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Parents must explain all current issues to children

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Started: 4/5/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm not saying that parents have to tell children everything, but they should at least keep them up to date with less explicit news.


Hi, thank you for allowing me to accept this debate. Please inform me if I got the format mixed up or anything (this is my first debate).

Many adults believe that refraining to tell children the whole truth will maintain their innocence, and thereby, their happiness. However, this cannot be further from the truth. In an article titled, "When Parents Lie," Kate Roberts from explains that "when a child is told that his truth is a lie, his self-doubt generalizes to a distrust of the outside world." No matter what those in oppositions may say, a child is capable of knowing right from wrong.

In an article titled, "Why Young Children Are Curious," Bruce D. Perry from explains that "When [children] feel overwhelmed, [they] seek familiarity." In other words, children are curious because they seek to familiarize themselves with the world around them. And when that curiosity is satiated with lies, and half-truths, it is not only dangerous for the children in their futures, it is devastating to their inner sense of control. For example, many children are told the misinformation that a baby is made when a stork delivers the baby to loving parents. This lie is bound to be contradicted when the child discovers the internet, asks an honest adult, and etcetera. So instead of avoiding the inevitable, why don't parents just tell the truth? Is it because they think love-making isn't suitable for children? After all, that's how they're made.

The same goes for current issues. Children are bound to figure it out somehow so why not tell them the whole truth? Not only will this distinguish a honest relationship between parent and child, but it allows the child to trust their parent even more. I will make this analogy with profanity. It's everywhere, and children are certainly bound to pick it up from either a stranger, or family member. Understandably, parents do not want their children to use the f-word, or any other variations thereof. But refraining from explaining profanity to their children is a big no-no. I strongly believe that understanding profanity-and why not to use it- is the most effective strategy to getting children to not use profanity. For example, if a child knows the f-word exists but associates with a positive thing because she heard her friend say it, she is bound to use that word. However, if the parent had thoroughly explained to her exactly what the word meant, she is less likely to say it. Heck, she might even inform her friend of what it means. Thereby, decreasing the risk of profanity in children.
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Posted by 0RollingPandaDung0 2 years ago
Hi... this is my first debate... thank you for giving the opportunity to accept your challenge...
Posted by Anonymous_Jim 2 years ago
Can you be more specific as to what we shouldn't be telling kids? I agree that children should be better educated and lied to less. Also please mention what ages would be appropriate.
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