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Parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children

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Started: 5/16/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As children nowadays grow more and more lawless and unruly, the thought of implanting GPS trackers in children has seemingly grown more and more viable. However, I am strongly against this idea.

Many things could potentially go wrong with a GPS tracker. For starters, the GPS tracker would only be able to locate your child through satellites. The radiation produced by such communication could, and will, harm one's child. This would not be making them safer at all. Perhaps your child would be safer from muggings or kidnappings or thefts, but I would highly hope that you have enough money to pay for the child's medical bills when the doctor tells you that your child is suffering from radiation poisoning or something of that lot.

In addition to this, GPS trackers are a violation of human rights. Your child would grow with this GPS tracker inside them, their flesh and bone morphing in order to accommodate it. This could potentially cripple your child, especially if you wish to implant the tracker when the child is an infant.

Furthermore, does the child have no right to privacy? Are they not allowed to go anywhere without their parents knowing? Lying to one's parent is not ideal, but let's face it, everyone has at one point or another. Does the child not have a right to go wherever he or she pleases without his or her parents getting on their case? The child would have no freedom, knowing that their parents would always be able to locate them.

Moreover, what if the child's parent is abusive? The abusive parent would be able to locate their child at all times during every day, giving the child no opportunity to escape.

These are all reasons why parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children


I accidentally accepted this challenge and I agree with con why put a tracker in your own. Because if they were on there honeymoon and wanted to be alone with there wife/husband and the parents just stalked them. Thats called creepy
Debate Round No. 1


Is there any way for you to forfeit this entire debate?


I don't know
Debate Round No. 2


Very well then. Let's just end this, shall we?


Yes we shall with you winning because you are the one who is right
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lt.Harris 7 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA! You actually think that the radiation would hurt'm crying right now.
Posted by weallfree 7 years ago
I truly expect who coming for pro!
Posted by Wylted 7 years ago
Interesting topic
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Reasons for voting decision: There was nothing wrong with Con's conduct, but I think Pro's conduct should be rewarded. It was an honorable concession, and he didn't just wait out the clock and auto-forfeit all the rounds. So cheers. But obviously, arguments to Con for Pro's concession. I will note, though, that there's a missing "NOT" in the last sentence of Con's, just as a heads up. As always, happy to clarify this RFD!

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