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Party Time!

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Started: 2/25/2018 Category: Music
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Lets end the week with a PARTY. here we will share our fav selection of songs across a variety of genres. Voters can vote for the person with the better taste in music. r1-just acceptance. song limits of 3 per round.


You are ruining a perfectly good/ great debate by eliminating RD by acceptance only. And let's be honest here, 12 songs really isn't that much! But I shall live and behave by the rules. You will probably be shocked, appalled and perhaps awed by my song selection. Be that as it may let's go...
Debate Round No. 1


Choices for round 2:

1- Varetta Dillard, Mercy Mr Percy


Reasoning: Now unlike my opponent, I am very selective in my musical tastes, as I have a limited genre preference, In fact i'm very OCD (about my music). However, I stumbled upon this blues song one day (last month), and it was my first exposure to anything Jazz. It truly has some thought provoking lyrics, eg "I don't care if you hit me, as long as you don't quit me,...", such as those times. Plus a nice smooth beat to accompany her pleasant voice. Horizons-Expanded!

2: 3 Peg (3 alcoholic shots)- Sharry Mann


Reasoning: This video sums up Punjabi culture to a Tee, you'll get the jist of the lyrics from the video, so no need for translation. It was actually quite a global phenomena when it released a few years ago, so much so that European students at my university where playing it. Just wait until 1:55- 2:10 of the video, you will laugh, guaranteed!

3: Slow Chemical- Finger Eleven


Reasoning: Its a known fact that wrestling was my childhood, but some theme songs will stick with me forever, especially this one. Specifically because the lyrics relate to addiction, frustration, and anger with the world, pretty much what any teenager/young adult struggles with. Plus this theme fit the character (Kane) to perfection, at that time (mid 2000s), he played a sadistic psycho, I mean just watch the video! The song, apparently, is actually about a woman, but you'd need to be a genus to work it out!

Over to you mate.


Well the Varetta Dillard song you handed to me wasn’t exactly “jazz” per say, but as you stated blues, though she has done jazz. But that’s a surprise that you have not been exposed to jazz. I was exposed to jazz in 6th grade. A middle school stage band went around to our school and performed for us and wow were they good and at that time I was playing the flute and I knew I wanted to change to play for that band when I was in that specific school. That’s exactly what I did. And in 8th grade our alto sax player (I was the tenor), he was a true prodigy, he transposed the entire Pink Panther theme for all of us to play. Wow!

For the second video, I am not a fan of Mista Baaz at all and I was familiar with that song when it was originally released. I generally avoid music that is commercial extenesialism at all costs at all times. I don’t like bands and artists that are commercial and or go commercial except with very few exceptions. Why? Because what they do is they essentially sell their music to the dogpile thus selling music to the dogpile that that is unacceptable.

Though I HATE Finger Eleven, fair enough I get why you like them. Understandable that you like something as a kids up until now that resonates. My reasonings why I hate Finger Eleven… its not just them, its the genre, GRUNGE. Grunge, the worst genre of all time, only bombed second to faster than disco. There’s no talent in it, no passion (anybody can get angry as there’s so much of it especially in metal and especially especially especially especially in death metal), its been done to death by millions of bands which is why it died so fast because it became so so so boring. And I was there in Seattle going to college from 1992 - 1993 taking Music Video Business. But to my surprise the music was NOT dominated by “the Seattle Sound” with Nirvana (the worst band of all time - for all the reasons above + the fact that they plagiarized at least 6 times and one was a lawsuit which is complete disrespect to ALL music), Pearl Jam (the second worst band of all time), Tad, Sadhappy, 7 Year Bitch, The Pleasure Elite, Noisebox, Sweaty Nipples, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Mudhoney, Sky Cries Mary, Hammerbox are all from Seattle at---the---same---fricken---time!!! Thankfully all were not grunge. And there’s a few more though I cannot think of them at this time. But thankfully while I was there I pretty much got to see just about everybody that I’ve ever cared to see! Sure there’s a few here and there that I’d like to see now, but with ticket prices so sky high, I can easily skip seeing them.

OK my turn… 3 here you go. All three are completely different from each other. I’m trying to think of which 12 to post because there’s far too many to squeeze into 12.

Buckethead is my choice for the greatest guitar player of all time. I’ve gotten to see him 3 times thus far. I mean the guy can do things that no one else can. He wears a KFC bucket on his head. And he can play in any genre. He’s done roughly 350+ albums. WHAT? Yes you got that one ab-so-lu-tely right. Granted not everything he does is great and to me godlike, but a lot of what he does is. And if you like what I am presenting to you there’s a world of wonder that you can search youtube for. Here’s some samplings…
Pike 220 Now I’m trying to be fair here. So FF to 17:00 to listen to some of the truly most awe inspiring blitzkrieg shredding that anyone has EVER done. And this guy does it ALL THE TIME!!! I unfortunately cannot chop up the album to give you the one song. But hey, if you like it, listen to the entire album as the end songs are also amazing. The first song is smooth relaxing jazz.

