that there no human right.
human right is about able to make a choose. no matter if you are from 3rd world or any qualifications
Debate Round No. 2


A child has more right to good parenting than a person has the right to being a parent. It's unfortunate that in today's society this is not the case because it doesn't have breathe yet.

In the context of my one liner; I am saying that just because one can produce or bear a child, it doesn't give them the right to have them, if they aren't fit parents. The debate to me isn't really about how we would go about enforcing rules against unqualified parents or wiping them out from existence :)

Overpopulation is also another debate, but I can say that over population is a huge problem for society and it also doesn't help people who are living when it comes to living conditions and jobs etc. I am in no way saying that we should do as the Chinese did and regulate how many kids a family can have. I am saying that the idea of people having the human right to have children should only be extended to those who are able to look after and be responsible for them. Society seems to have this problem with regulation. I don't mean everyone should be controlled, and not be able to make decisions, but I also look to the rights of an unborn child, because who is taking care of their right to good parents and being taken care of?

The pedophile example may make another debate. but it's very relevant as an example.

Because are pedophiles humans? Humans equal 'the right to have children' but does a pedophile really have the right or could the law for instance decide that the pedophile would not be fit to be a parent? That would equal that it's not a right for the that person who remains a human. Same can be said for the 12 year old.

Humans may have the OPPORTUNITY to make a wide arrange of choices, but ultimately it gets taken away and limited with choices we make that are considered the wrong ones, because we don't only look to the individual who is making the choice but also to the people whom they affect across the board.

Parenting should be seen as a privileged because a right means that we have ownership of that thing regardless of the outcome. This offers no protection to many children.

I'd be interested in your view on this. Looking at a place like Ethiopia where poverty and neglect is very serious for children, would you be offended by your parents if you were born into this extreme condition because your parents felt it was their r't to have kids even if they couldn't provide for them?


A child is not mature to make rational decision on such important event, during a child period, they are curiously , more emotional attach easy , less real life experience , innocence . lack the mental capacity to understand the nature of their acts, therefore how could child decide "good parenting"?
the right of child will always be in the hand of authority . be it in nature biological case or adoption case.
Authority such as parent must have the right to make decision ,unfortunate this will be the case for perhaps till a day child are evolution to making clear rational decision.

human right is about freedom to make decision , the ability to choose actions and form opinions
pedophiles decide to rape a child is not equal to pedophiles decide to be a parent. pedophiles will pay for his action by the formed morals law . morals law is formed by government on parliament , parliament is formed by republic of people vote. if we strip of human right, there will no be morals law.
the greatest of being human is the ability to make deciding , parenting is all about the right to be , the choice to be.

you have to define your term of un-fit Parenting , before i could make statement on your claim of,
one can produce or bear a child, it doesn't give them the right to have them, if they aren't fit parents.

OPPORTUNITY is decided by oneself, keep blaming of other for causing you to make a bad choice, and stop learning from mistake.

city such as Ethiopia may be poverty , happiness should not be linked to poverty, they do feel family happiness .
We should help those who need in whatever way.

A Parenting right protect not only the parent but also on the child, its stated in most law, neglect a child is a crime.
Parenting right is about having the right to making decision to be parent, be it bad or good , morals or not , will be another topic. we must not control of human reproduction , its a nature issues that we should be given the full right to make decision .
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Angie1 7 years ago
Thanks for the debate. Good ending :)
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