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Parents who don't lick their children are bad parents

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Started: 3/18/2019 Category: Economics
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There are many horrible things parents have done to their children in the history of men, But one of the biggest mistakes in entire history is a rather simple one: not licking them. All other problems: wars, Poverty, Pain and sickness - resulted from that.
Licking may feel weird in the beginning, But once you get used to licking your child's cheek, It will become very easy and satisfying. And soon, Like addicted, You will want it to last forever.
Children like to lick things and put things in their mouth. Sometimes they like to kiss and bite. This is all perfectly appropriate.
If your life is full of trouble, And you have no where to go, If this world has turned his back on you, Know that this world can't heal your broken heart, But licking children can.
Licking children has many beneficial effects on your mental health. I know that very soon, You will rise and feel great again, If not today, Then tomorrow, Cause licking children can. It can fix a broken soul, Bring back love and happiness, Nothing is impossible, With God and a lick.
Bible is fulfilling, Every word of it is true and it's going to come to past. Whether we believe in that or not, Is not going to prevent the Lord from coming. And if he comes, And you are not saved, You didn't lick children, What are you going to do? I can tell you, There is nothing you can do then, But there is something you can do now. You can take your children and lick them. Sinner, What are you going to do?


Licking can give all sorts of diseases.
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Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
don't trust this guy. He's insane. I'd knew him 2 weeks ago
Posted by Rockytop 3 years ago
ummmmmm, What?
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