Igorrr Wow. Contains everything including the kitchen sink. When I first heard this I was personally awe struck because its so f--ked upped and completely original. You may hate it though.
- Cheval

Walk off the Earth is granted, popular. But they do things in such a magnetic way that makes each of their songs/ covers (they are without a doubt the very best cover band in the world) very inspiring. This is a band that is so ridiculously mega talented that its not even funny. There’s 5 members in the band and each of them plays at least 10 different instruments. We saw (a friend of mine and I, he drove up from St. Augustine which is about an 80 minute drive or so and we’ve known each other for about 16 years, maybe longer, and we can strike up conversations on music, movies, wow can we, comic books, religion, Trump (what an arrogant a$$, guns, a little on sports etc etc etc) them live a few years ago and they were amazing. And I will never forget that these kids came onto the stage and they all had smiles on their faces as they were happy to be there. And they left the stage and they were happy to be there. And they came back for their encore and they were happy to be there. And they left the stage and they all had smiles on their faces and they---love---what---they---do. Now how rare is that? Most all other bands is a gruntled ugghghgh. And the best part? 70 year olds were there as well as 7 year olds were there. They appeal to an audience of all ages. Now I know that you go through depression. I GET IT. I’m NOT STUPID. I go through the same fricken thing. I take my pills daily like a good little boy. If I don’t take my pills, I---don’t---sleep and I can stay awake for days and be a miserable f--k. I’ve also been on all kinds of antidepressants that just don’t work. Walk off the Earth gives hope of all kinds especially especially especially when you are feeling down and low. and here’s a song to absolutely prove it… This is a band that WILL be around for a very long time. They named themselves Walk off the Earth because when you are having problems you can “Walk off the Earth”... I do not know of a single soul that dislikes this band!!!
- Home We’ll Go

Though I dislike the bands/ artists you mentioned - DON'T GIVE UP!!! Its to be expected. I most certainly DO NOT expect you to like Igorrr or all I am ready to present as its NOT for everybody!!!
Debate Round No. 2


In short,

You have chosen some nice tracks, the buckethead n igorrr instrumentals are both similar to a wrestling theme so it was easy to adapt to.

I liked the wote message and video, no complaints so far.

This is a party not a debate so don't go to overboard w/ the analysis.


4: Zaz - La Pluie (The Rain)

a sexy voice, a beat that grabs your attention, making you appreciate life in the moment. Can't go wrong.

5: Michael Jackson- Billie Jean

No analysis needed, the song speaks for itself.

6:Biggie Smalls - 10 Crack Commandments

Biggie sums up how to master and survive life in an area of high crime in just under 4 minutes, truly inspirational to young people, esp. in 90s New York, they idolised him and this song. Plus Its also a constant warning to na"ve immature people who think drugs are fun.



Well its been about 40 hours since I've slept. So after I post this I will be taking my pills and be sleeping for about a day or so. So you will not be hearing from me for that long.

Now I get that its a "party" but music is something I take very seriously. But come on, please, don't send me something that you KNOW I've heard. Especially time and time and time and time again. Michael Jackson. Biggie Smalls? And you do know that Biggie Smalls is a character from a film named Let's Do it Again which is an incredible amount of fun, just the opposite of the persons, personality? Complete apples and oranges which I truly like a lot. I like polar opposites.

(don't worry, this stuff was already laid out long before this debate...)
Here"s Melt Banana. Now this is a band that is really GONE from the universe. They to me are the heaviest metal band of all time, though you may not hear it here, with supersonic guitar explosion guitars and pipsqueak vocals. I mean what? The first time I heard them, I truly hated them. But the more and more I listened to them, I loved them. Well admittedly they are most definitely NOT for everybody. They are from Japan and have been together (guitar and vocals) for 28 years now.
- T for Tone

Einsturzende Neubauten (collapsing new buildings) is a band from Germany. They"ve been around for 38 years and still going. I think that they"ve released 6 masterpieces in a row. They play shopping carts, sheet metal as drums, plumbing tubes, they took on one of their tours a jet engine etc etc etc. I find what they do very fascinating. Some of their stuff is admittedly very hard to take. That was in the beginning of their career but they have mellowed out considerably since then.
- Headcleaner

Cabaret Voltaire the start of industrial. They created my 4th fav album of all time with The Crackdown. They do EVERYTHING themselves. This is simply the greatest vidie I've ever vidied even from way back in 83. It still gives me nightmares to date because of its amazing correct political implications, genius footage, the best editing ever and with perfect music to boot. And that helicopter wow. I only have 4 fav albums. Everything else falls and I can't decide what comes next. Without this one album crap like NIN does not exist.
- The Crackdown

Me personally I like talking/ debating about/ recommending albums instead of songs because there's obviously more to recommend within that album. But that's me. Gtg please always tc and have fun. -Michael time for some sleep
Debate Round No. 3


I'm afraid I didn't enjoy the melt banana audio, might have been bcos of the poor quality sound, but it was irritating noise, hurt my ears mate!. These german sex offender wannabes were just as bad, OMG! AWFUL NOISE.

