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Parents should be in control of their children's decisions

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Started: 3/12/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Parents shouldn't be allowed to control their children's decisions on their life or any decisions the children make it should only be referred to


Children sometimes make bad decisions so it would be best to have parents in charge. Parents will make sure children don't do anything bad or get into trouble. They are very helpful in preventing bad things to happen to children.
Debate Round No. 1


but it should be up to the children as it is their life and they have to learn to make their own decisions on stuff as they grow up but their parents can have their opinions if the child is little like under probably 7 then understandable as they are not mature as such to say but the parents cant be the deciders for their children all the time


"but it should be up to the children"

Children are not capable of making decisions for themselves

As long as children live with their parents, their parents make the decisions. Children can make bad decisions and therefore should not be allowed to make decisions on their own. My opponent has proven nothing.
Debate Round No. 2


children are independent and dont always agree with what their parents say about stuff and they should make their own life choices as it is their life and not their parents life


My opponent has completely ignored my argument that children are incapable of making correct decisions.

"children are independent and dont always agree with what their parents say about stuff"

This argument doesn't say anything about why children should make their own choices.

"and they should make their own life choices as it is their life and not their parents life"

It may be their life but while the children are living with their parents, they are the responsibility of their parents and parents have the right to make decisions for them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 7 years ago
I agree with general guidance. But what is "control"? Is it the following: "Hey, guess what. You're going to take up piano lessons for eight years, like it or not. Then you're going to major in accounting in college. Because I'm your parent and I know what's best for you."? Or is it: "You'll eat the dinner I make."

Very differing extremes.
Posted by philochristos 7 years ago
I came really close to trolling this debate.
Posted by zmikecuber 7 years ago
So parents shouldn't give their kids general guidance? lol...?
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 7 years ago
I would definitely need definitions for "control" and "children".
Posted by kbub 7 years ago
This debate should talk about specifics. Generic "control" is too broad. "Parents" and "children" and "lives" and "control" all need to be specified.
Posted by vincitomniaveritas 7 years ago
Looks interesting. What's your definition of 'children' in this context though?
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