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Paul Preached A New Gospel

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Started: 1/22/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Apostle Paul preached a novel Gospel of Grace which was not known prior to the revelation given to him by Jesus Christ and which is distinct from the Gospel of the Kingdom preached during Christ's Earthly ministry and by the disciples after His ascension into heaven.


Novel - New; not previously known.

Distinct - Separate; apart from; unique.

Gospel of Grace - The good news for all men in this dispensation of Grace whereby one may become part of the Body of Christ, where there is no distinction between Israel and Gentiles, through the faith of Christ, His vicarious death, and His shed blood upon the cross of Calvary, and apart from any works of one's own self, where belief and trust in Christ's finished work of redemption and the power of His atoning blood which has covered all sins once-and-for-all is the only requirement for a salvation which is secured and certain upon belief by the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Gospel of the Kingdom - The good news for Israel in the dispensation of the Kingdom whereby one may attain a position in an Earthly kingdom in the New Jerusalem through one's faith shown forth by his works, beginning with repentance of unbelief in Christ, water baptism for the remission of sin, and perseverance unto the end, thus salvation is an uncertain future event.


1. Please accept this debate challenge only if you are a Christian who believes the 66 books of the canon of scripture to be your final authority.

2. Only arguments from scripture will be considered.

3. No logical fallacies or red herrings/slanders!


Round 1 - Acceptance (No Arguments)

Round 2 - Opening Arguments (No Rebuttals)

Round 3 - Rebuttals (No New Arguments)

Round 4 - Defense of Arguments Only (No New Rebuttals or Arguments)

*Acceptance of this debate entails an understanding and acceptance of the definitions, rules and structure of this debate. Any deviation from these should result in the loss of all points at the discretion of the prospective voter. If you have any question or concern about the debate setup, please inquire in the comment section BEFORE accepting this debate! Thanks.
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