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Pc Is Superior To Console

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Started: 8/3/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello! this is the acceptance stage, I will be arguing for PC, as I believe it is objectively superior. If you choose to accept, please say so in you're 1st argument so we may begin.

(also this is my first debate, i'm just learning the ropes and was quite interested in doing it.


hey man welcome to my dude this is like my 2nd one hahah nice

oh and by they way try not so stay on this website to long. much like crystal meth it'll suck you in and keep you there untill irl everyone you loved has turned there back on you............ :)

anyway first up it's obvious you picked this topic for an easy win but you're in for a reality check

ok so console gaming is far superior to pc gamin for a many of reason:
just a few of those reason are
it's more family friendly then pc
it sets a standard for quality (60fps 720p or 1080p) whereas pc i found constantly changes frame rate which is annoying on my eyes
a controller is a lot more inviting than a keyboard when it comes to accessibility .
consoles have a very good interface and can give you quick and easy access to multiple apps
consoles almost always come with a microphone an one controller so it's like a starter pack which more people will be more enticed to buy that
a console is very cost efficient for the specs it has where as pc can cost a bit more for the same specs
and finnaly console can offer many console exclusive game which are very good (bloodborne, tomb raider, halo)
sources: my brain/common sense (joke)

you move to prove my dude (damn, bars)
Debate Round No. 1


I'm sorry if I come off as attempting to get an easy win, it's not my intention. I just Enjoy seeing what the other side thinks of the argument.

Addressing your first comment: How exactly is it more family friendly? I assume you are referring to family game time on the Wii, kinect or just playing something with you family, but alas this is not the case. People assume that console is better due to
portability, and cheap pricing. I will attempt to prove that it is false by creating a computer from the pricing of the Xbox One S

This computer is equal/ more powerful than the Xbox One S (and all other consoles) in almost every way, as well as having a 1 TB hard drive, that would cost you an additional $40ish dollars if you were to buy an Xbox One S with a Terabyte hard drive.
Also enabling V-Sync inhibits the ability for frame rate to change constantly.
I do agree that a controller is more inviting, that's why i have one for my Pc. With the Xbox One Controller all you need to do is plug it in via micro usb. As well the One S can be used wireless via Bluetooth. Racing and platforming games are indeed superior with a controller, that is why many PC gamers have one on hand. For the people who want to step up their game though, they should definitely consider mouse and keyboard. Especially for FPS titles such as Battlefield or Dirty Bomb. Mouse and keyboard are much more accurate than that of a controller.
Oh and speaking of Dirty Bomb, which is a PC exclusive, is a great example of the quality of exclusives for pc gaming
here is a list of PC exclusives (including some of the most popular games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends)
This list contains most if not all pc exclusive titles from 1977 to 2013. Most/ if not all games on this list are not on console nor will be.

This list contains 4457 PC exclusives.
Console on the other hand contains rough 1000 exclusives all together

Now onto the microphone controller argument. PC does bundles too

this contains a pc with a mouse and keyboard, but enough about that you want to know the headset work around.
The console included mics are not good at all, they are quite cheaply made. They are made as a place holder until you purchase one from a first or third party producer. For PS4 many of those headsets are usb/ aux compatible, and those headsets are also compatible with PC. Xbox microphone setup is peculiar, but you can still use aux compatible headsets on pc, but for Xbox use you will need an adapter (my brother has one right now and uses it on my PC frequently).
And lastly, the argument of console having a better interface than PC
but that simply isn't the case. Xbox is more user friendly and I do agree with that, but PC has more variety with more digital marketplaces catering to each individuals needs. to name a few
These services allow player to pick and choose their favorite of the bunch for optimal enjoyment.

It's everyday bro with that Disney Channel flow (damn, bars)


yeah ok i kind of expected a response like that i knew there are a bunch of loopholes in my arguments and you saw through them, well played. the only thing i can really argue in favour of consoles is the family friendly part. now what i mean by that is that if you wanted to play a bunch of games as a family (casually in other words) then you'd 100% go for a console as it look more appealing and less technical then any pc.

yeah you kinda destroyed me on pretty much everything LOL. well it's to be expected since i'm arguing for consoles. i mean i picked this argument hoping for a fun Challenge
the thing i said about the interface by the way. i meant that a console UI is very easy to access all the apps as soon as you turn on the console no sign ins or updates (like steam does for me like every time i shut down steam for some reason lol)
and unlike PC many games have separate launchers which is again time consuming a few examples are: (fallouts 3-4, Overwatch, deus ex mankind divided not sure on that one haven't played it in a while, every ubisoft game, every origin game and i guessing a few many more. whereas with a console you just press on the game and it loads right to the intro scene or the main menu. and about your "many digital markets argument" yes variety is good but would'd you rather have a supermarket that sells everything or tonnes of fruit stall selling one or two of something? personally i think the supermarket idea is more convent and "family friendly" (that's the only thing i got over you so i'm squeezing all i can from it lol) so honestly i think you've won this by a land slide but hey. i tried my best and mummy said that's all that matter :3

and i can't beat that sick fire of a last sentence you shot me with so i'll just correct you in spite XDD
"it's the not THAT it's THE"
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah it has been fun man. all of the things you said are 100% true man, i would rather have a super market place
and it is quite true that casual gaming with the family is more catered to consoles, i have literally nothing else to say about that. So i'll leave it here

Now for the sick fire, I must correct you now. What you're referring to is past tense. It's more like "It's everyday bro WITHOUT the Disney channel flow".
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Consoles are way better because I don't need to upgrade my video card, sound card and everything else every 2 years. I buy one console attach it to my 85" 4K TV and I'm set for 10 years without any upgrades!!

Consoles hands down!!!
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