Crackdown is swell n groovy. Like it. I let you off for that.


7- Jee Le Zara ( Live a Little) - Bollywood

I mean if you have ever been madly in love or miss someone, just listen to this. The beat takes you on a journey, perfectly matched by the tone and lyrics.

8- Kane all star remix- Grim Sickers ft various artists (Grime)

Well if you're from the ghetto or London, you will understand this. On the other hand, if you are not a roadman like me, you will find the video and lyrics absolutely HILARIOUS. ITS ENTERTAINTMENT PERSONIFIED,

9-Aicha- Outlandish

no words needed mate, just listen, and live a little.


Greetings once again and again sorry for the delay. As usual I’ve got a lot of problems and I’m in no way out of the woods yet. But tomorrow is a sure tell if I will be or not.

OK onto the music…
Yep I surely did believe that you would not like the Melt Banana as they in no possible way are for everybody. They like Igorrr are they same way that in no possible way are for everybody. I certainly cannot expect that you would like them. Now with the MB wow I originally truly HATED them when I first listened to them. But in me most loving original music, I said to myself originally “Wtf is this s--t, but I NEED to give them another chance because they are so phenomenally original and NOBODY PERIOD sounds like them not even close or even remotely and originality IS the # prize in my book because it i so amazingly rare”, and then bang they hit me that I love them. CLEARLY they love what they are doing, and that’s what matters and nothing else otherwise they would still not be making music and be together.

With the Einsturzende Neubuten? German sex offenders? Wellllll um no. Obviously. I think that’s a hilarious description of them though. So I’ll give you another chance with them. But see that’s why I HATE songs, because one song simply does not in any way do justice to a band/ artist whereas albums do because one song does not give enough listening. Vidie (if its a video) chance to decide whether a band/ artist is good or not. What I do pretty much every single day is look through (in other words FF through an album) checking a song after different song to see if that specific song is any good or not. And if it is, then I’ll decide if that specific album if worth a damn. Obviously I do not have the time to listen to every single note that there is. Though with specific artists such as Igorrr, oh yes I most certainly. Of course there are many many many other artists and bands that I will and do also.
OK some more Einsturzende Neubauten (totally different from what you previously listened to! Apples vs oranges which is one of the major reasons why E.N. is one of the al time great bands!!!
- Alles Weider Offen

Yeah the Cabaret Voltaire stuff is very very good/ slash great. But unfortunately they broke up and they also commercialized in a very big way. Such a shame. But that entire album of The Crackdown changed my life.

Jee Le Zara Was VERY good. Thanx for the intro. I highly appreciate it. And I truly love Bollywood films. Though I have not seen Talaash I have seen a few here and there. Bang Bang happens to be one of my all time fav films. I’ve seen it a couple of times. Though it is a remake of Knight and Day with Tom Cruise (yuk) and Cameron Diaz, that film is an absolute blast and a half. It is MUCH better than the original. I do not know of you know anything at all about Bollywood films but they have a couple of rules that others don’t and though quite bizarre, to the very best of them the work quite well… All of them, no exceptions, and it is their LAW, bar none, MUST have at least 2 dance numbers. They must have also at least one kiss.

I truly hated Music video for Grim Sickers because notice the word “for”? In other words, the supposed rappers didn’t even compose their words/ poetry - damn I can’t think of the words at this time as to what its called. Normally my mind would be able to WOOOFF brrrring it right up. But I mean come on here, they’ve got to be able to compose their own music, much less their own words/ poetry!!!

Aicha = ehh. Though I know its plagiarised from someone I really can’t put my finger on it. Damn. But here’s a good somewhat example of it. Now if you do not wish to compare the two songs, then please don’t. But I think its not fair o you to charge me a song here. After all, its only mere comparison. Listen and compare the guitars and bass. But wait until the guitars and bass both hit up. Now granted it is by no means an EXACT match, though close, so for these two songs its NOT plagiarism. More than similarities is al.

OK my turn and I get 2 songs still left for this RD…

- Alma Deutscher if she and her music doesn’t move you, NOTHING WILL. She’s only 12!

P**sy Riot one of the mist political bands of all time and certainly one of the most politically correct bands of all time. They are from Russia and were arrested for speaking their minds at how tyrannical their government was and is. This song is on American soil. This may level you to tears. It is about Eric Garner who died due to a police officer strangling him by a chest hold and Eric PLEADING with the officer to not only stop harassing him, but once in the choke hold to let him go.

- I can’t Breathe

Next RD will be fun.
Debate Round No. 4


Sorry mate but those german lot still sound like paedos, not convinced! that little kid is great, really talented. great video from pssy riot, song was alright, a little bit so sluggish tho.

ps. I used to watch Bollywood as a kid but the qualitys declined in recent years so I stopped watching nowadays I don't really watch film, too much dogpile. N the original aicha is an Arabic one.

ok well since you used the germans twice, il go back to the Punjabi genre and give it another crack. Ive run out genres in truth, so il give a fewmore different genres of Indian music.

10: Garhva (?) Kanwar Grewal

I love this guys songs, inspirational and none of his tracks are filler garbage. His songs really help me when I'm low.

11: Dooriyan (Separation) - Mavi SIngh, Shortie and Dr,Zeus

Its one of my favourite songs ever because it was different at the time. I am never a fan of Shortie's raps, but this one seems to match the flow perfectly. This was Mavis' "one hit wander" so to speak but I love it nonetheless.

12: Corporate Ministry - WWE/F

Totally kicks butt


I'm very impressed with Kanwar Grewal. I like stuff like that. And yah know what? It doesn't matter one damn little bit that I don't understand a single word of Indian/ and or the language that he is singing in. Its the music that matters and does transcends the spirit. Since this is the case, I will be checking more of his stuff out. And I did a little bit of that just now and he's got a nearly 3 hour concert in Canada - Wow he's got a really good voice who can really belt it.

MAVI SINGH & DR. ZEUS FT. SHORTIE || was ehhh to me. I'm just not a very big rap fan.

Now I really liked the WWE song. I like brooding somberness death oriented sounds like that. I always have. Ever since Joy Division who I think put out the greatest album ever made with Closer.

OK time for FUN as stated...
If you do not know who Victor Borge is, you will love this guy. If you know who Victor Borge is and you do not love him, something is seriously wrong with you. A true genius and master and none like him who brought so so so much joy to kids and adults from around the world. He still does by watching great STUNNING vidies like these for all to get a true bellyache of laughter and fun.
- FF to 31:15

Deadbolt = Voodoobilly surf mafioso diabolical James Bond guitar = HILARIOUS
- Voodobilly Man

The Residents hve been together for nearly 50 years and hav created some of the most creative inventive musive/ certainly most influential music of all time - from Penn and Teller (in which we saw them open for the Residents when they were nobodies), They single handedly invented the CD ROM and their games were so much fun way back when. Their live shows are like none other. Precious few have seen what they look like. One show someone tok one of their eyeballs, so now one dresses up with a skull. Very inventive. But as fun as they are with their musical brand of Martian music, they are an aquired taste.
- Jailhouse Rock

Well that's it for this sharing of songs. I hope that you got something out of them and it was not a complete failure. I did get something out of what you posted to me. Oh am am soooooo tired right now but I can't sleep. I think you know that feeling = arararaggg. I'd say "goodbye". But its not goodbye as we'll run over each others tracks soon I'm sure whether it be in music or religion. Regardless, please always tc and have fun -Michael

Debate Round No. 5
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I agree... I AM legendary!
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care to comment on my open debate about muslims claiming the messiah is here.
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OK done. You are now uinblocked. Man what a past 3 days. Oh and btw let the twinkletoes vote for whatever even in a non voting non debate as this was. What a piece of s--t he is.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Hahahahaha, Michael wont like that u voted mate
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Just go to your friends list, then top right is the blocked members section.
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bit rude mate, lol
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Sorry about that. I've previously blocked you a while back. I do not know how to undo it. I'm going to sleep now and I'll be busy for the next 3 days. But who knows? there may be room for a debate or two within those days.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
says i cant add u as fwrend or challenge u to another debate man
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
See like I said you can't really define a band or artist by only one single. So I listen to albums. And youtube has a ton of them. I probably FF through a good 10 per day. If I like something, and granted, its rare, I'll sit through the whole thing. Its the same with directors. You can't judge a director by only one film. I mean look at Duncan Jones. He did the great film Moon and then the great Source Code and then the yeeky Warcraft and the one of the worst films of all time Mute which w as just released on Netflix a few days ago and if you get Netflix PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS FILM!!!!!!!!!!! Now Akira Kurosawa my fav filmmaker of all time he did classic and masterpiece after masterpiece so you can rely on what they do as a quality factor or dis-factor to either bite into what they do, or not.
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